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Short links for February 15th, 2010

Some interesting things I found recently:

# Handmade synth senses wireless activity

From Make:

Yoshi Akai's Wireless Catcher analog synth derives control input from nearby wireless signals picked up by an onboard antennae. As if that weren't interesting enough, the copper control panel sports some elegant decorative flourishes typical of his impressive body of work.

# Percussus

A robot drum machine made with midi controlled relays. A PIC microcontroller decodes relay on/off codes from a sequencer program.

nofi - Elsewhere

# nofi – Elsewhere (album preview)

A full preview of the new Nofi album, 'Elsewhere,' to be released on March 4, 2010. This is a return to a more abstract, ambient, chilled-out, laid-back, space lounge sound, featuring six extended pieces:

The music on 'Elsewhere' was created using Ableton Suite 8 with Max for Live, Nodal generative music software, Native Instruments' Reaktor modular sound studio and Massive virtual synth, on an Apple MacBook Pro with Novation ReMOTE ZeRO and Monome greyscale 64 controllers, and a Presonus Firebox audio interface.

Note: This exclusive preview will be available for steaming on SoundCloud only until the album is released.

# Interview: George Mattson, Mattson Mini Modular

Interview conducted as part of's New Wave Modular Synthesizers series via Google Wave between Paul Clark and George Mattson, Mattson Mini Modular, January 2010

The Superplexer

# The Superplexus

This is the three-dimensional spherical labyrinth that challenges the limits of your manual dexterity and spatial understanding as you maneuver a 5/8" wooden marble through its entire course.

The Superplexus is a complex network of chicanes, multi-planar hairpin turns, spirals, and staircases–even a vortex. Hand made from 3- and 6-ply Finnish birch that form the track, over 400 hours are involved in its construction. The labyrinth is set inside a 36" diameter acrylic sphere affixed to a Jatoba base using a stainless steel gimbaled mount that allows you to tilt the sphere in any direction to guide the marble.

This lovely puzzle can be yours for a mere $30,000 USD.

Intermorphic updates Noatikl to v1.5.1.2 and Mixtikl to v2.0.1.4

Intermorphic Mixtikl 2

Intermorphic has released version of Noatikl and version of Mixtikl, two generative music tools for Windows and Mac.

Changes in Noatikl v1.5.1.2

  • Re-introduced Noatikl “reset all column widths” menu item, that had gone missing from the menu.
  • Improved random number generator within the music engine.
  • Miscellaneous performance improvements and stability fixes to match the Noatikl engine embedded in Mixtikl.

Changes in Mixtikl v2.0.1.4

  • iPhone/iPod play through main speaker if headphones not plugged in (or headphones if headphones plugged in.).
  • Removed iPhone/iPod toolbar to make all screens display bigger; display OK/Cancel buttons in the FX etc. dialogs.
  • Improved random number generator (random mixes now far more random, embedded Noatikl engine improved for all randomly weighted decisions).
  • Fixed file sharing to/from Windows XP.
  • Mixer: top left panel displays “Menu…” or Cancel text.
  • Mixer: piece title in top right, overlaid with tooltip for a few seconds, removed the tap-hold messages.
  • Mixer: swap around Actions and EQ items in skin, and introduce “i” cell to replace the pan change cell item.
  • Mixer: pressing “i” in main menu, displays the “Mixtikl” YouTube tutorial forum.
  • Mixer: tap top left cell to toggle volume/pan display.
  • Mixer: Fixed bugs related to Randomize Column and Randomize Track macros.
  • In the Apps menu, renamed the “File Player” entry back to “Partikl”.

More information: Intermorphic

Intermorphic updates Mixtikl to v2.0.1.0

Intermorphic Mixtikl 2

Intermorphic has released version of Mixtikl, a generative music mixer for mobile, web & tweets.

Changes made have primarily been concerned with improving usability, and making it much easier to get started with a new mix.

Changes in Mixtikl v2.0.1.0

  • New Random and New Empty have been added to all the included Tiklpaks; selecting New Random will create new mix populated from all the available content.
  • You can add your own New Random files, where generative and audio loop content is identified in the underlying New Random.mixtikl mix file by: Gen content vol=88, Audio loops vol=87. If tempo is set to 0 then tempo will be randomised, too.
  • Get Paks (was first item in mixes) now moved to More Mixtikl menu, again to simplify making new mixes.
  • Tapping top _right_ in Mixer screen does not now load the main menu (which was confusing), and the tooltip text is now yellow to show it relates to the highlighted cell.
  • New “Clear EVERYTHING” added to Actions menu, so you can clear everything in a mix back to default settings.
  • In the Apps menu the Partikl entry has been renamed to “File Player” (which better reflects what it does, and where advanced access to Partikl settings for a file can be accessed).
  • File Player layout improved.
  • Windows Mobile: Product Key can now be entered.

More information: Intermorphic

Intermorphic releases Mixtikl 2

Intermorphic Mixtikl 2

Intermorphic has released Mixtikl 2, a generative music mixer for mobile, web & tweets.

With its magical mix of sound sources, FX and music engines, Mixtikl 2 has firmly ushered in the “tweet mix revolution”. You may not believe your ears, but the 140 characters of a tweet really are easily enough for Mixtikl to play infinite music mixes of a quality that will astound and entertain you. We call the tweets mix “tikls” ["tickles"]. It plays tunes & sound fx tikls, too!

How is it done you ask? The boffins at Intermorphic built upon the vector audio techniques they pioneered back in 2000 where they found a way to deliver a sound in 300 bytes. Now they’ve found a way to play entire 12 track mixes in a tweet, loaded with FX and mix settings too!

