Loopmasters launches Christmas Sales

Loopmasters Christmas Sales

Loopmasters has announced its Christmas Sales, offering hundreds of products at reduced prices.

Loopmasters Christmas Sales

  • Origin Series – 50% – All Origin Series Sample Packs Are Now On A MASSIVE 50% Sale. Sale has been extended until the end Jan 2012.
  • Loopmasters Xmas Sale – All Loopmasters Titles On 20% Christmas Sale – Get Your Samples NOW.
  • GU XMAS – All Global Underground Products On Sale This Christmas Season! 20% Off.
  • ISR Christmas Sale – Industrial Strength Christmas! 20% off on most products – get yours now.
  • Hollywood Loops Xmas Sale – Celebrate this Christmas with Hollywood Loops! Get all the titles at 20% off.
  • Fatloud Christmas – Let the winter celebration start right now! Get the best urban samples at a reduced rate.
  • Resonance Sound On Sale – Resonance Christmas! Get some of the best sound design samplepacks from the best in the industry.
  • WM Entertainment On Sale – WM Entertainment are giving you a present this season – 20% savings.
  • 5Pin Media Christmas – The best MIDI and Audio stuff on this planet now with a 20% discount.
  • Freaky Christmas – Freaky Loops For Not-So-Freaky Christmas! Best Electro Directly From France.
  • Sale Discovery – The World Of Music Now In A Discovery Sale – 20% Off all titles.
  • AMG Gold Christmas – Classic Samplepacks Built This Scene – 20% Off All AMG sample libraries.
  • Undertone Xmas 2011 – Deep And Minimal Sounds From Japan Now All 20% Off.
  • Push Button Sale – Push Button Bang Christmas! Now the award-winning label is on a 20% sale just to make your Season jollier! ;).
  • Noisefactory Sale – Noisefactory On Sale Now! 20% Off.
  • Galbanum Xmas – Galbanum Sale – Inspiring Samples Now Cost You 20% Less.
  • Channel Robot Christmas – Innovative Kontakt Instruments Now On Christmas Sale From Channel Robot – 20% Off.
  • Mutekki On Sale – Mutekki Media Christmas Sale Is Here Now! Save 20% On All Mutekki Sample Packs.
  • Puremagnetik Christmas – Puremagnetik Christmas Sale. Get The Best Ableton Instruments NOW! 20% Off Purediscount.
  • Rankin Audio Sale – Rankin Audio Is On Sale This Christmas! 20% Off For The World’s Leading Dubstep Audioware.
  • Monster Xmas Sale – Monster Sounds Xmas Sale Is On Now! Get Monster Sample Packs At 20% Off The Regular Price.
  • Organic Christmas Sale – Organic Loops Winter Season’s Sale Is Now On – Get The Best Live Played Instruments Now! 20% Off The Regular Price.
  • EarthMoments Sale – EarthMoments Christmas Sale! Get the world’s best ethnic samplepacks at 20% off.

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