Faber Acoustical updates SignalScope (+Pro) to v2.1.5 and SignalSuite to v3.1.5

Faber Acoustical has updated real-time analyzer SignalScope and SignalScope Pro to version 2.1.5, and real-time signal generator SignalSuite to v3.1.5. The new updates include improved Leopard compatibility and stability enhancements. Changes in SignalScope / SignalScope … read more

NTS Audio updates Virtual Dance Producer to v1.6

NTS Audio has released version 1.6 of Virtual Dance Producer, a virtual instrument capable of instantly generating dance music. Instantly generate complete Dance music parts- Drum loops – Groove loops – Bottom loops – Bass … read more

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H.G. Fortune releases X-Wheel of Fortune 6

H.G. Fortune has released X-Wheel of Fortune 6 (X-WoF 6), a multipart music system VST instrument for Windows PC. X-Wheel of Fortune 6 (X-WoF 6) is a highly versatile multipart music system with inbuilt cell … read more

Nodal now available for Windows

Nodal, the generative software application for composing music, has been updated to version 1.1 beta. Since its release about two years ago, the generative music software Nodal has attracted much interest (it is featured in … read more

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Illuminated Sounds releases Random7

Illuminated Sounds has released Random7, a free random MIDI generating program created with MAX/MSP. Miketron writes: It is basically a 8 step sequencer that outputs midi by randomly selecting from the 7 notes in the … read more

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Intermorphic releases Mixtikl V1

Intermorphic has released Mixtikl V1, a powerful & integrated suite of music making applications with integrated Noatikl generative music engine & Partikl modular synth. Create on mobile & finish on Mac/PC. Or perhaps vice-versa. The … read more

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Shuriken releases Eckel

Shuriken has released Eckel, a MIDI generating VST plug-in based on the eucledian algorithm. Inspired by http://ruinwesen.com/blog?id=216 and the linked PDF. If you are reading this there is a good chance that you have read … read more

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Review: Native Instruments Reaktor Animated Circuits

Native Instruments’ latest SoundPack is Reaktor Animated Circuits, a collection of four classic Reaktor ensembles and the new Spiral MIDI instrument for use in KORE (and the free KORE Player). REAKTOR ANIMATED CIRCUITS provides a … read more

Short links for October 13th, 2008

Some interesting things I found recently: # Stanford Laptop Orchestra (SLOrk) – The Stanford Laptop Orchestra (SLOrk) is a large-scale, computer-mediated ensemble that explores cutting-edge technology in combination with conventional musical contexts – while radically … read more

Short links for October 10th, 2008

Some interesting things I found recently: # Kore Host How-To: Combine Kore with Ableton Live Peter Kirn writes: From the day I first saw Kore at a pre-launch press conference, the pitch was that Kore … read more