1980’s Arcade coasters

Etsy seller handmadeluck created some cool 1980’s Arcade coasters that he put up for sale. PONG coasters by handmadeluck These are store bought coasters that I revamped. I decoupaged high contrast black & white photos … read more

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Bike charger for your iPod

This Geek Technique post is a bit old, but still pretty cool: How-to make a bike charger for your iPod. Bike charger for your iPod Detailed information and images are included here.

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MIDI controlled Flash animations

Fred Leighton @ artsdigital.com has an article on how to set up an environment to have Dynamic Live Flash animation via MIDI and Game Controllers. The user interface is a Mad Catz Playstation 2 game … read more

Paint your room “Super Mario World”

bits bytes pixels & sprites shows some cool picuters of a room painted to look like Super Mario World. There are even blocks coming out if the wall, and there’s green piping. Anyone else hear … read more

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Eiffel Tower made of matches

English Russia has an article on a model of the Eiffel Tower made from matches. Alexandr Pashkevich from Ukraine built the 3,3 ft (1 meter) structure consisting of 15.000 different details made from 7.464 matches. … read more

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4 voice FM synthesizer in a cigar box

Critter and Guitari has a tutorial on how to create a Critter Board 4 voice FM synth in a cigar box. Critter and Guitari Synth in Cigar Box The instrument is a cigar box synthesizer. … read more

The New York City Journals: NYC in SimCity

In July 2006, some guy called Elliot started the New York City Journal blog, a place where you can find news and updates about Elliot’s project of creating a 3D replica of the Big Apple. … read more

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Analog Binary Clock

Anthony Liekens has a cool article on how to use an ordinary analog clock to display time in binary. Both hands rotate and display two binary numbers, one for the current hour and one for … read more

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Geotagging with Zonetag and Bluetooth GPS

A few weeks ago Flickr introduced mapping features which enable users to easily ‘geotag’ their photos. Tom Coates wrote up a nice tutorial on how to automatically geotag photos with your phone. From the article … read more

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Minitiature synths

Check out these cool images of minitiature hand-made cardboard synth models by Daniel McPharlin. Example of Daniel’s superb hand-made creations He’s also selling them on a first come first served basis, so if you see … read more

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Enjoy World Cup soccer matches in ASCII

Why choose HD-TV if you watch the 2006 World Cup soccer mathes in ASCII? ASCII-WM 2006 (beta) streams the matches live on your screen in ASCII. “The best, most ridiculous, most redundant graphical implementation of … read more

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