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Future Loops releases Distance Drum Kits, dubstep sample pack

Future Loops Distance Drum Kits

Future Loops has announced the release of Distance Drum Kits, a multi-format dubstep drum kit sample pack produced by Dj Distance with Future Loops.

Inside Distance Drum Kits you will find all the essential Drum Hits & One Shots (featuring nearly 500 WAV samples) used to develop the highly acclaimed Distance Dubstep sample pack.

Distance Drum Kits is a pack for dubstep producers that like to get dirty and program their own beats from the ground up, offering high-quality One-Shots with the signature sound of Dj Distance. Distance Drum Kits is also a pack for producers that like to have their kits mapped into their favourite sampler format (MPC, Giga, EXS, Battery and Kontakt) and ready to go !

Distance Drum Kits features

  • 493 WAV One Shots including: 162 Bass, 4 Clap, 2 Clave, 5 Crash, 1 Cymbal, 8 Flute, 18 FX, 3 Guitar, 50 Hat, 3 Keys, 32 Kick, 41 Percussion, 6 Ride, 20 Shaker, 52 Snare, 78 Synth, 8 Tam.
  • Samples are also offered as Kits for Kontakt, Giga, EXS, MPC and NI Battery.

Distance Drum Kits is available to purchase for $19.97 USD.

More information: Future Loops / Distance Drum Kits

Future Loops Haris C Trance Drum Kits, multi-format drum kit sample pack

Future Loops Haric C Trance Drum Kits

Future Loops has announced the release of Haris C Trance Drum Kits, a multi-format drum kit sample pack specially designed by producer Haris C for Trance productions.

Haris C is no stranger to the Trance community, he has been playing along side the biggest names in the dance industry such as Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Paul Oakenfold, Judge Jules,Rank 1, Solarstone to name only a few.

With dozens of remixes and original productions in labels such as Factual, Discover, Deepblue, Solaris, Alter Ego , INOV8, Infrasonic, Crashing Waves and many more, Haris C has established himself as a driving force in the Trance scene.

Haris C Trance Drum Kits features

  • 173 Drum Hits including Snares, Claps, Trance Kicks, Progressive Trance Kicks, Hats and Rides. All ready to be assembled into contagious Trance grooves.
  • The WAV files are organized into kits, but there’s also an additional folder where samples are organized by type (Kicks, Snares, etc..).
  • Samples were carefully edited and mapped into MPC, Giga, EXS, Kontakt and Battery kits . There are 3 kits for each format.

Haris C Trance Drum Kits is available to purchase for $19.96 USD.

More information: Future Loops / Haris C Trance Drum Kits

Realsamples Italian Harpsichord III – Edition Beurmann, sample library

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Realsamples Italian Harpsichord III

Realsamples has released Italian Harpsichord III – Edition Beurmann, a sample library featuring a 300 year old harpsichord.

The Italian Harpsichord III library features an instrument built around 1690 by an anonymous maker.

Featuring three sounds – a front and a rear 8′ register as well both together – it allows for the traditional rich and slick Italian harpsichord tone, offering additional flexibility by choosing the adequate 8′ or using the gentle 2 x 8′ combination with its inspiring and complex harmonics.

Italian Harpsichord III features

  • 3 different register combinations sampled: Front 8′, Rear 8′ and 2 x 8′.
  • 8 different samples of each note per register combination.
  • 4 different release sounds of each note per register combination.
  • ready to play HAlion®/Kontakt2®/EXS24® or GigaStudio3® presets.
  • wave format (except GigaStudio® version).
  • no mastering applied.
  • recorded in 192 khz/24 bits resolution and downsampled.
  • DVD set.
  • license-free applicable in your music.

Italian Harpsichord III – Edition Beurmann is available to purchase for $149.95 USD excl. VAT and postage.

More information: Realsamples

Producer Loops Symphonic Dub Step, construction kits sample pack

Bunker 8 Symphonic Dub Step

Producer Loops has announced the release of Symphonic Dub Step, a sample library featuring 12 construction kits by Bunker 8.

Each kit contains a full sample mix, plus all of the elements separated and set out for you to mix and match until the groove sits tight.

Having truly redefined what is possible within the hip hop genre, ‘Symphonic Hip Hop’ by Bunker 8 Digital Labs was truly a watershed product for the industry. Then came ‘Symphonic Intense’, a product which established ready to score action scene loop sequences. Then came the impossible ask, could Bunker 8 Digital Labs combine the incessant energy of Dub Step with the epic scope of true Symphonic Arrangements.

Symphonic Dub Step features

  • 192 Acid Loops, 192 Apple Loops.
  • 4 Single Hits and Samples.
  • 4 kits for Battery 2, Kontakt 2, DS404, EMU, Gigasampler, Halion, Sampletank, Soundfont, and Wusikstation.

Symphonic Dub Step is available to purchase as a download for £17.02 GBP / 20.50 EUR / $27.52 USD.

More information: Producer Loops / Symphonic Dub Step

Wavelore Instruments Slide Whistle, free instrument now for Kontakt

Wavelore has released an updated version of Slide Whistle, a virtual sampled whistle instrument previously released in GVI/GS3 format.

