Native Instruments hosts Google’s Eric Schmidt for a talk about ‘disruptive technology’

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As part of his visit to the German capital, Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt stopped by the global headquarters of Native Instruments on Monday evening for a special event. In front of an audience of entrepreneurs, students and journalists, Eric Schmidt gave a speech about innovation, market disruption and the future of the Internet.

Eric Schmidt and Daniel Haver

In his speech, Eric Schmidt acknowledged the unique appeal of Berlin as a hotbed of both technological and cultural innovation. Explaining why he had chosen the NI offices to present his thoughts, he referred to the shared mindset of both companies, and their similar approach in their respective industries. Acknowledging Native Instruments’ track record for innovation, Eric Schmidt stated that the company’s fusion of music and software “has revolutionized an industry”, from which “a whole new genre of music has emerged.” In turn, Daniel Haver in his welcome note recognized Google as “having created, more than nearly any other company, innovations that have profoundly changed everyone’s daily lives”, and that it was this same transformative vision that Native Instruments has always aspired to within the music technology domain.

Eric Schmidt also took great interest in the following first public demonstration of TRAKTOR KONTROL S8, Native Instruments’ new DJ controller that represents a paradigm shift by moving away from conventional jog wheels control. The guests of the event were also privy to artist performances featuring the recently launched KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboard series, which unites the power of the KOMPLETE software instruments range in a single dedicated instrument, and on MASCHINE STUDIO, the flagship product of the immensely successful groove production line.

More information: Native Instruments


PowerFX launches Daria Musk remix contest on Google+ Hangouts

Soundation Daria Musk remix contest

PowerFX has announced its first ever Soundation Studio social remix contest on Google+ Hangouts with +Daria Musk.

After Spotify and SoundCloud another small Swedish music tech company, PowerFX Systems, is hoping to impact the digital music world with their cloud-based music making app Soundation Studio for Google+ Hangouts. Soundation combined with the multi-person video calling feature in Google+ Hangouts allows you to create or remix music with up to nine users in separate geographical locations and video chat together in real-time.

“Digital music making is usually a solitary affair”, states Bil Bryant of Soundation. “You sit in front of your computer and make your music or your remix, but with the Soundation in Hangout combination, a whole new collaborative experience is available. The video element and the potential of engaging anyone with an internet connection really expands the possibilities.”

To kick off this development, Soundation is teaming up with the exciting, new artist and web sensation, Daria Musk, for the first ever social music making remix contest. Daria Musk is one of the most successful artists on Google+, with over 3 million followers and has provided her song “Ghost” for the contest. Participants can login with their Google+ or Soundation account and launch Soundation Studio for Google+ Hangout and invite friends in the Google+ community. Once a remix is complete it is published to a Soundation group where each remix can be listened to and voted on with likes. Daria and dancer Karen Cheng will select the winner from the top ten most voted submissions and they will receive a Meet and Greet with Daria and Karen to explain the remix which will be broadcast via Hangout On Air to YouTube. Karen will make a video of herself dancing to the winner remix and post it on YouTube and Soundation will supply a Chromebook Pixel.

Deadline for remix submissions is November 10th 2013 6:00 pm EST (24:00 CET). The winning remix will win a Meet and Greet Hangout on Air with +Daria Musk to talk about how the remix was made.

More information: Soundation / Daria Musk remix contest


Orange Tree Samples announces Weekly Holiday Freebies

Orange Tree Samples

Orange Tree Samples has announced it will be offering free Kontakt sample libraries through its social networks.

Starting today we’re sharing freebies every week of this holiday season through the Orange Tree Samples social networks.

Although it’s not a requirement in order to download the freebies, if you subscribe to the Orange Tree Samples page, you’ll get notification when each freebie is released, and be able to download them the moment they appear in your news feed.

Subscribing to Orange Tree Samples’ social networks is also a great way to meet other Orange Tree Samples fans, get feedback your music, ask questions, and so on. It’s also a great way to get inside information on upcoming Orange Tree Samples libraries, including sneak peeks at upcoming projects, behind-the-scenes photos, and much more.

We’re on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, so head over to one of these links now to download the first freebie!

More information: Orange Tree Samples


n-Track Software launches free n-Track Tuner for Android

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n-Track Tuner for Android

n-Track Software has announced the release of n-Track Tuner for Android devices.

Tune your guitar, bass or other instrument with n-Track Tuner. Just put your Android device next to your instrument and play each string, the tuner will automatically recognize the note you’re playing and tell you whether you need to lower (green bar) or increase (red bar) the string’s pitch.

The spectrum analyzer provides a visual feedback of the notes played by the instrument and shows a small arrow to highlight the harmonic whose pitch the tuner is tracking.

For those who prefer to manually tune their instrument the ‘Diapason’ view lets you play a reference tone, ‘A’ (440 hz) or any other note that you can select dragging the frequency slider.

Already available for iOS, the free Tuner app is now available on Google Play.

More information: n-Track Software / n-Track Tuner


Bandcontroller musical game for Chrome

Plan8 and 14islands have launched Bandcontroller, an experimental audio game for the Chrome browser.

Control music and sound in Google Chrome, using your iPhone as a game controller.

This is a demo showing our little Chrome Experiment with Web Audio API, Googles fantastic Audio API for the Chrome browser. It lets you do stuff you couldn´t do before in a browser. It takes shape as a little game, where you control certain aspects of a song using your iphone as a control unit. Very handy for doing synth solos.

More information: Bandcontroller


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