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New Sonic Arts updates Granite granular texuture generator to v1.35

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New Sonic Arts Granite

New Sonic Arts has updated the Granite granular texture generator instrument for Windows and Mac to version 1.35.

Granite’s unique sound engine melds a state-of-the-art granular processor, an innovative modulation system and a range of grain-level FX, resulting in a degree of musicality not achieved before with granular synthesis.

Changes in Granite v1.35

  • Manage your patches and samples with the Integrated File Browser and get your sounds into Granite quicker than ever.
  • Navigate and customise Favourite Folders, and preview audio files with In-Place Audition.
  • Sample Loop Recording is now available in addition to Sample Start and the other internal recorders, allowing even more twisted and evolving patches.
  • Automate any parameter, including Sample Start and End.
  • Assign any parameter for MIDI control with the redesigned Assignment Manager, and store and recall controller setups with the Template feature.
  • Save With Samples for easy sharing and maximum peace of mind.

Granite for Windows (VST/standalone) and Mac (AU/standalone) is available to purchase for 65 EUR.

More information: New Sonic Arts


Intermorphic updates Noatikl and Mixtikl generative music software

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Intermorphic Noatikl

Intermorphic has updated its Noatikl Generative Music Lab to version 2.1.5, and the Mixtikl Generative Music Mixer to version 5.2.10.

Changes in Noatikl v2.1.5:

  • All versions: fixed issue where initial Patch change MIDI events were not always delivered at piece start (FYI, this was a bug raised in the forum).
  • All versions: online help links from the FX and Sound Generator units now working.
  • All Mac versions: MIDI File Recordings now saved to ~/Music/Noatikl/MIDI Recordings; this folder is now a fixed location on Mac (so on Mac, you no longer see the Change button in the Noatikl Preferences or MIDI Cooker dialogs). All Noatikl MIDI recordings files that are found in the old folder location (assuming you haven’t customised it.), are moved automatically to the new folder when Noatikl first starts up.
  • Mac App Store version: added full-screen support.

Changes in Mixtikl v5.2.10

  • iOS: added-back support for 44kHz audio.
  • All: online help links from the FX and Sound Generator units now working.
  • Other bug fixes.

Intermorphic has also announced a limited time sale, offering a 25% discount on purchases made through November 30th, 2012.

If you spend more than $79 in our webstore, then you can get a 25% saving! If you are a Windows user you could for example get the Noatikl 2 Desktop Standalone and the Noatikl 2 Desktop Audio Plugin, or if you are a Mac user you could get the Desktop Audio Plugins for both Noatikl and Mixtikl. Simply select one of the Noatikl products (not Academic versions) as your main purchase and then in the order page make sure you add to your basket sufficient items to get to the total above (and then anything else you want to get the discount on, too!), press the next button and use the following coupon code in the Coupon Code field: “DISC25NOV12″.

More information: Intermorphic


Oli Larkin updates Endless Series to v3.2

Oli Larkin Endless Series v3

Oli Larkin has updated its Endless Series effect for Windows and Mac to version 3.2.

A unique effect based on the Shepard Tone auditory illusion, which generates mind bending infinite scales, psychedelic drones and fascinating sonic textures.

It works as a tone generator, a ring modulator, phaser, flanger or resonant filter bank effect.

Changes in Endless Series v3.2

  • Added AAX Native version (including Audiosuite).
  • Visualiser now displays independent curves for left and right channels in dual mode.
  • Everything code-signed for 10.8.
  • Improved standalone audio driver handling.
  • Fixed hang when changing between DS and ASIO drivers on Win x64.
  • VST3 bypass state now saved with host projects.
  • Dry signal now works in VST & VST3 version in PreSonus Studio One OS X x86.
  • Updated manual.

Endless Series for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS/AAX/Standalone) is available to purchase for £29.99 GBP.

More information: Oli Larkin


sonicLAB updates Cosmosƒ stochastic synthesizer to V2

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sonicLAB has announced the release of version 2 of its Cosmosƒ synthesis tool for Windows and Mac.

sonicLAB Cosmosƒ V2
Version 2 of Cosmosƒ presents a new paradigm: ”parallel universes”.

Cosmosƒ, an advanced stochastic synthesizer offering elegant sound design possibilities with precision and real time operations, suggesting a new paradigm in sound synthesis while extending its polyphonic structure.

Changes in Cosmosƒ V2

  • Previous versions offered a single cycle of events distributed in a macro cell with defined start, duration and ending. Cosmosƒ V2 offers a second cycle running in parallel with the primary one, and not just that…
  • The same stochastic engine decides the event distribution, cycle length and modulation scheme for both cycles with the assigned parameters. However, the synth engines of the cycles are running independent!
  • You can define a time interval between the initiation of cycles, and change the cycle rate of the parallel cycle relative to the primary cycle in continuum, enhance the continuity and design the polyphony.
  • Rich sonic potential is only seconds ahead with the output “Buffer feedback” and “Buffers frozen” modes with the comfort of precision real time control and processing.

Demonstrating the “Parallel Universes” feature in Cosmosƒ V2.

Cosmosƒ is available to purchase for Windows and Mac, priced at 89 EUR.

