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Soundsdivine releases Chakra

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GForce ImpOSCar

Soundsdivine has released Chakra, a collection of patches for ImpOSCar.

The Chakra sound bank is based on the Chakra (a Sanskrit term meaning wheel or disc).

Chakra features

  • 72 presets split into 2 separate banks: Base – Heart & Heart – Crown.
  • 10 presets for each of the chakras, i.e. Base/Sacral/Solar/Heart/Throat/3rd eye & Crown.
  • Each preset has been specifically tuned to a corresponding chakra.

Chakra for ImpOSCar is available for the introductory price of $7.77 USD until 7 June, 2009 (regular price $15 USD).

Visit Soundsdivine for more information and sound clips.

Le Lotus Bleu releases Oscarized One and Oscarized Two

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Le Lotus Bleu Oscarized One

Le Lotus Bleu has released Oscarized One and Oscarized Two, two sound banks for impOSCar.

Lotuzia (programmer of the bank) writes:

While ImpOscar is still after all these years one of the top VA synths, and can be used to emulate some vintage patches in the most effective way, it can also explore some unique sonic territories if you combine its analog side with the additive engine. Add the smart Lfos and the evidence is there : ImpOscar just grooves.

Oscarized One and Two features

  • Oscarized One includes 126 presets, covering Keys (90) and Bass (36) instruments.
  • Oscarized Two includes 144 presets, covering Pads, Strings, Brass (53), Leads and Synths (53), Fx Percs Arps & Seqs (38).
  • Comes with a free PDF including preset list with an individual comment for each patch, tips and tricks to use ImpOscar.
  • Extensive use of ImpOscar additive audio engine and user waves for “cream for ears” smooth and delicate instruments.
  • Extensive use of all ImpOscar’s LFOs and Envelopes retrigging features for groove patches.

Until September 29th the price of the ImpOscar Grand Bundle (Oscarized One + Two) is only 9.92 EUR for European customers (less than $11 USD outside Europe). Oscarized One and Two can also be purchased separately for respectively 7.73 EUR and 8.04 EUR.

Visit Le Lotus Bleu for more information and audio demos.

GForce releases Virtual String Machine

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GForce Virtual String Machine

GForce has released Virtual String Machine, a vintage string machine collection for Windows and Mac.

The VSM is a simple but highly powerful Virtual String Machine which captures many of the sounds from this genre of instruments, containing a wealth of sounds from a small mountain of classic and rare string machines. These range from the first commercial string ensembles (Eminent 310 & Freeman String Symphonizer) through to the highly lauded Solina, Elka Rhapsody, Logan String Melody, Korg PE2000 and many more

Virtual String Machine features

  • Sounds from 17 classic and rare string machines
  • Over 2.5Gb of data
  • 66 individual sample sets
  • 49 notes, each individually sampled and looped
  • Dual Layer & Split Keyboard capability
  • Vintage style Ensemble & Phaser effects
  • Filter section with Lowpass, Bandpass & Highpass modes
  • Two Envelope Generators
  • Pitch LFO
  • Dynamic control including filter aftertouch
  • 500+ Patch library

Virtual String Machine is available for Windows PC (VST/RTAS) and Mac OSX (VST/RTAS/AU), and costs $129 USD.

Visit GForce for more information and video/audio demos.

GForce Future Retro Pack released

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GMEDIA GForce Future Retro Pack

The previously announced GForce Future Retro Pack is now available from M-Audio (USD 449.95 MSRP).

GForce Future Retro Pack combines all of GForce’s incredible emulations of vintage keyboards in one affordable package. These software instruments, Minimonsta:Melohman, The Oddity, impOSCar and M-Tron, bring back the sounds that defined an era—the Minimoog, ARP Odyssey, Oxford OSCAR and Mellotron, respectively.

Check M-Audio and the GForce website for more information.

GForce Future Retro Pack announced

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GMEDIA GForce Future Retro Pack

GMEDIA Music has announced the limited availability of the GForce Future Retro Pack collection of GForce virtual instruments. This is a limited-edition collection that is only available approximately through the holidays, and distributed by M-Audio.

The GForce Future Retro Pack combines all of GMEDIA’s emulations of vintage keyboards in one affordable package.
These software instruments – Minimonsta:Melohman, The Oddity, impOSCar and M-Tron – bring back the sounds that defined an era–the Minimoog, ARP Odyssey, Oxford OSCAR and Mellotron, respectively.

The M-Tron is a recreation of the classic Mellotron popularized by artists such as The Beatles, Yes, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, King Crimson and The Moody Blues. It comes with over 2.5GB of real Mellotron samples including strings, choir, flutes, brass, and more.

The Minimonsta:Melohman is an emulation of the classic Minimoog that was at the forefront of the analog synth revolution and popularized by artists like Jan Hammer, Rick Wakeman, Keith Emerson, Gary Numan and Kraftwerk. Enhancements include polyphony, programmability, morphing, additional LFO and ADSR, and delay.

The impOSCar is a reproduction of the classic OSCar synthesizer used by artists including Stevie Wonder, Billie Currie, BT, Keith Emerson and Geoff Downes. This legendary vintage synth has been reproduced to the last detail–along with some new innovations. Use it in stand-alone or host mode.

The Oddity
The Oddity is an emulation of the classic ARP Odyssey popularized by artists as diverse as Herbie Hancock, Styx, Ultravox and Portishead. Modern improvements include programmability, preset morphing, host-syncable LFO and automation. Use it in stand-alone mode (Mac/PC) or as a plug-in for most popular host applications.

The GForce Future Retro Pack is available only now through the holidays at the bundle price of $449.95 US (a $520 value).

More information: GMEDIA website