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Reusenoise releases free Gibson Les Paul Power Chords sample pack

Reusenoise Gibson Les Paul Power Chords

Reusenoise has released a sample pack featuring a collection of power chords played on a Gibson Les Paul.

Power chords multisampled played on a 1996 Gibson LP Studio with a Seymor Duncan bridge pickup.

The chord start from E maj to D maj, all chords was recorded through an old Yamaha mixer and completly dry, so you can reamp with you preferred amp sim.

The free sample pack is available in Wav and sfz format (44.1kHz/24bit).

More information: Reusenoise

Lyrical Distortion releases Silverburst – Direct for Kontakt

Lyrical Distortion Silverburst - Direct

Lyrical Distortion has released Silverburst – Direct, an electric guitar sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Lyrical Distortion is proud to present Silverburst, a 1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom Silverburst electric guitar, recorded direct via Countryman Type 85 Active Direct Box, Great River ME-1NV, Apogee Rosetta and programmed/scripted for use in Kontakt 3.5 or better to be easily played or sequenced through an amp or amp simulator.

Silverburst represents a unique sounding instrument, sampled with incredible depth and playability.
Silverburst, we sampled four variations of every note for every articulation, utilizing random cycling for authentic swift repetitive lines. In addition, we also recorded the articulations twice, to allow independent control of two guitars for double tracking.

The patches include single note picking, single note up picking, single note hammer-on’s, single note pull offs, performed power-chords (I and V), performed up power-chords (I and V) and more. Also, all patches are available as performed palm-mutes as well as non-muted.

Silverburst is like that of no other sampled guitar library currently available.

Silverburst – Direct is available to the introductory price of $99 USD until May 1st, 2011 (MSRP $149.99 USD).

More information: Lyrical Distortion / Silverburst – Direct

AfroDjMac releases Gibson Ebow Pad instrument for Ableton Live

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AfroDjMac has released the Gibson Ebow Pad, a free instrument rack for Ableton Live.

Also, here is another free synth for Ableton Live. It was created with a 1960′s Gibson acoustic guitar played with an Ebow. Here is a video walkthrough of the features…

More information: AfroDjMac

Ueberschall releases Urbanic Guitars

Ueberschall Urbanic Guitars

Ueberschall has announced the release of Urbanic Guitars, a new Elastik soundbank featuring guitar loops.

Urbanic Guitars is a modern dynamic guitar sample collection made with premium gear, experienced talent and high-end signal path; developed for a multitude of professional applications. Ueberschall provides an abundance of full impact guitar phrases and organizational options to fit with your approach to the implementation of guitar content.

Urbanic Guitars features

  • 125 themes and 780 loops of smashing guitar melodies, hooks, riffs, and licks.
  • Themes are divided into three folders of loop packs:
    • Acoustic
    • E-guitar 1 (Gibson ES style)
    • E-guitar 2 (Fender Strat style)

    Within these three folders, are a wide spectrum of contemporary playing techniques which revolve around the axis of urban.

  • Labeled key signature and tempo information make it as easy as possible to find a groove that will match your tracking needs and goals.
  • The 1.77 GB content ranges in tempo from 60 to 130 BPM.
  • Elastik Player offers a lot of DSP functions to adjust the phrases to further fit your productions / creations.
  • Guitars are a performed by Kai Reuter.

Urbanic Guitars is available as an Elastik Soundbank for PC and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS/Standalone), priced at 99 EUR.

More information: Ueberschall / Urbanic Guitars

Prime Loops releases House Guitar Loops 2 and Drum n Bass Foundations

Prime Loops House Guitar Loops 2

Prime Loops has released House Guitar Loops 2 and DnB Foundations.

House Guitar Loops Volume 2 is the long awaited sequel to the smash hit release which saw great exposure in the charts after being used on several hits worldwide.

This time, we’ve taken it a step further with even more inspirational bleached latin rhythms, dusty jazz chord progressions, trashy nu-rave licks, Sunkissed funky grooves, bespoke worldly textures, furious disco leads, radical rock overdrives, sultry acoustic jams, sample-ready motown flavours and distilled electric guitar sessions…and, as if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also added some skilfully processed audio synthesis magic into a selection of the guitar loops that quite simply puts this release a cut above the rest.

House Guitar Loops 2 features

  • 150+ pristine Guitar Loops and Chords played in a wide range of styles and combinations.
  • Recorded in 24-bit audio, only the finest amplifiers and high-end acoustic and electric guitars were used in the creation of this song-writing package for maximum flexibility every time.
  • Perfectly suited to create a vast array of genres including House, Deep House, Funky House, Soulful House, Ambient, Trip Hop, Indie, Lounge, Breaks, Breakbeat, Funk, Latin, Soul, Rock and many more.
  • Equipment List:
    • Gibson Les Paul 1976
    • Gibson Les Paul custom
    • Fender Stratocaster
    • Yamaha APX 4A
    • Fender Hotrod
    • Marshall JCM 2000
    • Laney VH100R

House Guitar Loops 2 is available as a download in various formats for £12.95 GBP.

Prime Loops has also announced the release of “Drum n Bass Foundations”, a combo of Drum n Bass Drum Loops and the critically acclaimed Rasta Vocal Samples at a special discounted price of £22.95 GBP.

