Goldbaby Productions releases Urban Cookbook Vol. 1

Goldbaby Productions has announced its Urban Cookbook Vol. 1 sample library. Want to cook up some delicious beats… well then you probably need my cookbook. The ingredients are full of saturated fat, MSG, a heap … read more

FXpansion releases City of Drums and Beats for Geist and GURU

FXpansion has announced the release of City of Drums and Beats, an expander for Geist and GURU featuring an exclusive suite of sounds from Mike Acosta, a.k.a. DJ Michael Trance. With a slew of hard-edged … read more

FXpansion Holiday Sale: 40% off Geist + 50% off Geist Expanders

FXpansion has announced that its award-winning beat production software Geist is on sale for $149 USD until 31st December. Geist is FXpansion’s next-generation sampling drum machine, designed to create evolved, custom beats and grooves, freeing … read more

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Goldbaby releases Synth Purveyor Vol 1 + free Blofeld Drums

Goldbaby Production has released Synth Purveyor Vol 1, a new sample library for EXS24 and Kontakt 4. Synths, Synths and more Synths! Yes you guessed it this product is all about synths…. some really nice … read more

ToneBuilder releases Driven Machine Drums Strikes Back sample library

ToneBuilder has released Driven Machine Drums Strikes Back, a drum and percussion sample library. “What if a time-capsule was discovered that contained never before heard drum machines… With the classic character of the 909, 808, … read more

FXpansion releases Geist Expander: Analogue Mayhem

FXpansion has released Analogue Mayhem, a Geist Expander featuring edgy, organic electronic sounds generated almost exclusively with a large analogue modular synthesizer. Its unique character and texture is ready to deploy in Geist’s fast and … read more

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Goldbaby celebrates birthday with 20% discount, free sample pack & WADRA for Geist

Goldbaby Productions has announced a limited time discount on its products in celebration of Hugo’s birthday. It is my birthday this month! To celebrate I’m going to give you guys the present! 20% off until … read more

FXpansion introduces Geist Expander: Ski Rize Dubstep

FXpansion has announced the release of Ski Rize Dubstep, a Geist Expander for gritty dubstep music. Created by ‘Subject’ from Ski Rize Studios, the included sounds are designed specifically for making hard-hitting, heavy urban beats. … read more

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Plughugger releases TR-SONIQ sample library

Plughugger has released TR-SONIQ, a new sample library for Geist, Guru, Maschine, Akai MPC and WAV formats. While the mad scientists at Ensoniq are long gone, their legacy remains in the hands of producers who … read more

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FXpansion launches Summer Half Price Sale, expansions 50% off

FXpansion has announced the Summer Half Price Sale, a limited time offer for its expansion packs. Until the end of June, all FXpansion download expansion packs are available at half price for registered owners of … read more

Morevox releases Elektromorph GEIST Edition

Morevox has announced the release of Elektromorph for Geist, the virtual instrument by FXpansion. 831 Samples from the “out of normal” libraries Elektromorph I & II are been arranged in 15 powerful Kits using extensively … read more

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BHK Samples Drum’n’Bass Rough Connections Vol 4, sample pack from Industrial Strength

Loopmasters has released Drum’n’Bass Rough Connection Volume 4, a new sample pack from BHK and Industrial Strength Records. Once again BHK Samples and Industrial Strength brings you blinding beats and bad ass bass for your … read more

FXpansion BFD Remix, Geist Expander sound library

FXpansion has released BFD Remix, the first Geist Expander sound library. BFD Remix provides high-quality acoustic drum samples, kits, engines and patterns ready to use in Geist. BFD Remix combines pristine acoustic sounds with fat-sounding … read more

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Broombeck Tik Tik Tak remix competition, win Geist and more + DMD 1.5 for Geist/Guru

FXpansion has announced the Tik Tik Tak Boom remix competition by Broombeck. Remix Tik Tik Tak Boom, a tech house track by Broombeck, for a chance to win a copy of Geist, an Akai MPK … read more

Goldbaby Productions releases SP1200 Vol 2 sample library + Xmas Gift 2010

Goldbaby Productions has announced the release of SP1200 Vol 2, the next installment of killer samples from the SP1200 and SP12. The legendary grit and warmth of these samplers gives this sample pack a very … read more