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GForce Software releases impOSCar 2 for Mac

GForce Software impOSCar 2

GForce Software has announced the release of the Mac version of impOSCar 2, the successor to the impOSCar software synthesizer, a component emulation of the rare and classic OSCar synthesizer.

Some say we’ve behaved like over-protective parents, refusing to let our corpulent teenager out for fear of it bullying the other kids on the block. That may indeed be true but we’re finally pleased to announce that the Mac version of impOSCar2 is being given its independence.

impOSCar 2 key features

  • Successor to the multi-award winning impOSCar.
  • Two Oscillators & 13 Waveforms.
  • New Mono Unison and Poly Unison Modes.
  • New Aux Mod Section with comprehensive routing.
  • Programmable Additive Wave Matrix Grid.
  • Nine Filter Types with Drive, Cutoff, Q and Separation.
  • New Chord Memory and single note retrigger.
  • 6 Portamento modes with new Unison glide voice spread.
  • New Unison Voice Pan.
  • New Note Pan Modes.
  • Programmable Velocity Responses and New Aftertouch.
  • Improved Arpeggiator.
  • New Instrument and Effects Versions.
  • Small, Regular or Large Interface Sizes.
  • New Ring Modulator.
  • New Chorus Modes.
  • 1000+ Patch library featuring sounds created by original OSCar users inc Billy Currie (Ultravox) Darren Price & Rick Smith (Underworld) & Paul Wiffen (the original OSCar sound designer and programmer for Stevie Wonder & Jean Michel Jarre).

impOSCar 2 is currently available to purchase for Mac (VST/AU/RTAS/Standalone) for €139 EUR excl. VAT. A Windows version will follow soon.

More information: GForce Software / impOSCar 2


Feeltune releases Rhizome, hybrid groove machine

Feeltune Rhizome

Feeltune has announced the release of the Rhizome, the groove machine with and for VST.

What are the differences with the competition? The Rhizome is a hybrid in which you install virtual instruments and effects in a VST/VSTi format (For Pc). No more limitation in terms of sounds and effects; with the Rhizome you choose the style of sound and instruments you want to play. Once downloaded you can mix your plug-in with the mixing desk; create your sequences, patterns and tracks with the multi modes and multi tracks sequencer which is the brain working behind the scene.

What are the differences with the other hybrids already on the market? The Rhizome is not just a keyboard with a Pc or a Pc Rack; it is a real musical instrument which has been designed for the pleasure to play and compose music and is equipped with software running an innovative interface with numerous displays and controller.

The Rhizome is a real time instrument: programming, recording, sampling, adding instruments and effects, tuning; all you do is live! There is no interruption when you play on stage or record in a studio. The objective: to free up your inspiration and creativity.

The development of the Rhizome took several years of R&D; 50 engineers and the validation of around 10 user groups. Today the Rhizome is an aggregate of the best technology and know-how.

Rhizome features

  • 102 controllers including 16 dynamic back-lit pads and 32 endless rotary knobs.
  • 4 large display (24 bits colors) areas provide information to the user on the functionality, at any given time, of one of the controls, according to the software currently in use.
  • Audio interface by RME Audio, for stability and high standard sound quality.
  • Various in- and outputs allow for connecting and using screens, mousse, MIDI controllers; hard disk and/or additional audio card.
  • Includes software by Feeltune (samplers, drum machine, synthesizers, sound effects, and sequencers), GForce (synthesizers) and Ohm Force (effects).
  • Compatible with third-party VST and VSTi software.
  • Embedded computer system composed of latest-generation elements. Running on a Microsoft XPE operating system, the device is compatible with 95% of software packages on the market.
  • CopperLan communication, a new protocol that above the Midi transcription really revolutionize the communication between audio-video machines. The Rhizome is the first instrument to totally implement CopperLan.
  • Ergonomic design with portable size and weight and an adjustable stand.

The Rhizome is now shipping to selected distributors. Three editions are available to purchase: Rhizome SE (3,199 EUR), Rhizome XE (3,399 EUR), and Rhizome UXE (3,599 EUR).

More information: Feeltune


GForce Software announces impOSCar Blow-Out Sale

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GForce impOSCar Blow-Out

GForce Software has announced a Blow-Out Sale on impOSCar, a virtual synthesizer instrument modeled on the OSCar.


Because between the 7th and 21st of November the impOSCar will be available to purchase at the unbelievable price of €39 Euros!!


Probably, but while we’re swatting the last of the impOSCar2 bugs and getting a multitude of things organized behind the scenes, we thought we’d send the original impOSCar off with a BANG!.

Actually, the truth is we’ve had so many people who have been holding off on purchasing impOSCar because they’ve been patiently waiting for impOSCar2, we’re doing a once in a lifetime deal to (a) make them happy, and (b) as a way of saying “sorry for our lateness”.

