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Realsamples releases German Lute-Harpsichord – Edition Beurmann

Realsamples German Lute-Harpsichord - Edition Beurmann

Realsamples has released German Lute-Harpsichord – Edition Beurmann, a sample library featuring the Lute-Harpsichord – or Lautenwerck, one of Johann Sebastian Bach’s favourite instruments.

Despite 50 Lautenwerck builders in Germany, not a single instrument survived throughout the centuries. When the instruments had vanished, the awareness had gone as well: Only a couple of decades ago, musicologists found out that such an instrument had existed, solving the mystery of scores mentioning being written for Lautenwercke. Until then, one would have guessed that the composer meant a regular lute instrument by that notion.

Back in the days of harpsichords and spinets, the lute-harpsichord offered a much warmer, soft and intimate yet defined tone. While having been built to imitate a lute on a keyboard instrument in the first place, it brings a consistent attack to the table (due to not being touch-sensitive, just like a harpsichord) and also by allowing for full decay of all notes due to missing dampers. This allows for a vibrating, reverberant yet still transparent sound.

Just like harpsichords and spinets, the Lautenwerck is not touch-sensitive. However, even if the differences are minuscule, not any given note will sound exactly the same due to different resonances of body and strings. In order to pay tribute to the instruments’ variances, every note was captured with 8 different samples.

German Lute-Harpsichord – Edition Beurmann features

  • 8 different samples of each note.
  • 4 different release sounds of each note.
  • Ready to play HAlion/Kontakt2/EXS24 or GigaStudio3 presets.
  • Wave format (except GigaStudio version).
  • No mastering applied.
  • Recorded in 192 khz/24 bits resolution and downsampled.
  • DVD or CD set.
  • License-free applicable in your music.

The German Lute-Harpsichord – Edition Beurmann is available to purchase for $139.95 USD excl. VAT and postage.

More information: Realsamples / German Lute-Harpsichord – Edition Beurmann


Producer Loops releases Accelerator 2

Producer Loops Accelerator 2

Producer Loops has announced the release of Accelerator 2, the improved sequel of Bunker 8 Accelerator.

This 3 GB collection features construction kits with elements of Metalcore, Industrial, Techno, Nu Metal and Hard Rock anthemics.

The kits are presented in ACID/WAV and Apple Loops formats and each kit contains a full sample mix, plus all of the elements separated.

This collection also includes single hit samples in Batttery 2, Kontakt 2, DS404, EMU, GigaSampler, HALion, SampleTank, SoundFonts and Wusikstation formats.

Accelerator 2 is available to purchase as an instant download for £15 GBP / 17.33 EUR / $22.36 USD.

More information: Producer Loops / Accelerator 2


Bunker 8 releases Nemesis: Drum Collective 1

Bunker 8 Nemesis: Drum Collective 1

Bunker 8 has released Nemesis: Drum Collective 1, a new drum sample library.

Inspiration lying comatose in your ideas outbox? Got a killer melody and no beat? Or just need to restock your rhytthms? Then check out the visceral, direct rhythmic injection of Nemesis: Drum Collective 1.

Nemesis: Drum Collective 1 features

  • 684 Acidized Wav Files and 701 Apple Loops in 51 raw, twisted, all-new drum construction kits featuring blastin’ kicks, punchy balls-to-the-wall snares, turntable scratches, edgedriven hats, deep resonant taiko drums, blippy shakers, reverse course transits, deep urdus and more.
  • Genres from breaks through funk to trance are all covered.
  • Each construction kit contains a full sample mix, plus all elements separated and set out for you to mix and match until the groove sits tight.
  • In addition to construction kits, Nemesis supplies a collection of over 240 effected drum loops, including bit crushed nasties, delayed filterisms, whacked-out distortions, DJ-phased filters, telephonised mayhem, filter-swept resonances and more, providing great tools for drops or transitional sections.
  • Collection of single hit samples done in Battery 2, Kontakt 2, SampleTank, GigaSampler, HALion, EMU.
  • Bunker 8 uses proprietary sample looping technology so that each cycle of either format seams perfectly throughout your jams. All beats are processed using Neve, Soundcraft and SSL consoles at the mixing stage for pure analogue warmth.

Nemesis: Drum Collective 1 is available for purchase from various distributors for €19.95 EUR.

More information: Bunker 8 / Nemesis: Drum Collective 1


Review: Les Productions Zvon Prepared Rhodes

Prepared Rhodes

Les Productions Zvon is back with another 3U instrument (unique, unusual and usable), the Prepared Rhodes.

This is actually not a new sample library but Zvon has recently released Kontakt and Battery formats, adding some new sounds to Prepared Rhodes.

So what is a Prepared Rhodes anyway? Zvon explains:

It’s a real Rhodes that is prepared as John Cage and others prepared a acoustic piano, that means you insert springs, plastic tubes, pins,etc., all kinds of objects inside the piano. These objects when touching the strings or the tines change the sound of each key played. All the notes can be radically different from each other and often you don’t even recognize the original sound. You get an instrument that is much more percussive in nature. This has been done quite often with acoustic piano but rarely with a Rhodes.

