Apple updates Garageband (Mac & iOS)

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Apple GarageBand

Apple has released updates for its GarageBand music software for iOS and Mac.

GarageBand is a whole music creation studio right inside your Mac — with a complete sound library that includes software instruments, presets for guitar and voice, and virtual session drummers. An intuitive interface makes it easy to learn, play, record, create, and share your hits worldwide. It’s never been easier to make music like a pro.

Changes in GarageBand Mac v10.0.3

  • Adds support for OS X Yosemite.
  • Access audio effect plug-ins for more detailed control over the sound of your tracks.
  • Build your own bass rig with Bass Amp Designer using vintage and modern amps, cabinets, and mics.
  • New Voice Template for fast and easy vocal recordings.
  • Share GarageBand projects with Mail Drop.
  • Vertical zoom automatically adjusts the height of your tracks.
  • Contains multiple enhancements to Accessibility.

Changes in GarageBand iOS v2.0.4

  • Stability improvements and bug fixes.

Garageband is available for purchase for $4.99 USD.

More information: Apple / GarageBand


Apogee launches MiC 96k

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Apogee Electronics has announced the release of MiC 96k, a professional quality microphone for GarageBand on iPad, iPhone and Mac.

Apogee MiC 96k

Apogee MiC 96k is a digital microphone designed to deliver studio quality recording you can take anywhere. Use MiC 96k to record vocals, spoken word, acoustic guitar, piano, drums…anything! Inspired by the most revered and classic microphones in history, MiC 96k is designed to sound amazing and be easy to use with your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac.

MiC 96k combines a microphone, microphone preamp and an A/D converter into one compact device. Apogee has carefully designed each part of MiC 96k to deliver the lowest noise and highest quality signal possible for a digital microphone. And it all fits in your pocket.

MiC 96k features

  • PureDIGITAL connection for pristine sound quality.
  • Studio quality cardioid condenser microphone.
  • Up to 96kHz, 24-bit analog-to-digital conversion.
  • Studio quality microphone preamp with up to 40dB of gain.
  • No configuration, just plug in and record.
  • Control knob allows easy input level adjustment.
  • Multicolor LED for status indication and input level monitoring.
  • Designed for vocal and acoustic instrument recording.
  • Also great for recording interviews, podcasts, voice overs, and audio for DSLR video.
  • All metal construction.
  • Extremely compact and portable.
  • Works with GarageBand.
  • Bus-powered by iPad, iPhone or Mac (no batteries or external power required).
  • Made in the U.S.A.

The MiC 96k is now shipping worldwide, priced at $229 USD.

More information: Apogee Electronics / MiC 96k


discoDSP updates OS X installers (Logic Pro X & GarageBand X compatibility)

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discoDSP has announced that it has updated all its OS X installers to get increased compatibility with Logic Pro X and the new GarageBand X.

Changes in discoDSP installers

  • Added default Logic / GarageBand plug-in preset.
  • Added Smart Control bindings for registered versions.
  • Sandbox folders detection and support.

Updated demo installers are available at the discoDSP website. Registered customers can download new setup files at the discoDSP Members Area.

More information: discoDSP


Apple updates GarageBand for Mac & iOS (iWork and iLife)

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Apple GarageBand

Apple has announced its next generation iWork & iLife apps for OS X & iOS, including new versions of GarageBand for iOS and GarageBand for Mac.

GarageBand for Mac has received its biggest update ever with a fresh new look, all new Sound Library, and amazing new features, like Drummer and Smart Controls, giving you everything you need to easily make a great-sounding song.

GarageBand for iOS has been updated to match the look and feel of iOS 7 and taps the power of 64-bit to bring musicians a full recording studio with up to 32 tracks. With iOS 7 Inter-App Audio you can record third-party music apps right into GarageBand, and AirDrop allows you to wirelessly share your song projects with other iOS users so you can work on songs together.

iCloud helps keep your song projects up to date across your devices, and users can start a song on iOS and pick up where they left off using GarageBand for Mac.

GarageBand for Mac and iOS are free for all OS X Mavericks and iOS 7 users. Additional GarageBand instruments and sounds are available for a one-time in-app purchase of £2.99 GBP for each platform.

More information: Apple / GarageBand


Samplephonics releases 909 drum sample library

Samplephonics has released 909, a multi-sampled drum hits sound library.

Samplephonics 909
The Kontakt version of Samplephonics 909 comes with a custom sequencer.

Expect to find over 4000 24 Bit Wav samples, meticulously sampled through two inputs, one clean, and one through a Thermionic Culture ‘Culture Vulture’ to provide some real analogue tube warmth and extra beef!

This sample library is available to download with a deeply scripted sequencer for Kontakt 5 (please note the full version of Kontakt 5 is required to run this and the instrument only works in demo mode with the Kontakt Free Player.) Create, copy, paste and edit patterns and even play live. We’ve kept many features true to the original (and added a few more necessities) and we believe this to be the closest software equivelent to the real thing.

Take your music back to it’s roots and inject some truly authentic drum samples into your next production. The 909 is back!

Samplephonics 909 features

  • 4054 24 Bit Wav samples, available in 96khz and 44.1khz sample rates.
  • Clean and real Analogue Tube input sources available.
  • Custom sequencer for Kontakt 5.
  • Sampler Instruments for Ableton, Reason, Logic/Garageband and Kontakt 4.2.

The sample library is available in 96kHz & 44.1kHz versions, priced at £49 GBP.

More information: Samplephonics / 909


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