More information: Prime Loops

Producer Loops releases Bunker 8 BoomBassTic

Producer Loops Bunker 8 BoomBassTic

Producer Loops has released Bunker 8 BoomBassTic, a bass guitar loop collection for Hip Hop and Funk producers.

Bunker 8 Digital Labs presents to you ‘BoomBassTic’, the ultimate bass guitar collection for your greezy funk jams. Full of ear popping, booty bumping, phat funky grooves, this library will supply you with all the grease you’ll need to get your tracks flowing. With 848 bass loops, at a total of 3.84 GB, these bass lines have been designed to blow the roof off the party before your hook even kicks in. Whether you’re going for a classic P-Funk groove or a hip-hop vibe, every bass riff has the phatness needed to make your listeners move their feet and shake some trunk.

Bunker 8 BoomBassTic features

  • 848 phat bass loops available in ACID/WAV and Apple Loops formats.
  • Recorded using the following bass guitars: Rickenbacker 4003, Gibson EB-3, Steinberger Headless, Fender Jazzman, Music Man Stingray, Höfner Violin, Eston Acoustic and the Washburn XB600.
  • Amplification hardware used includes amps by Mesa/Boogie, Hartke, Ampeg, Line 6, Warwick, Carvin A&I, Crate, Euphonic Audio, and Traynor.

Bunker 8 BoomBassTic is available for purchase for £18 GBP.

Visit Producer Loops for more information and audio demos.

Cakewalk releases Craig Anderton Electronic Guitars

Cakewalk Craig Anderton Electronic Guitars

Cakewalk has released Craig Anderton Electronic Guitars, an expansion pack for Rapture and Rapture LE.

Craig’s programming style combines musicality and innovation and takes full advantage of Rapture’s advanced synthesis capabilities. The new Electronic Guitars Expansion Pack leverages LFOs, Step Generators, FX, and creative use of modulators to do everything from layering to patch morphing to providing alternate bass sounds within the same patch. Craig has even created evocative one-finger chord patches that change from major to minor with mod wheel use.

The Electronic Guitars Expansion pack uses sounds from Paul Reed Smith, Gibson, Peavey, and Fender guitars, as well as Roland’s VG-8 guitar synth, to create unique textures that sound like nothing you’ve heard before. Combined with Rapture’s extreme signal processing and step sequencing options, this expansion pack will take Rapture and your approach to electric guitar to new levels. The Electronic Guitars expansion pack is a must have.

Craig Anderton Electronic Guitars features

  • Authentic guitar sounds from:
    • Paul Reed Smith
    • Gibson
    • Fender
    • Peavey
    • Roland VG-8 Guitar Synth
  • Unique guitar synthesis:
    • 1-Finger Chord Progressions
    • 1-Finger Rhythms
    • Mod wheel functionality changes chord from major to minor

Craig Anderton Electronic Guitars is available for download for registered Rapture, Rapture LE, SONAR 7, and SONAR 8 customers for $49 USD.

Visit Cakewalk for more information and some audio and video demos.

Waves offers one year of free GTR Solo

Waves GTR Solo

Waves has released a free version of GTR Solo, the guitar/bass modeling software which delivers the sound of real amps, cabs, stomps, and mics—in your computer.

GTR Solo delivers the sound of real amps, cabs, stomps, and mics—in your computer. Just plug in, fire it up, and experience precision models of amplifiers by Fender®, Marshall®, Vox® and others. Then take it to the next level with awesome distortion, modulation, and ambient effects.

These are the same GTR sounds top guitarists, producers, and engineers are using on their most important tracks.

Your guitar. Your computer. And GTR Solo.
It’s all you need to take the lead.

GTR Solo features

  • GTR Solo Amps
    10 Amps based on classics from Fender®, Marshall®, Vox®, and more, modeled using revolutionary sampling techniques that go way beyond anything you’ve ever heard.

    • Clean – Clean Based on a 1959 tweed Fender® Bassman®, Sweet Based on a 1968 Gibson® Skylark.
    • High Gain – Crunch Based on a custom Garcia™ from Paul Reed Smith’s personal collection, Shredder Based on a Marshall® JMP1 preamp, PRS Scorch Based on a boutique amplifier from Paul Reed Smith’s personal collection, PRS Crush Based on a modified 50W Marshall® MK2.
    • Drive – Edgy Based on a 1980 Vox® AC-30 TB-2, Drive Based on a 1964 blackface Fender® Super Reverb®, Overdrive Based on a 1980 Marshall® JMP.
    • Bass – SolidState Based on a Hartke® 3500.
  • GTR Solo Cabs
    10 Cabs so real, you can feel the electric excitement of the speakers moving air – 12″ OpenBack, 2×12″ Closed Back, 2×12″ Open Back, 4×10″ Open Back, 4×12″ Standard, 4×12″ Vintage, Acme 12″ Custom, Bass 8×10″ Pro, Acme 4×12” Vintage Gibson® Skylark, Acme 8” OpenBack Hiwatt®.
  • GTR Solo Stomps
    13 Stomps to twist, distort, contort, color, bend, mutilate, and mangle your sound to the max. OverDrive, Distortion, Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, Delay, WahWah, Spring, Pitcher, Vibrolo, GateComp, EQ and Volume.

Visit Waves for more information.