The Rhodes used in this sample library was prepared by Maxime de La Rochefoucauld, a composer and builder of mechanical musical automatons. Zvon recorded every note with multiple velocity layers (2 to 6) for a total of some 360 samples in 16 bits, 44.1 kHz. The samples are in mono format, just like the real Rhodes instrument.

The Kontakt/Battery version of Prepared Rhodes includes over 115 kits/patches with 67 semi-tuned instruments and about 50 extra patches that make use of the granular synthesis engine.

Prepared Rhodes for Kontakt & Battery is available for purchase for $19.99 USD. Other formats are also available.

So what do I think?

There are some interesting things about this library. First, the sample quality. If you are expecting pristine quality recordings you are going to be disappointed. When you check the samples with your audio editor you will notice there seems to be some clipping and audible background noise in quite a large number of samples. Since the sounds were recorded directly into a Tascam DA-88 I guess the background noise may be part of the preparation of the Rhodes.

Now although I would like the sounds to be a bit cleaner and brighter this does not mean I dislike Prepared Rhodes. On the contrary, I think it’s a lovely sample library. It is unique and unusual as I would expect from a Zvon product. You are not going to find these sounds anywhere else. I auditioned the samples one by one and I got incredibly itchy to start messing with them right away — they are so inspirational and musical (did I mention I like quirky sounds?)

The third “U” in “3U” is usability, and Zvon takes some extra care of this aspect with the chromatic semi-tuned and stretched (granular) instruments. Organs, music boxes, bells, all kinds of plucked sounds — lots of lovely instruments with great playability.

While playing with the sounds I made a little loop that I will share here to demonstrate the kind of thing you can do with this library.

Prepared Rhodes demo clip
1.15min / 1.73MB

All sounds in the clip above are from Prepared Rhodes. I was done with a Kontakt multi of 6 instruments, and about halfway I put some standard Kontakt delay and filter effects on one of the sounds.

Make sure to check the audio demos on Zvon’s mp3 page for examples of some more “traditional” pieces.

More information: Les Productions Zvon / Prepared Rhodes


Acousticsamples announces Kawai-EX

Kawai EX

Acousticsamples and Lance Herring have announced the Kawai-EX, a sample library featuring the sounds of a Kawai EX concert piano.

It’s a fabulous KAWAI EX concert grand piano that used to be in the Kennedy center in Washington DC.

The product is already in an advanced state.

Kawai-EX features

  • 5 “pedal up” layers, 5 “pedal down” layers, and 15 release samples per note (4 only for the light version).
  • Thumps samples.
  • Automatic Pedal noises samples.
  • Multiple mic position and mixing from the interface (in PRO version).
  • Ability to save polyphony by enabling / disabling each position.
  • Sympathetic resonance (pedal down samples).
  • Multiple releases. They have been carefully picked up for each note to really reproduce the real mechanical behaviour of a note.
  • As always, a custom kontakt interface that let you modify the response of the piano as well as its tone and the volume of the releases.

The Kawai-EX will be available in the first half of September in Kontakt and GIGA formats. Other formats will follow as free updates (Halion, EXS24 and maybe SFZ).

The sample library will have a pro version with all the above features, and a light version with only one mic position, a single release and only 4 velocity layers.

More information: Acousticsamples


Producer Loops releases Dirty Sexy South 2

Producer Loops Dirty Sexy South 2

Producer Loops has announced the release of Dirty Sexy South 2, a 3.6 GB collection of construction kits for RnB and Hip Hop producers by Bunker 8.

‘Dirty Sexy South 2′ is the sequel to the best selling RNB Dirty South Library. A 3.6GB collection of pure to the chronic, devastatingly hypnotic dirty south vibes with that oh so soul rnb vibe construction kits. Each construction kit clocks in with Apple loops and Acid loops, the whole cross platform package.

Bunker 8 have taken the best elements of the first release and then pumped it through the floor! There are over 1,350 pieces of audio content. Big sharp snares, boomy tight kicks, knockin’ side sticks, blister sharp synths, blastin’ powerkeg sub basses, uber power string lines. These joints are guaranteed floor fillas.

Dirty Sexy South 2 is available for download for £20 GBP.

More information: Producer Loops


Les Productions Zvon announces Anniversary Sale

Prepared Rhodes

Les Productions Zvon has announced the 2009 Anniversary Sale, offering two price reduced sample bundles.

Anniversary Sale 2009

  • Unusual Percussions Bundle, includes Chromatic Hits, Prepared Rhodes, Sidekick Electronic Percussion and Out There, for $35 USD (regular over $65 USD).
  • Julie’s Vocal Collections, reduced prices for the three sample libraries featuring professional jazz singer Julie Hamelin.
    The bundle, featuring 1235 one-shot samples, is now available for $19.99 USD (previously $34.99 USD).

More information: Les Productions Zvon