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Cinematique Instruments intros Anniversary Bundles

Cinematique Instruments 2nd Anniversary

Cinematique Instruments has announced a number of limited time bundle offers in celebration of its 2nd anniversary.

Cinematique Instruments turns two! And in order to duly celebrate this anniversary we offer – for a limited period – 6 special INSTRUMENT PACKAGES which were specially compiled by friends of us.

Anniversary Bundle Deals

  • 1/Pop – Eric van Gent, the founder and CEO of Cinematique Instruments, delivers a fine mix of instruments for writing pop songa, it includes 7 instruments: Drumboxes Rude Boy, Gecko Cheap Keys, Guitar Harmonics, Baritone Ukulele Muted, Geiger Counter, Chimes, Zeiter & Winkelmann
    Bundle price is 82 EUR/ excl. VAT (instead of 137 EUR)
  • 2/Spices – Guy Sigsworth, a U.K. based composer, producer and songwriter who worked with Seal, Björk, Goldie, Madonna, Britney Spears etc., arranged a small but spicy package with 4 instruments he uses: Bowed Guitars, German Monochord, Kantele, Alto Glockenspiel
    Bundle price is 46 EUR/ excl. VAT (instead of 77 EUR)
  • 3/Ambient – Jumpel, a german electronic minimal musicican and composer, created a bunch of instruments he loves to work with for creating minimal ambiences: Drumbox Electro Partner, Gecko Complex Environs, Bowed Psaltery/, Super Sound EK-470, Alto Glockenspiel, Cement, Geiger Counter, Downbeat Box
    Bundle price is 99 EUR/ excl. VAT (instead of 164 EUR)
  • 4/Score – Theodore Shapiro, best known for his film scores, particularly for “The Devil Wears Prada”, “Tropic Thunder”, “Dinner for Schmucks etc., offered up a package which is best suitable to write a nice score out of that: Double Bass Harmonica, Super Sound EK-470, Bowed Guitars, Celtic Nylon Harp, Downbeat Box, Experimental Box, Gecko Gltichy Rhythmer, Gecko Warm Pads
    Bundle price is 105 EUR/ excl. VAT (instead of 175 EUR)
  • 5/Special – Rene Dohmen, an award winning german filmmusic composer (“Selbstgespraeche”, “Tatort”etc.), set a special instrument package which is part of his default set-up: Autoharp, Guitar Harmonics, Percussion singles, Spieluhr & Glockenspie, Zeitter & Winkelman, Experimental Box V2
    Bundle price is 69 EUR/ excl. VAT (instead of 116 EUR)
  • 6/Strange – David Buckley, a British film score composer who is best known for working with composer Harry Gregson-Williams, including work on “From Paris with Love” arranges a list of CI instruments that he finds himself using a lot – a strange mixture: Downbeat Box, German Monochord, Gecko (All), Alto Glockenspiel
    Bundle price is 149 EUR/ excl. VAT (instead of 288 EUR)

More information: Cinematique Instruments

Splurgo Audio releases Reggae Bass Loops and Glockenspiel sample packs

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Splurgo Audio Reggae Bass Loops & Glockenspiel

Splurgo Audio has announced the release of Reggae Bass Loops and Glockenspiel, two new sample libraries.

New Splurgo sample packs

  • Reggae Bass Loops – These Reggae bass loops are perfect to set the vibe for your upcoming reggae project. We have simple bass loops to support the off-beat (called the skank), but also groovy basslines, that give a little more body to your song. This pack contains 52 loops all recorded at 80 bpm in the keys of B, D and E. All files are available in Acid Pro Wav and Apple Garageband AIFF.
  • Glockenspiel – The loops in this Glockenspiel sample pack are not really complex and are perfect for little melody lines or to backup your other melodies. This pack contains 32 loops all recorded at 90 bpm and keyed in ‘A’. All files are available in Acid Pro Wav and Apple Garageband AIFF.

Reggae Bass Loops is available to purchase for $ 6.95 USD, Glockenspiel is $4.95 USD.

More information: Splurgo Audio

Big Fish Audio announces Textured sample library series

Big Fish Audio Textured Series

Big Fish Audio has announced Textured, a new series of sample libraries.

The Textured series is a compilation of sonic layers that embody emotional elements of realism and fantasy, fused to create tracks so full of life, you’ll be able to feel the soul of the music as it comes alive.

