Gemini UHF-5000 wireless microphone systems now shipping

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Gemini has announced it is now shipping the UHF-5000 Series of wireless microphone systems.

This new flagship collection features four frequency-agile systems in both handheld and hands-free configurations, offering reliable, cost-effective wireless solutions that let users enjoy total freedom of mobility.

The new series boasts high-quality UHF receivers with 1156 operating frequencies, Phase Locked Loop (PLL) circuitry, front panel volume control and a range of 250 feet. For professional vocal reproduction, the UHF-5100M and UHF-5200M systems include dynamic handheld microphone transmitters with high-sensitivity cardioid capsules and noise absorption components, making them ideal for singers, DJs, MCs and karaoke enthusiasts.

Gemini UHF-5100HL

For hands-free applications, the UHF-5100HL and UHF-5200HL feature discreet, lightweight belt pack transmitters and high-quality lavalier microphones that can be pinned to a jacket or attached to the included headset. And for added versatility, the 5200M and 5200HL systems sport dual receivers housed in one convenient enclosure.

“Without cables, any live performance is less restricted, more passionate and more effective,” says Alan Cabasso, President of GCI Technologies. “Gemini’s new UHF-5000 Series offers dependable wireless freedom and ultra-clear reception. Whether you’re entertaining a crowd, giving a speech or leading a fitness class, these new systems provide a versatile solution at an amazing price.”

In the coming months, Gemini will also ship the UHF-4000 Series, which offers many of the same features as the 5000 Series, but with 100 selectable frequencies. Designed to be reliable and affordable, Gemini’s new UHF systems let any user liberate their performance from the burden of cables.

The UHF-5100M and UHF-5100HL are available to purchase for $249.95 USD each; UHF-5200M and UHF-5200HL are $299.95 USD each.

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