Wavelore Instruments Slide Whistle
Wavelore Instruments Slide Whistle for Kontakt

This instrument, (~30 megabytes zipped), uses extensive formant-corrected portamento scripting with 8-way round robin staccato samples, expression filters, and other controls to allow you unsurpassed expressive capabilities in a small, free instrument.

It also comes with a 5-page manual in .pdf format. Check it out!

Slide Whistle is now available as a free download for Kontakt 2 and higher and GVI/GS3.

More information: Wavelore Instruments / Slide Whistle

The Chip Collection NES CHIP Collection, now available for Ableton Live

The Chip Collection NES CHIP Collection

The Chip Collection has announced that the NES Chip Collection is now available for Ableton Live.

Do you want to make chip tunes? Or integrate the sound of the Nintendo NES into your music? You do not have to buy the NES or mess around old gear and software that doesnt quite emulate that natural sound 8 bit sound.

These are profesionally recorded samples at 24 bit 96khz bit rate directly from the NES output on the back of the machine. People will actually think you have an NES with midi. Every Square wave, Sine, Noise, and even 8-bit percussive samples.

NES CHIP Collection for Ableton features

  • 8 Bit Drum WAVE sound files.
  • Bonus SK1 Drums.
  • NES Square Waves files.
  • The NES Sine wave.
  • Individual NES Noise WAVE files with integrated refill patch.
  • Custom NES FX WAVES Files.
  • Ableton Live Project.

The NES Chip Collection is available to purchase for $20 USD (also available in Reason ReFill, Multiformat SF2/Gig formats).

More information: The Chip Collection

Realsamples French Harpsichord – Edition Beurmann, harpsichord sample library

Realsamples French Harpsichord - Edition Buermann

Realsamples has released French Harpsichord – Edition Beurmann, a sample library featuring a double-manual instrument by renowned French builder Nicolas Pigalle.

The instrument – built in Dijon in 1771 – features an “enchanting sound with singing clarity and a substantial bass”, as Professor Beurmann explains. These qualities – along with its huge tone which also manages to bring out its delicate, sophisticated finesse and detail – make it is an excellent representation of the French style. “It is one of only two surviving harpsichords from Dijon, a city once so rich in musical tradition, the other also being by Pigalle.”, he continues.

Based on its two manuals and different registers, the Pigalle harpsichord offers lots of unqiue sounds, sampled with 5 different register combinations, including the upper 8′, lower 8′ (principal 8′), the 4′, both 8′ as well as the “tutti” combination of both 8′ registers and the 4′ recorded together.

French Harpsichord – Edition Beurmann features

  • More than 3400 single samples, recorded in 192 khz/24 bits resolution and downsampled.
  • 5 different register combinations sampled: Lower 8′, Upper 8′, 4′, Tutti and 2 x 8′.
  • 8 different samples of each note per register combination (4′ register: 4 different samples per note).
  • 4 different release sounds of each note per register combination.
  • Ready to play HAlion®/Kontakt2®/EXS24® or GigaStudio3® presets.
  • Wave format (except GigaStudio® version).
  • No mastering applied.
  • DVD or CD set.
  • License-free applicable in your music.

French Harpsichord – Edition Beurmann is available to purchase for $159.95 USD excl. VAT and postage.

More information: Realsamples

Bolder Sounds Celtic Pipes, version 2 adds KSP scripting (+ free Thumb Piano released)

Bolder Sounds Celtic Pipes

Bolder Sounds has released version 2 of Celtic Pipes, a sample library featuring a comprehensive set of Bagpipes, Uilleann Pipes and Pub Pipes.

We’ve sampled every single musical note these instruments make, samples are also presented in both short and long loop lengths, mapped out in authentic note ranges with extensions on the highest sample. You can set a drone into motion within the use of the sustain pedal in the lower octaves, and then wail away on the melodic (chanter) part of the pipes mono phonically using pitch bend and continuous controllers without affecting the drones, all on the same midi channel, making for stunningly realistic pipe samples.

The Kontakt version of the Celtic Pipes has been updated to version 2 with newly added KSP scripting. It is a free upgrade for exisitng owners.

Celtic Pipes is available to purchase for Kontakt 3+, EXS24, and Gigastudio 2 for $29.96 USD until 24 July, 2010 in the Bolder Sounds Summer Sale (regular price $39.95 USD).

Bolder Sounds has also released a free Thumb Piano sample library for Kontakt 3+ and Apple EXS24.

This thumb piano (also called Kalimba, Sansa or Mbira) comes from a family of instruments originally from Africa. The range of this particular instrument is 2 octaves plus a major 3rd.

It was sampled with both plucks from the flesh of the thumb as well as the finger nail of the thumb for a brighter sound. Also each sample zone has 3 round robin samples assigned to it. So if you play the same key 3 times in a row, each time you will hear a different sample.

Bo Clausen has contributed some wonderful KSP Kontakt scripting as well which is documented in more detail later in this manual. Thank You Bo!

More information: Bolder Sounds / Celtic Pipes / Thumb Piano