If you decide to upgrade to impOSCar2 once released, we’ll give you €29 Euros off the full web price.

This means that your original impOSCar will have cost you just €10 Euros! In the interim everything you learn on impOSCar is going to be of use with impOSCar2.

More information: GForce Software


Plughugger Bassbox, bass sound expansion for Gforce Imposcar

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Plughugger Bassbox

Plughugger has announced the release of Bassbox, a sound expansion for Gforce Imposcar featuring 180 new sounds with one common theme: bass.

In this soundset you will find basses spanning from 80s popish basses to dark, wobbly and nasty. Hard detuned, soft, sweet, sad, hard, odd, huge, minimal, arpeggiated, sequenced, side-chained (fake of course), overdriven, re-pitched.

As most of the plugin world awaits the anticipated release of version 2, the original Imposcar is in fact one of the coolest synths ever made. Well on par with Minimoogs and Prophet Fives. The key to the greatness of Imposcar lies within its limited structure. The architecture of Imposcar is very simple, but just like the old Prophet Five, there are plenty of modulation tricks that can alter the sound in very clever ways.

Bassbox features

  • 180 new sounds divided up in five banks:
    • Bank 01 – Deep End. 36 sounds with focus on dark and deep basses.
    • Bank 02 – Noise. These 36 sounds all have a slight amount of noise in them.
    • Bank 03 – Pitched. Envelopes and LFOs were used to create movements in pitch. 36 sounds.
    • Bank 04 – Arpeggios. And sequences. 36 sounds.
    • Bank 05 – Mix. A bank without any set theme or creative limitations. 36 sounds.

Bassbox is available to purchase as a download for 7.90 EUR.

More information: Plughugger / Bassbox


Soundsdivine releases Electromania, sound bank for Oddity

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GForce Media Oddity

Soundsdivine has announced the release of Electromania, a collection of patches for virtual synthesizer Oddity by GForce Software.

This bank contains 64 new sounds for Gforcesoftware’s Oddity synthesizer.

Suitable for all genres of music, this new soundset features dirty basses, raw overdriven sequences, staccato blips, ring mod synths, and some classic dance sounds.

Soundsdivine Electromania is available to purchase for the introductory price of $10 USD until 18 September, 2010 (regular price $20 USD).

More information: Soundsdivine / Electromania


Kreativ Sounds updates ABYSS FM8 Sounds to v1.1 and SYN ImpOSCar Sounds to v1.2

Kreativ Sounds ABYSS FM8 Sounds / SYN ImpOSCar Sounds

Kreativ Sounds has released updated versions of its ABYSS FM8 Sounds and SYN ImpOSCar Sounds soundsets.

Both soundbanks updates bring new sounds, KORE sounds improvements and minor bug fixes to the existing presets.

ABYSS FM8 Sounds v1.1 / SYN ImpOSCar Sounds v1.2 features

  • ABYSS FM8 Sounds: 32 original sounds, each with 4 pad variations (128 sound variations) for Native Instruments FM8 and KORE 2. Each sound comes with custom ARP and MORPH info that allows you to create cool sequences and to morph between it’s four variations.
  • SYN ImpOSCar Sounds: 54 outstanding presets in FXP and KORE format for GForce ImpOSCar synthesizer.
  • Each KORE preset has macro knobs assigned and all 8 pad variations.
  • KORE Template for easily creating your own sounds with pad variations.
  • Each preset features modulation wheel and velocity information for more control over the sounds.
  • All future minor updates with fixes and new sounds are free.

Both products are available as a “pay-what-you-wish” / donationware product. The updates are free to previous customers.

More information: Kreativ Sounds


GForce Software releases OptiTron for M-Tron Pro

GForce Software OptiTron

GForce Software has announced the release of OptiTron, an expansion pack for the M-Tron Pro synthesizer.

For many moons we have harboured the desire to release a full set of sounds recorded from our funky old Optigan. We considered building a completely new instrument but ultimately we’ve made the decision to integrate these sounds within the M-Tron Pro, primarily because they sit so well along side those tones and rhythms already released.

The OptiTron Expansion Pack for M-Tron Pro takes these nostalgic tones into completely new sonic territory and we look forward to hearing them in your compositions in the future.

OptiTron features

  • 30 New tape banks
  • 5 Lead, 25 Rhythms all looped
  • 4/4 Rhythms at 110 BPM
  • 3/4 Rhythms at 80 BPM
  • 35 Notes per tape bank
  • Over 150 New MTP Patches
  • OptiTron interface design

The OptiTron Expansion Pack is available to purchase as a download for existing registered users of M-Tron Pro, priced at 39 EUR.

More information: GForce Software / OptiTron