This series knows no musical boundaries and enhances all musical genres its placed with. So whether your needing a few rhythms and textures to add dimension to your existing tracks or want that one of a kind melodic hook that can jump start the creative juices, the Textured Series always has you covered.

Textured Series titles

  • Modern Rock – Modern Rock Guitar and Bass Loops. This library allows you to harness the creative essence of the electric guitar and bass backed by the raw emotional power of roaring amplifiers, features 27 Kits packed full of the hottest electric guitar and electric bass loops.
  • Quirky Guitars – Guitar melodies, rhythms, and textures. This extensive collection focuses on Melodies, Rhythms and Textures through the instruments of the acoustic guitar (hi-strung, de-tuned, natural) banjo, mandolin, vintage electric guitars, glockenspiel, bells, music boxes, old synths, organs and others secret ingredients that create a masterful feast fit for any creative genius.
  • Pop n’ Soul Guitars – Urban Guitar Collection. Embrace an amplified soul with this exhaustive collection of R&B, Soul and Pop Guitar Loops, 25 Kits jammed full of the hottest electric, acoustic and nylon guitar loops available.
  • Mariachi – Modern and Traditional Mariachi. This 3 GB (1.26 GB of 24-bit WAV files) collection of Mariachi Music is 100% live played. Every loop is hand-made and will add just the right amount of hot and spicy for that authentic vibe you tracks crave.

Modern Rock and Pop n’ Soul Guitars are available to purchase for $99.95 USD each. Quirky Guitars and Mariachi are $69.95 USD each.

More information: Big Fish Audio / Textured Series

Cinematique Instruments Alto Glockenspiel, percussion instrument for Kontakt

Cinematique Instruments Alto Glockenspiel

Cinematique Instruments has released Alto Glockenspiel, a sample library for Kontakt.

The Alto Glockenspiel is a percussion instrument, composed of a set of tuned metal bars resting over a frame like a trough. Contrary to our “Small Metal Set 1″ which contains the Glockenspiel, this time we used the alto version of this legendary red model of Hohner™ with an one octave lower range, which sounds more soft and mellow. As a bonus you get two patches of a giant tuning fork with a size of 11″, made of solid material, which we found in a smithy.

We recorded the metal bars of the Alto Glockenspiel beaten with thin sticks and soft mallets, in 2 or 3 dynamic layers and three Round Robin variations, mapped in a range from C2 (C1) to F5. There are programmed scripts and fx to provide a lot of opportunities. The Huge Tuning Fork was beat with a 5kg hammer. Additionally we recorded along the surface with our special microphone movement to get different characters of the long lasting sustain.

Alto Glockenspiel features

  • Alto Glockenspiel Gentle (soft and mellow, reminds of a celeste)
  • Alto Glockenspiel Hard (hard sound, fx and script)
  • Alto Glockenspiel Mallet (played with mallets, fx and script)
  • Alto Glockenspiel (pure sound)
  • Huge Tuning Fork Texture (long lasting texture, modwheel adds noise)
  • Huge Tuning Fork (pure and deep)

Alto Glockenspiel for Kontakt 3 or higher is available to purchase for 16 EUR.

More information: Cinematique Instruments / Alto Glockenspiel

Modartt Celeste add-on: Celesta & Glockenspiel for Pianoteq

Modartt Celeste add-on

Modartt has released the Celeste add-on, an expansion for Pianoteq featuring two instruments: Celesta and Glockenspiel.

The celesta has an appearance of an acoustic upright piano. It consists of metal plates stroke by felt hammers resembling piano hammers and there is also a sustain pedal. The timbre is very soft and subtle. The Pianoteq virtual copy is modelled after a modern five-octave German brand.

The glockenspiel is also made of metal plates but is stroke by hard metal mallets held by the musician, and is smaller and higher in pitch. The timbre is much more brilliant than the celesta. The Pianoteq virtual copy, modelled after a modern French brand, has been slightly extended to cover four octaves.

Both instruments are often recognized in classical masterpieces – the celesta in Tchaikovsky’s «Nutcracker» movement «Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy», and the glockenspiel in Mozart’s «Die Zauberflöte» (The Magic Flute). These instruments are still used today in various music genres.

