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DSK Music updates DSK HQ Instruments (additional formats)

DSK Music

DSK Music has announced that its DSK HQ Instruments are now available in more formats.

We have over 446 HQ instruments, in 7 differents formats:

  • Soundfont
  • Kontakt
  • Reason NN-XT
  • Giga (Sampler / Studio)
  • Sampletank
  • Sfz
  • wav

After making a small donation, you will have access to a huge collection of high quality instruments.

Donations helps to support DSK Music project!

More information: DSK Music


SampleTekk launches Organ Special – 60% off

SampleTekk Tonewheel for Kontakt

SampleTekk has announced a sale on its Organ libraries, offering a 60% discount for 2 days only.

Organ Special Sale

  • ST Tonewheel —Welcome to the Tonewheel experience – The Draw-Bar is open! If this organ was a date, it wouldn’t be the one you presented to your mother – this is the one you would PARTY with! It’s only rock’n’roll but I’ll think you’ll like it.
  • Pump Organ — The Pump Organ. A small organ where air is pumped using your feet. Common in small chapels and schools 40-50 years ago. A small, simple organ with tons of charm! Nothing you would play the Toccata on, but try some Tom Waits songs!
  • PMI Positif — A small positif organ, chramitically sampled with release samples. 5 registrations: flute, holpipe, quint, flute and holpipe and tutti.
  • PMI Baroque Organ — A complete church organ for your computer! The first organ library with every single stop chromatically sampled as well as the most useful combinations. All individual stops and all useful combinations of stops have been sampled which makes it possible to play every possible combination of stops with one single library, all from one computer. PMI Giga Organ brings you a stunning replica of a beautiful church organ.
  • PMI Accordions — Post Accordions is the largest and most versatile collection of Accordion samples ever sampled.

The sale ends September 4th, 2013.

More information: SampleTekk


Soundlib updates G-Player to v2.0

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Soundlib G-Player

Soundlib has released version 2.0 its G-Player native Giga file player for Mac OS X and Windows.

No conversion required. G-Player is a native Gigastudio file player designed to play the large banks that require disk streaming. G-Player allows you to quickly modify some program parameters (ADSR, VCA, VCF…) without having to edit and save the giga file.

Changes in G-Player v2.0

  • The standalone version has 8 MIDI ports and is therefore able to support up to 96 MIDI channels.
  • A 16 track audio mixer with built-in Compressor, EQ and support for 2 external effect plug-ins. All parts are now routed to the audio mixer.
  • A new G-Sound utility that scan your hard drives and build a database of all your Giga files.
  • The stack icon in the toolbar has been replaced by individual stack buttons for each part.
  • The VCA and VCF can be adjusted for each part in a stack.
  • The part order in a stack can be modified by simply dragging one part up or down.
  • The built-in keyboard displays the notes played on an external keyboard or MIDI track.
  • Each part has a new pitch transpose control.

G-Player for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) costs $149 USD.

More information: Soundlib / G-Player


SampleTekk launches Winter Sale – 50% off all sample libraries

SampleTekk Winter Sale

SampleTekk has launched its annual Winter Sale, offering 50% off all SampleTekk sample libraries for Kontakt, EXS24, HALion, and GigaStudio for a limited time.

SampleTekk produces the most technical advanced sampled instruments.

Our sampled pianos are developed using groundbreaking technology. The White and Black Grand series has no less then 16 velocity splits and the TBO family has 31. This is totally unmatched and gives our pianos the dynamic response that is required for natural playing.

More information: SampleTekk


Roqstar releases 5-String Bass & 73 Stage Piano Collection by Realsamples

realsamples 5-string bass collection

Roqstar Entertainment has announced the release of 5-String Bass and 73 Stage Piano Collection, two sample libraries by Realsamples.

The realsamples ’5-String Bass Collection’ offers a 5-string bass guitar for your sampler. The lush, full deep sound of a G&L™ bass is captured with its dynamics with 32 velocity layers of each note.

5-String Bass Collection features

  • Every one of the five strings have been sampled separately with 32 velocity layers, along with ghost notes of each string.
  • Recorded in 96 KHz and 24 bits resolution, the signal was downsampled to 44.1 KHz/24 bits (16 bits in the Giga® version).
  • No mastering process has been applied to the samples, hence you don’t get an overprocessed sound, just the great, deep, lush and full sound of a 5-string bass.
  • Includes ready-to-play presets for Halion®, Kontakt®, EXS24® or GigaStudio®.
  • “Light” versions of the presets are included as well.
realsamples 73 stage piano collection

The realsamples 73 Stage Piano Collection brings the holy grail of electric pianos to your studio: A vintage Fender™ Rhodes® piano, sampled with 16 velocity layers per note.

To get the most natural sound, the piano was recorded directly from the pickup through the preamp section of a Mindprint™ DTC high-end preamp while bypassing any equalization. Recorded in 96 KHz and 24-Bit resolution, the signal was downsampled to 44.1 kHz. The set contains ready-to-play presets for Halion®, Kontakt® and EXS24®.

The 5-String Bass Collection and 73 Stage Piano Collection libraries are available to purchase for $49.95 USD each.

More information: Roqstar Entertainment


EdgeSounds releases DrumMashines sample library

EdgeSounds has released DrumMashines, a drum machine sound sample library for GigaStudio and Kontakt.

EdgeSounds DrumMashines

The Drummashines sound sample library provides authentic sounds of more than 170 classical drum modules and synthesizers that were popular in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Recognizing the substantial importance of synthesizer drums in contemporary music production, EdgeSounds have been collecting and recording drum sounds for more than 12 years. This comprehensive collection features samples of synthesized, as well as PCM based modules of many well known and rather rare models and is applicable for a wide variety of styles.

Drummashines sound sample library features sounds of 173 different instruments recorded in 24 Bit 96 KHz quality linear samples totaling the 12.5 GB of sample data, which comprise the 483 General MIDI compatible drum kits, and is available for NI KONTAKT 2.2 or later, GIGA Studio 3 and compatible instruments.

DrumMashines is available for Kontakt 2.2 and above, and GigaStudio 3 and compatible instruments, priced at $184.95 USD.

More information: EdgeSounds / DrumMashines


Edge Sounds releases Studio Grand sample library

Edge Sounds Studio Grand

Edge Sounds has released Studio Grand, a grand piano sample library.

For this project two Blüthner grand pianos were used: a Concert Grand and a Studio Grand built in Germany in mid 1950’s. Also included is a prepared piano, where metal plates were placed on each hammer.

EdgeSounds approached the creation of this library from the point of view of a performer and a sound engineer involved in a real record production.

Studio Grand features

  • 795 24 Bit 96 KHz linear samples totaling the 4.3 GB of sample data.
  • 3 performance programs.
  • Available for NI Kontakt 2.2 and up, GIGA Studio 3 and compatible instruments.

The Studio Grand is available to purchase for $99.95 USD.

More information: Edge Sounds / Studio Grand