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Azimuth Generator soundtrack multi-synth by Tronsonic

Tronsonic has announced the release of the Azimuth Generator, a soundtrack multi-synthesizer instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Tronsonic Azimuth Generator

The concept behind the Azimuth Generator is to be a source of inspiration, and hopefully take you to undiscovered places on your musical journey!:), split into 3 main parts – bass, mid-section
and upper high-section, with white/pink noise samples on the F#1 note.

You can create customised multi-synths from over 150 included patch presets, giving control over several different synth sources and sequences at the same time. There are over 25 multi patches in the download, but inspiration can also be found by building your own custom multi-synths.

Most of the sampled sounds were recorded to tape on vintage valve equipment; the word ‘azimuth’ refers to the angle of the tapeheads, which in many cases was adjusted to achieve an extra rasping sound (for a more extreme upper-mid frequency range and bite when filtering).

The 138mb pack comprises of 7 sets of samples from different analogue synths, including 2 varieties of ‘buzz’ sawtooth waves, 2 regular saws, a set from the Logandy string synth collection, a white/pink noise hybrid and a very powerful modified square wave bass section from a 1950s valve signal generator.

The bass section in particular is totally unique. The generator’s square wave has been modified with valve harmonics and tape saturation ,then blended with the original, resulting in a HUGE analogue sound that will carry your tracks with ease.

The sound library is available to purchase for £9.99 GBP. Tronsonic members pay £4.99 GBP.

More information: Tronsonic / Azimuth Generator

H.G. Fortune releases Ghost Machine

H.G. Fortune has announced the release of the Ghost Machine, an algorithmic composing machine for Windows.

Ghost Machine is a multipart algorithmic composing machine featuring a Pad part with Long Wave Sequencing, a HiSq part with a 16 step sequencer and customizable note pattern, a bass part with a 16 step sequencer and customizable note pattern, and a drum part with 4 instruments parts each with a 16 step sequencer. All these 16 step sequencers are pattern driven which are changing due to an internal algorithm to create music.

In AutoPlay mode you can let the machine do all the composing work for you, or you can transpose manually at realtime to change the current rootnote.

H.G. Fortune Ghost Machine Pro
H.G. Fortune Ghost Machine Pro (single screen interface version).

The Ghost Machine Pro Suite for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for the introductory price of 49 EUR until June 21, 2012 (regular 79 EUR).
The suite includes:

  • Ghost Machine Pro (single screen).
  • Ghost Machine TS Pro (tabbed screen).
  • Wave Slot Player for adding OneShots and athmospheric loops.
  • Ghost Machine WoF Edition Pro (128 patches, 97 scales).

Demo versions (incl. two freebies) for both the Pro and the TS Pro editions are available to download.

More information: H.G. Fortune

dlab releases Audio Plugin Generator & APG Composer free iOS app

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dlab has released Audio Plugin Generator, a rapid prototyping tool for audio engineers.

Demonstration of Audio Plugin Generator prototyping tool by dlab.

The Audio Plugin Generator is a great prototyping tool for audio algorithms, allowing to create VST plugins within minutes. Plugins are generated in an automated process from Simulink models, which enables DSP engineers to develop algorithms using a clean and easily understandable representation.

The generated VST plugins give access to parameters and signals of the underlying model. This means that parameters can be tuned in real-time and signals can be analyzed graphically. Furthermore, signals can be logged to a file, which can be used for offline analysis and easy creation of test cases.

Audio Plugin Generator is available to purchase for 1000 CHF. A free Lite version (1 input, 1 output) is available to download upon registration. Note: the software requires MATLAB with Simulink and DSP System Toolbox, Real-Time Workshop or Simulink Coder, Visual Studio (2008/2010_ or Visual Studio Express, and a VST Plugin host.

AGP Composer

dlab has also released the free APG Composer app for iOS.

This app combines a 3-voice FM synthesizer with an implementation of the Logique Analogique sequencer, which triggers notes when a weighted sum of different signals exceeds a threshold.

The app was created from a Simulink* model without writing app-specific code, using the Audio Plugin Generator source code.

More information: Audio Plugin Generator / APG Composer

MusicDevelopments releases RapidComposer for OS X

MusicDevelopments RapidComposer

MusicDevelopments has announced the release of a Mac OS X version of RapidComposer, the phrase-based music composition software.

We waited for this moment for a long time. After two months of beta testing, RapidComposer is available for Mac OS X. A lot of people demanded an OS X version, and while porting took longer than expected, we deliver it today.

Technically speaking the source code is the same for the Windows and Mac OS X version, so any new feature implemented will automatically go into both versions in the future. We would like to keep the version numbers the same for Windows and OS X as much as possible. For Mac OS X a standalone version is available at the moment.