More information: sonicLAB


zplane.development vielklang Instant Harmony V2 & LE released

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zplane vielklang V2

zplane.development has announced the release of its vielklang Instant Harmony V2 and vielklang Instant Harmony LE audio harmonization instruments.

vielklang Instant Harmony is an instrument for easy generation of harmonies from an audio or MIDI melody.

The utilization of voice leading and harmony progression models allows vielklang to create harmony parts in a more musical way than traditional harmony processors and makes it a versatile and creative tool for musicians, songwriters and producers.

vielklang utilizes zplane’s widely-used élastique SOLOIST engine for high quality pitch shifting and time stretching.

zplane vielklang Instant Harmony V2 - Piano roll
The piano roll tab in zplane’s vielklang Instant Harmony V2.

Changes in vielklang Instant Harmony V2

  • Advanced pitch editing with direct tool access.
  • New sleek interface.
  • Vibrato and tremolo generator.
  • Hybrid view for score-like harmony visualization.
  • MIDI harmonization.
  • Multiple file harmonization.

vielklang LE is a light version with a reduced feature set at a competitive price. For a direct feature comparison between the two versions see the product page.

vielklang Instant Harmony for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) is available to purchase for $149 USD/119 EUR. The upgrade from vielklang 1.x is $69 USD/49 EUR, with an introductory offer of $39 USD/29 EUR).

vielklang LE costs $99 USD/79 EUR. All existing users of vielklang 1.x are eligible to a free version of vielklang LE.

More information: zplane / vielklang Instant Harmony


88888 introduces 0800 Rhythm Machine virtual drum software


88888 has announced the release of the 0800 Rhythm Machine, a virtual drum instrument for Windows and Mac.

The 0800 Rhythm Machine, from 88888, is an eight-channel multi-voiced stepsequenced groove-shaping wood-panelled instrument. It is designed to be used as a standalone groove box, as a live instrument, or in conjunction with a DAW as an instrument or MIDI pattern generator.

88888 is Adam and Stephen; independent, boutique music software developers, determined to innovate, design and produce user-friendly, playful musical software flexible enough for use in the studio or live environment. The team use their experience as musicians to inform their approach to software design, which is reflected in this, their first release.

0800 Rhythm Machine features

  • Designed as a no-constraints tool: each channel combines multiple oscillators, the ability to load your own samples, and a flexible state-variable filter, putting the creation of any sound within reach. Create classic drum machine sounds, futuristic clicks and bleeps or wild arpeggios: The 0800 goes beyond the traditional ‘boom blap’ drum machine.
  • Unique groove shaping section of the 0800 offers powerful, detailed control over the rhythms produced. Inject feel into your patterns by adjusting the position of every note, pushing and pulling like a real drummer, or manipulate groove shaping even further, to radically resequence any pattern.
  • Can be controlled with a standard mouse or keyboard, and nearly every onscreen control can also be mapped via the MIDI learn function, making it ideal for use as a live instrument. It can also send and receive MIDI data, and its audio output to a DAW using free software like Soundflower (OSX), or Jack (Windows).

0800 Rhythm Machine for Windows and Mac (made with Cycling74′s Max 6) is available to purchase for £7 GBP.

More information: 88888


Hollow Sun intros Advanced Noise Generator for Kontakt

Hollow Sun Advanced Noise Generator

Hollow Sun has announced the Advanced Noise Generator, a new Music Lab Machine for Native Instruments Kontakt.

It features very long 44/24 white, pink and low frequency noise samples taken from a true analogue modular synth which pass through a multimode filter offering eight different filter types. This filter can be controlled by two LFOs (one with simultaneous multiple waveforms which can be mixed for complex control waveshapes) and an ADSR envelope and then onto an output section with separate LFOs for control of amplitude and panning. This passes to a distortion section with up to four different distortion units followed by a delay and a convolution reverb featuring custom impulses.

The Advanced Noise Generator is therefore capable of creating all manner of dense and undulating noisescapes as well as no end of noise sweeps and effects … and with the distortion units, they can stray into IDM territory.

But the Advanced Noise Generator has another trick up its sleeve – the ‘Serendipity’ button! Click on the Hollow Sun brass plaque at the top and have the A.N.G. create a new sound for you at random. It might not be immediately useful but could send you off in new, creative directions. It also comes with 40 ‘presets’ which can be used as is or as the basis of your own creations.

It’s quirky, odd, different, unique and typical of the MLMs and a fine adjunct to the rest of the series.

Hollow Sun Advanced Noise Generator
Hollow Sun’s Advanced Noise Generator is suitable for almost any modern musical genre, providing noise sweeps, SFX and various distortion units.

Advanced Noise Generator features

  • 44.1kHz/24-bit.
  • Advanced Retro Synthesis Engine.
  • True analogue white, pink and low frequency noise.
  • Each sample 2 minutes long and seamlessly looped.
  • Multimode filter -2/4/6-pole LP, 2/4-pole BP, 1/2-pole HP.
  • Phase shifter filter.
  • 2 x LFOs, one with simultaneous multiwaves.
  • Various distorion effects.
  • Delay and convolution reverb.
  • ‘Serendipity’ function randomly creates new sounds.
  • 40 presets.

The Advanced Noise Generator is available to purchase for £8 GBP.

More information: Hollow Sun / Advanced Noise Generator