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NoiseGuild announces 24ToneGongs Vol.1: Mallets&Sticks for Kontakt

NoiseGuild has announced the Mallets&Sticks, the first 24ToneGongs series instrument library for Native Instrument Kontakt.

24ToneGongs, a massive collection of exotic and different sounding tuned gongs, recorded in an anechoic chamber.

14000+ samples, Recorded and programmed by NoiseGuild.

Watch the Teaser below, all sounds in this teaser apart from the logo at the beginning are from the 3 libraries!

The first volume of the 24ToneGongs library – Mallets&Sticks – will be available early September, 2014.

More information: NoiseGuild


Dream Audio Tools releases Dream Circle for Kontakt

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Dream Audio Tools has announced the release of Dream Circle, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt featuring hits and effect captured from a small handmade brass gong.

Dream Audio Tools Dream Circle

Dream Circle captures the beautiful nuances of a small handmade brass gong, recorded using Hammer, Sticks, Metals and Brushes. Hits, athmospheric effects, tempo synced patterns, tuned and playable patches, reverses, swells and more.

All patches and sounds including Dream Audio Tools signature sonic research and accuracy.

Dream Circle features

  • All samples are 24 bit/48 Khz.
  • 39 designed .nki patches including 2 full sets and 2 extra sets.
  • 650 Mbytes of recorded material.
  • Round robins for hammer, stick, metal and brush hits.
  • Recorded in vintage equipped studio.
  • Designed effect variations activable.

The soundset is available to purchase for 19.90 EUR. Requires full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 4.2.3 or above.

More information: Dream Audio Tools


Patchpool releases Alchemistry Metallurgy for Alchemy

Patchpool has announced the release of Alchemistry Metallurgy, a soundset for the Alchemy software synthesizer by Camel Audio.

Patchpool Alchemistry Metallurgy

The soundset Alchemistry Metallurgy for Alchemy is the first in a series focussing on specific materials and single instruments.

The set contains 57 patches with 8 variations each in the Remix Pad and focusses on metallic sounds derived from real instruments, metal objects and industrial field recordings. This patch collection keeps the balance between real sounding metal instruments, otherworldly textures and wondrous soundscapes using also some processed electronic derivates of the sampled materials.

All sounds are sample-based, some patches use the resynthesis features in Alchemy. You will find many patches and snapshots which sound wam, delicate and beautiful, characteristics one may not normally associate with metallic sounds.

Alchemistry Metallurgy features

  • 1.81 GB of original samples – source material:
    • Instruments:
      • China Cymbal bowed, scraped and beaten – multisampled and Round Robin.
      • Glockenspiel multisampled – 23 semitones (C4-A#5), 4x RR, 2 velocity layers (179 samples/386,7 MB).
      • 2 microtonal handheld Bell Trees 8x Round Robin, 2 articulations, +textures.
      • 2 Thai Gongs multisampled + 8x Round Robin, 4 velocity layers, +texures.
      • Thai Ching Bells – 6x Round Robin, 3 velocity layers.
      • Tam Tam 45 cm – beaten (7xRound Robin/4 velocities), scraped and rubbed.
    • Various multisampled metal objects:
      • Caviar Cans, Metal Bowl, Coins, Dumbbell plate, Small Thunder Sheet, Metal Plate (dinner tray), Anvil.
      • Industrial metal sounds recorded in factories.
  • All samples recorded with 3 Neumann microphones in L-C-R – 48 Khz/24 Bit; U87 center mic – a stereo set of KM 184 for L-R, the industrial field recordings were done with 2 shotgun mics – Sennheiser MK 70
  • 57 patches with 8 variations each.
  • 1.82 GB total content (1.06 GB compressed).

Alchemistry Metallurgy is available to purchase for 25 EUR. Note: requires the full version of Alchemy (Alchemy Player not supported).

More information: Patchpool / Alchemistry Metallurgy


Univers Sons / Ultimate Sound Bank releases Spirit of Gongs

Univers Sons / Ultimate Sound Bank Spirit of Gongs

Univers Sons / Ultimate Sound Bank has released Spirit of Gongs, an exclusive UVI Soundpack featuring 80 ancient gongs and related percussions in one single library.

Gongs are mainly East and South East Asian musical instruments, the shape of a flat metal plate, usually hit with a mallet. There are gongs of various sizes, and this collection focuses on the most musical ones, middle to small-sized, from 5 to 26 inch.

Spirit of Gongs features

  • Recorded with the best analog and digital equipment in 24bit / 96 kHz, multiple velocity levels depending on the model.
  • Perceptual tuning of each sample, allowing the presets to be played around the keyboard.
  • Sound textures are varying from large metal bongs, to magnificent and musical bell chimes.
  • Instruments are sorted in a very meticulous way, from their original location : Burma, Cambodia, China, Indochina, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam…

Spirit of Gongs is available now for 99 USD (includes the full version of UVI Workstation).

Visit for more information and audio demos.


Review: Soniccouture Balinese Gamelan

Soniccouture Balinese Gamelan

Soniccouture recently released Balinese Gamelan, a 24GB sample library featuring the sounds of a Balinese Gamelan.

So, what is a Gamelan?