Thanks to Pianoteq’s physical model, the add-on instruments come in several variants including a new and exclusive “humanization” feature for the strike point, achieving a variation that makes them more expressive sounding. This is particularly true for the glockenspiel where the musician never hits the plates at the exact same point.

The Celesta add-on for Pianoteq is available to purchase for 49 EUR (requires a licence of Pianoteq 3 Standard, PRO or PLAY).

More information: Pianoteq

Cinematique Instruments releases Spieluhr + Glockenspiel (Small Metal Set Vol1)

Cinematique Instruments Spieluhr + Glockenspiel

Cinematique Instruments has released Spieluhr + Glockenspiel (Small Metal Set Vol1), a new sample library for Kontakt 3.

The Spieluhr (aka musicbox) is a small instrument which produces sounds by the use of a set of pins plucking the tuned teeth of a steel comb. The Glockenspiel is a percussion instrument, composed of a set of tuned metal bars. Thanks to their high pitch, both instruments produce a very assertive and bright sound.

Spieluhr + Glockenspiel features

  • Spieluhr Looped Processed (processed + looped notes, modwheel contols vibrato and damping, additional sustain, delay and reverb knobs, range between F1 and G5)
  • Spieluhr Resonating Guitar KEY (played & recorded on a guitars body as well as on a ukuleles body – key switched)
  • Spieluhr Hard (different spieluhr model, percussive and rough)
  • Spieluhr (known-thin sound, additional arp)
  • Glockenspiel Room (recorded with a distance of 5m)
  • Glockenspiel Rotate (3x RR, processed rotating sound, modwheel contols vibrato and damping, additional sustain, delay and reverb knobs range between C1 and C6)
  • Glockenspiel (3x RR, known sound, modwheel contols damping, additional delay and reverb knobs range between C3 and C6)

Spieluhr + Glockenspiel for Kontakt is available to purchase for 16 EUR excl. VAT.

More information: Cinematique Instruments / Spieluhr + Glockenspiel

Acousticsamples releaes The Dulcet

Acousticsamples The Dulcet

Acousticsamples has announced the release of The Dulcet, a sample library featuring the sounds of a Glockenspiel.

It’s a great christmas Glockenspiel (originally an English scholar one). It’s not a regular glockenspiel as it as some extended capabilties.

The Dulcet features

  • English scholar Glockenspiel recorded at 24bits 44.1khz in stereo.
  • 310Mo sample bank, no loops.
  • 1 + 3/4 octave (4 + 3/4 with duplication)
  • Duplicated mapping for a big metallophone or bell effect (listen to the chords in the demos).
  • Up to 9 velocity layers.
  • Both Original (out of tune) and corrected tunings.
  • Optional full resonant or faded sustains.
  • Build in vibraphone type Motor emulation (in the 3d demo).
  • Sensivity control.
  • KONTAKT 2 and 3 format. Easy to use KONTAKT interface.

The Dulcet is available to purchase for 14 EUR.

More information: Acousticsamples / The Dulcet

Prokits Unveils Latest Instruments and Sound Collections

Prokits Tibetian Singing Bowls

Prokits has announced a new collection of unique and individual sampled instruments.

Prokits is a portal for buying and selling professional sampler specific sounds, libraries, multi-samples and instruments online. We have a dedicated team of highly individual sound engineers from around the world providing regular content for the site.

New Prokits instruments

  • Tibetan Singing Bowls by Michael Dunn – 250MB of long hits and loops.
  • Bulbul Tarang Indian Banjo Instrument by Michael Bietenholz – Scripted Kontakt sampled instrument, tuning modes, natural decay.
  • Kantele by Eric Van Gent – Traditional Finnish 5 string Kantele (plucked string instrument).
  • Feedback Response by Eric Van Gent – Textured Layered and Toned Soundscape.
  • Darbuka by Michael Bietenholz – Aluminium Goblet Hand-drum with round robin variants.
  • Toy Glockenspiel – Extensively sampled, massively playable metal plate glockenspiel.
  • Violimba by Pingu – Unique authentic sampled instrument producing deep metallic groans.
  • Waterphone by Pingu – 28 rod Waterphone played with beaters.
  • Amiga Kit by Koney – 6 drumkits and 10 synths from original Amiga Demoscene days.

Prokits instruments for Kontakt are available for purchase with prices starting at £1.50 GBP.

More information: Prokits