Chocolate Wii Controller

Flickr user Balakov has some pics of Nintendo’s Wiimote and nunchuck controllers in white chocolate. Balakov’s Chocolate Wii Controllers Wondering what to do with the packaging that your wiimote and nunchuck controller came in? Why … read more

Super Mario Brothers Theme Song – Homemade Versions

FanTent has compiled a list of Homemade versions of the Super Mario Brothers Theme Song. You can see Beatboxing Flute, Balalaika and Hand Farting versions of the popular Nintendo game theme song. Check the comments … read more

A History of Home Video Game Consoles

On The Game Console you’ll find the history of 3 decades of home video game consoles. Atari Pong – one of the classics If you ever had any of these machines it’s a good opportunity … read more

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Paint your room “Super Mario World”

bits bytes pixels & sprites shows some cool picuters of a room painted to look like Super Mario World. There are even blocks coming out if the wall, and there’s green piping. Anyone else hear … read more

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Control Winamp from your Nintento DS has instructions on how to control Winamp from your Nintendo DS. With DSAmp you can control Winamp over Wi-Fi. Source code for the application is available as well.

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