It is a snap to create your own mix tikls, from chillout ambient to ear bashing beats, which you can tweet, email and embed in webpages.

Our generative music heritage means Mixtikl 2 presently excels at ambient mixes, but we also want to make sure it does what you want – let us know!

Mixtikl 2 for Mac OS X and Windows desktop (launch price of $19.99 USD) comprises a stand-alone version, a VST and AU plug-in for music sequencers, and a plug-in for web browsers. The Mixtikl browser plug-in allows tikls or more advanced and customised mixes to be played in a web page. Mixtikl 2 for Windows mobile (launch price of $4.99 USD) is available at launch for both Windows mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone.

Mixtikl 2 for iPhone / iPod touch is to be submitted to Apple iTunes within days.

More information: Intermorphic / Mixtikl

Chris Randall releases Plinkton

Chris Randall Plinkton

Chris Randall has released Plinkton, a generative music application for the iPhone / iPod Touch.

Plinkton is a generative music application that allows you to create a rhythmic groove over a bed of smooth ambiance.

Select from three different backgrounds and four different Plinkton sound-sets, give the Plinkton a push, and relax as your iPhone or Touch generates soundscapes for you.

Plinkton features

  • Generative music application.
  • User control over background and foreground volumes and the number of floating “Munchies.”
  • User control of direction and speed of the bouncing Plinkton.
  • OSC sender to control other hardware and software; user can select IP address and port in preferences.

Plinkton is available to purchase from the iTunes App Store for $0.99 USD.

More information: Analog Industries / Plinkton

Faber Acoustical updates SignalScope (+Pro) to v2.1.5 and SignalSuite to v3.1.5

Faber Acoustical SignalScope Pro

Faber Acoustical has updated real-time analyzer SignalScope and SignalScope Pro to version 2.1.5, and real-time signal generator SignalSuite to v3.1.5.

The new updates include improved Leopard compatibility and stability enhancements.

Changes in SignalScope / SignalScope Pro v2.1.5

  • Version 2.1.5 improves compatibility with Snow Leopard (Mac OS X, version 10.6).
  • Memory management and stability have been improved.
  • Product updates can now be automatically retrieved and installed.
  • Individual input channel calibration is now possible within the Device I/O Setup window.
  • Some oscilloscope triggering issues have been corrected.
  • [SignalScope Pro] Fractional-octave-band filters exhibit more accurate band edges and improved CPU performance.
  • Other minor bugs and cosmetic issues have been corrected.

Changes in SignalSuite v3.1.5

  • Version 3.1.5 improves compatibility with Snow Leopard (Mac OS X, version 10.6).
  • Memory management and stability have been improved.
  • Product updates can now be automatically retrieved and installed.

SignalScope/SignalScope Pro and SignalSuite are available as Audio Unit plug-ins for Mac.

More information: Faber Acoustical

NTS Audio updates Virtual Dance Producer to v1.6

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NTS Audio Virtual Dance Producer

NTS Audio has released version 1.6 of Virtual Dance Producer, a virtual instrument capable of instantly generating dance music.

Instantly generate complete Dance music parts- Drum loops – Groove loops – Bottom loops – Bass lines – Sinth lines – Remixes – Hats lines.. play Live thousands of freshly and royalty free dance loops/parts!! or save 100 of them to wave files with a click. The fastest way to produce dance music and a new concept for Live sessions.

Changes in Virtual Dance Producer v1.6

  • Automated Export on wave file (from 4 to 128 beats) of all 100 loops in a shot. All live user movements during export are saved too.
  • 4 types of automated wave loop export. The user can maintain the main groove and change only the base sounds (kick-hats-claps) or can keep the base sounds and change the groove, or can change both, or can keep both (useful to generate all the variations around a selected groove).
  • Manual Export on wave file of the single loop selected also available.
  • BPM or Host Synchronization.
  • Sample Start and Sample End for all helpers sounds (kick-snareclap-hat-bass) permit, for example, easy creation of drum kicks.

Virtual Dance Producer is available for Windows PC (VST/Standalone) for 139 EUR.

Visit NTS Audio for more information.

H.G. Fortune releases X-Wheel of Fortune 6

H.G. Fortune X-Wheel of Fortune 6

H.G. Fortune has released X-Wheel of Fortune 6 (X-WoF 6), a multipart music system VST instrument for Windows PC.

X-Wheel of Fortune 6 (X-WoF 6) is a highly versatile multipart music system with inbuilt cell step control sequencer for creating tracks of various types of music like Ambient or even soundtracks. Just set up certain basics and let the machine create variations for you as there are several inbuilt algorithms just for this purpose giving this machine it’s magic touch.

X-Wheel of Fortune 6 features

  • A great variety of 262 inbuilt scales (Pentatonic, Hexatonic and Heptatonic) using harmonical scale steps for fairly easy composition or arrangement of tracks and even learn more about harmony in music.
  • Additionally you might assign a dedicated – even experimental – User scale for each patch.
  • 10 sound engines:
    • 2 x Synthesizers for Pad parts
    • 1 x Bass
    • 1 x HiSq (high sequences)
    • 1 x Athmo-loops (like rain, waterflow, sonar etc.) and OneShot sounds
    • 5 x Percussion instruments
  • 2 XY SuperModulation pads plus one XY Master Control pad with the option to control the other two, for interactive real-time control. Up to 28 different modulation destinations under the control of just one knob even with different polarities i.e. directions.
  • Cell step control sequencer offering good overview and easy access to its various features.

X-Wheel of Fortune 6 is available as a VST instrument for Windows PC. A free version is available now from the product page. The Pro version (with more features) will be available for purchase soon.

Visit H.G. Fortune for more information and audio demos.