Terrorsoft Gabber-O-Matic v1.0 VSTi

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Terrorsoft Gabber-O-Matic VSTi

Terrorsoft’s Gabber-O-Matic is a freeware VSTi plugin, suitable for making hardcore kicks.

It has three controls,

  • Tikkeltje Promo, this seems to be the thump sound
  • Stampgehalte, some kind of distortion (add noise in some settings)
  • Vleugje Angerfist, sounds like this controls tone of the kick

This plugin can be downloaded from Gersic.


Gersic releases Mr. White

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Gersic Mr. White

Gersic has released Mr. White, a freeware VST plugin for creating white noise.

Mr. White responds to MIDI Note-On and Note-Off events, and generates white noise.

Tom writes:

That’s all. Why? Sometimes I want white noise for something, and I got tired of using a .wav file. Enjoy.

Lovely GUI!

You can download Mr. White from Gersic.com.


Gersic releases Atomic Cloud v1.0 – Grain Cloud Generator

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Gersic has released the Atomic Cloud v1.0, a standalone application which takes an audio file as input, and generates a granular synthesis grain cloud in real time.

Atomic Cloud v1.0 - Grain Cloud Generator
Atomic Cloud v1.0 – Grain Cloud Generator

Grain clouds are played back through your speakers, and can also be rendered direct to disk, while you listen, for further processing.


  • Start and End Location: Load a file in, and choose the start and end points for the grain cloud to be generated from
  • Grain Rate: How quickly grains are generated
  • Grain Size: How long each grain is. High grain rates and long grain sizes are capable of generating remarkably smooth textures, but also tend to take quite a bit of CPU power
  • Buffer Rate: The rate at which each grain is played back. This essentially has the effect of altering the pitch of each grain
  • Scan Rate: How quickly the playback head moves through the audio file. With low levels of Jitter, grains are generated near the playback head
  • Jitter: How closely the generated grains are constrained to the playback head. A very low jitter setting, with a very high grain rate has the effect of playing the file back pretty much as it would sound regularly. High jitter settings randomize the sound greatly
  • Amp Level: Since any number of grains can be generated at a time–depending mostly on your grain rate and grain size choices–it’s quite easy to get digital clipping. Higher grain rates and grain sizes should often be accompanied by lower amp levels, so as to avoid clipping
  • 16/24 bit Playback/Recording: Playback and recording can occur at either 16 or 24 bit, regardless of the bit rate of the source file
  • Automatic Sample Rate Sensing: The output sample rate is set to whatever the source file’s sample rate is
  • Reads a wide variety of audio formats: Atomic Cloud will read most uncompressed audio file formats

More detailed information about granular synthesis and grain clouds can be found on the FAQ page. There are also a bunch of audio demos available so you can check what Atomic Cloud Grain Cloud Generator does exactly.

Atomic Cloud is currently available for $9.99 (limited time offer, normal price $19.99) and a demo version can be downloaded.


Sound Borb audio ambience generation system

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Sound Borb

Sound Borb is an audio ambience generating system, currently free to use non-commercially.

The ambiences created with Sound Borb are not looping, so it will have endless variation to the ambience.


  • Minimal paramaters, easy to use
  • Volume control
  • Intensity control (amount of activity)
  • Happiness control (less sounds more spooky)
  • Auto for intensity and happiness to let the system take care of these settings

So, just load an ambience, set the controls to auto and sit back. I love it!

What happens in the background is that the system loads a bunch of ogg or wav files, which have some default settings for intensity, happiness, random and looping (some sounds do loop, but the whole ambience is never looping), so you can create your own Sound Borb ambiences as well. You’ll need to

  1. put your audio files in the audio folder,
  2. create (copy->paste->edit) a data file,
  3. add you data file to the descriptor.lst and
  4. add an image for your ambience if you like.

More detailed information on creating your own ambiences here.

Sound Borb includes 2 ambiences, but there are several ambiences available for download already.

Visit the Sound Borb website for more information and a link to download Sound Borb and the additional ambiences.


Gersic releases Preparation P VSTi

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Gersic Preparation P VSTi

Gersic.com has released Preparation P, a VSTi collection of 61 high quality prepared piano samples.

All of these samples were recorded by Tom Gersic on a baby-grand piano, and include a variety of strummed strings, plucked strings, and many other sounds of various objects lodged in the strings.

Each sample can be tuned individually, and you can also adjust the attack, decay, sustain, and release characteristics of the sound by using the envelope controls.

Preparation P is released as freeware (Paypal donations are welcome).

Check Gersic.com for more information and a link to download Preparation P.


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