A Gamelan is an ensemble of instruments originating from Indonesia. The majority of Gamelan instruments are percussive, and most of these are bronze. They include xylophone-like metallophones of different sizes and pitch, tuned gong chimes, very large pitched gongs, and an assortment of drums and percussion. There are many types of Gamelan ensembles, but the two dominant types are Javanese and Balinese. Balinese Gamelan has a characteristic ‘shimmering’ sound which is due to the detuning of paired instruments playing the same musical part.

It seems no two gamelan ensembles are the same. Each instrument in a gamelan is built and tuned to be part of one specific ensemble.

Apart from traditional gamelan music, its sounds can also be found in many film soundtracks (i.e. Akira) and even in modern dance music.

Soniccouture’s Balinese Gamelan features samples of a “Semara Dana”, built in 2004 by I Made Gabeleran of Blahbatuh, Bali.

Soniccouture Balinese Gamelan

This ensemble features 25 instruments:

  • Metallophones:
    • Core melody instruments: Jegog (x2), Calung (x2), Panyacah (x2)
    • Gangsa decorative instruments: Ugal, Pemadé (x2), Kantilan (x2).
  • Kettle Gongs Pitched: Reyong and Trompong (solo melodic and decorative instruments).
  • Percussion: Kempli (used as a time keeper/metronome), Kajar and Bebende (non-pitched damped gongs), Gentorak (a bell-tree), Kendang (drums), Ceng Ceng (small cymbals).
  • Gongs: Gong Wadon, Kempur, Klentong, Gong Lanang. The Gong Wadon is the largest gong and usually the main gong of a rhythmic cycle.


The included full color 24 page booklet is well worth a read and has detailed descriptions of each instrument.

Like Soniccouture’s Hang Drum library, Balinese Gamelan uses Kontakt’s KSP scripting to humanize the velocity and timing for a natural response. Since many instruments in the gamelan are played as a detuned pair, both single and paired versions are available.

Since the instruments of the gamelan are tuned to each other rather than to any traditional tonal system, you’re probably going to run into some problems using this library with your regular instruments.

Not to worry, Soniccouture to the rescue!

Detuning other instruments about -35 cents should work, but you can also use Soniccouture’s Concert Pitch Update.

Depending on your point of view, this update is either a saving grace or complete sacrilege. Some of you will appreciate the chance to play the gamelan instruments in western tuning, and some of you will just ignore this version and tell us we’ve sold out. Nonetheless, in fairness to all the different types of musicians out there, here is a Gamelan Set tuned to western equal temperament.

Check the demo mp3s on the gorgeous Balinese Gamelan mini-site for some examples of soundtrack type music featuring this gamelan.

So what do I think?

Let me start by saying I’m a bit biased when it comes to Soniccouture. It seems everything they do is of exceptional quality and their product range shows they’re not just another company doing “dime in a dozen” sample libraries.

This Balinese Gamelan library is no exception. Soniccouture has captured the unique instruments of the gamelan with amazing detail, bringing a complete ensemble to your fingertips.

There is only one downside… it’s $499 USD. If you are slightly shocked by this price, you are probably not the target audience for Balinese Gamelan. Soniccouture has filled the gap in a niche market with this one of a kind collection of instruments.

So, if you’re serious about gamelan sounds, Balinese Gamelan is just what you’ve been looking for.

More information: Soniccouture


Digital Sound Works releases Dramatic Percussion

Digital Sound Works Dramatic Percussion (cover)

Digital Sound Works has released Dramatic Percussion, a 6.5 GB virtual instrument (powered by TASCAM’s GVI streaming sample playback engine) which contains unusual or rarely recorded instruments.

Some of these instruments include, Boo Bams, Puili, Octabans, Large Taos drum, Anklung, a full range of bowed and scraped gongs, Crotales bowed and struck, Vietnamese split bamboo, Concert Toms, Waterphone, just to name a few.

Dramatic Percussion also contains traditional Orchestral Percussion instruments that are played in an untraditional way, such as thumb rolls and super balls on a Concert Bass drum! The uniqueness of this sample library comes from its unusual blend of instruments and how they were recorded.

Dramatic Percussion is available for a special introductory price of $199, in PC format (VSTi, RTAS, stand-alone) with a Mac version expected later this year.

Visit Digital Sound Works for more information and sound demos.


Real Music Media releases Vistalite drum set

Real Music Media Vistalite drum set

Real Music Media has released a sample set of a Vistalite drum set (5 piece Ludwig Vistalite Drum kit) plus a Wuhan gong.

The sample set features over 750 one shot percussion samples for only $7.50.

Vistalite drum set features

  • 24 bit/96 khz stereo wave files
  • 45 Crash cymbal samples including bell and shoulder articulations
  • 132 hihat samples with four levels of ‘openess’
  • 46 ride cymbal samples including bell, mid-cymbal, and shoulder articulations
  • 22 bass drum samples (nice big sounding samples with minimal dampening material used)
  • 210 snare drum samples organized into matching top mike and bottom mike sets
  • 216 tom-tom samples also organized into matching top mike and bottom mike sets
  • 21 snare rimshot samples
  • 27 snare sidestick samples
  • 36 gong samples, using traditional mallets, a triangle mallet, and a drum stick

A few random free samples can be downloaded here.

Visit Real Music Media for more information.