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Short links for April 2nd, 2008

Some interesting things I bookmarked on on April 2nd, 2008:

  • Synthetic Dreams – Shredz64 – Commodore 64 game that makes use of the Playstation guitar controller hooked through the PSX64 interface. Its design is modeled against the popular Guitar Hero series, geared toward the ability to play along to your favorite C64 music on the guitar.
    Shredz64 features

    1. The ability to play (many) SID files, including ones added by the player.
    2. The ability to edit “notes” (the buttons that scroll during gameplay) for both built in and imported songs.
    3. Pseudo 3D gameplay to give it the look and feel of a modern day game.
    4. High score tracking, 5 scores for each song.
    5. The ability to detect when the guitar is lifted up to activate shred mode.
See Shredz64 in action here and here.
  • Radiohead/ Remix/ Nude – Remix Radiohead’s latest single from the new XL album. Get five separate stems from Nude from iTunes Plus (vocals, bass, guitar, strings/fx and drums) and a GarageBand/Logic Pro-compatible project with all loop, tempo, and key information embedded.
  • cliplead_: VactrolSynth_v.3 – Synth in a lovely cigar box

Splurgo Audio releases Alto Sax Loops and Hip Hop Trash Loops and Drum Kit

Splurgo Audio Alto Sax Loops

Splurgo Audio has released Alto Sax Loops and Hip Hop Trash Loops, two downloadble loop packs.

The Alto Sax Loops pack contain 64 loops in Sony Acid WAV and Apple Garageband AIFF format. The keys in which the loops are sampled are C and Eb (D#).

Hip Hop Trash Loops is a sample pack featuring distorted, noisy, gritty hip hop loops. The pack contains 43 loops at 100bpm in Sony Acid WAV and Apple Garageband AIFF format.

If you’d like to construct your own beats, you can get the Hip Hop Trash drum kit, which contains more than 100 kicks, hihats, snares and other sounds.

The Alto Sax loops are available for $8.95 USD. Hip Hop Trash Loops costs $5.95 USD, while the drum kit can be downloaded for $9.95. (Both Hip Hop packs together can be purchased with 15% discount).

By using the coupon code MARCHMADNESS you will receive an additionally 10% discount on all orders.

Visit Splurgo Audio for more information and audio demos.