RapidComposer is available to purchase at the reduced price of $79 USD (LE) / $236 (full version) until April 30th, 2012.

More information: MusicDevelopments

Cinematique Instruments Cement 2 pattern generator for Kontakt free with purchase

Cinematique Instruments has announced that they will be delivering Cement 2 as a bonus with every purchase with a value of more than €25 in their online shop.

Cement is a sequencer based pattern generator which is well suitable to enrich your music production and lend it a specific character. As the name suggests you can easily create cementing textures, crawling patterns or a fundament for your musical idea.

Cinematique Instruments Cement 2
Cement 2 sequencer based pattern generator for Kontakt

Cement 2 has the same concept as Cement 1 but is based on three different instruments: Baritone ukulele, guitar harmonics and marimba.

More information: Cinematique Instruments

MusicDevelopments updates RapidComposer to v1.9 + Birthday Sale

MusicDevelopments RapidComposer

MusicDevelopments has updated its RapidComposer music prototyping and automated composition software, and announced a limited time birthday sale.

RapidComposer is two years old! To celebrate this event we hold a birthday sale with 20% discount until April 20th. The sale applies to the OS X version too, which is to be released at the end of April. All existing and new customers will get the OS X version free of charge, as well as all 2.xx versions.

Changes in RapidComposer v1.9

  • Improved drag and drop experience; phrases/chords/scales are rendered into a small image that is shown during dragging.
  • New preference: it is possible to disable selecting phrases from multiple tracks.
  • New preference: using flats instead of sharps in chord names.
  • A status window is displayed during loading a composition as the initialization of some VSTi plug-ins may take long.
  • Scrollwheel works over lists and sliders.
  • Some minor changes in keyboard commands to match the OS X version; left and right Shift/Ctrl is not distinguished. The biggest change is the direct access of underlying chord/scale notes: instead of pressing Right Ctrl, you should press Ctrl+Shift.
  • Bug fix: crash during resizing the window fixed.

RapidComposer is available to purchase for $236 USD (regular $295 USD) until April 20th, 2012.

More information: MusicDevelopments

sonicLAB updates Cosmosƒ to v1.2 (+ Windows PC version)

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sonicLAB has updated the Cosmosƒ advanced stochastic synthesis instrument to version 1.2, which includes the first Windows release alongside the updated Mac version.

New feature in Cosmosƒ V1.2: Additive Synthesis with Sample Waveform

Cosmosƒ V1.2 offers new features for its Synthesis Engine: For instance a genuine Additive Synthesis feature has been developed, where you can control, automate and modulate up to 12 partials with their frequency and amplitude distribution. You can assign either a sine wave or a sample waveform to the partials. All partials sum up to one micro event waveform! Unheard clusters of sound objects can be created in real time within seconds.

A 300% performance gain has been achieved thanks to the immense efforts in coding for precision and optimization.

Now available on Windows7: in response to the significant demand for the Windows version, from now on Cosmosƒ is available on Windows 7 (for earlier OS versions please test the demo app).

Cosmosƒ is now available to purchase for Windows an Mac for 89 EUR. The update is free for registered users.

More information: sonicLAB / Cosmosƒ

zplane.development announces vielklang Instant Harmony v2.0

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zplane.development has announced the upcoming release of version 2 of vielklang Instant Harmony, the plugin for intelligent one-click harmony generation.

vielklang Instant Harmony is the world’s only audio harmonization engine with built-in voice-leading and harmony progression rules; in combination with zplane’s élastique time-stretching and pitch shifting engine it allows the generation of arrangements in unprecedented quality.

zplane vielklang Instant Harmony
zplane.development vielklang Instant Harmony v2.0 Piano Roll

vielklang Instant Harmony features

  • Various 2/3/4-voiced harmonization styles.
  • Audio and MIDI harmonization.
  • Detailed editing of pitch and timing.
  • New vibrato/tremolo generator.
  • Three visualization options: piano roll, arranger, and pseudo-score.
  • Completely redesigned intuitive interface.

In addition to the full version of vielklang Instant Harmony, there will be a vielklang LE with restricted feature set; vielklang LE will offer a restricted set of harmonization modes, scales and will not allow detailed editing of pitch and timing.

vielklang Instant Harmony will be available for $149 USD / 119 EUR and vielklang LE will be $99 USD / 79 EUR. The upgrade for vielklang 1.x -> vielklang 2 will be available for the introductory price of $39 USD / 29 EUR (regular $69 USD / 49 EUR).

In addition, all existing users of vielklang 1.x are eligible for a free version of vielklang 2 LE. Until the release of vielklang 2, vielklang 1.5 will be available for $99 USD / 79 EUR.

More information: zplane / vielklang