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Adsense Sandbox – Google Adsense preview tool

Digital Inspiration has released Adsense Sandbox 1.0, a Google Adsense Preview Tool.

Adsense Sandbox website screenshot
Adsense Sandbox website screenshot

Type any web page URL (e.g. or keywords (e.g. paris hilton), select a country (optional) and hit Enter to see the latest Google Ads that are contextual and geo-targeted.

The preview will show 20 text ads, related Adlinks and Rich Text Ads (Images and Video) that will appear on your webpages for visitors in various countries.

Very handy if you’d like to see what type of ads will appear on your website. Adsense Sandbox works across all web browsers including IE, Firefox, Opera or Safari.

Check it out here.


Google Reader for the Wii

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If you have a Nintendo Wii you can now use a new Google Reader interface, specifically designed for the Wii.

Google Reader Wii interface
Google Reader Wii interface

From the ZDNet blog:

Google quietly launched Google Reader specifically designed for the Wii last night — the new interface even makes use of the buttons found on your Wiimote. On my initial digging, I cannot find a similar interface designed specifically for the PS3 browser.

To try the new interface in your current browser if you don’t have the Wii, visit

Link via ZDNet.


Calgoo Calendar – Find, Use & Share

Calgoo has officially launched their beta calendar sharing program (Windows, Mac and Linux).

Calgoo Calendar screenshot
Calgoo Calendar screenshot

Calgoo aggregates, displays and manages events from multiple calendar sources: Google, Outlook and iCal. It uses the Google Calendar Data API to synchronize with and store events on Google Calendar.

Calgoo lets you:

  • Find the calendars, schedules and appointments you need
  • Use them and arrange them your way
  • Share calendars and appointments with those that need to know

Check it out on


Lifehacker Google Reader tips

Google Reader Home

Lifehacker has a nice read on my favorite online RSS reader, Hack Attack: Getting good with Google Reader.

Adam Pash writes:

Today, I’m going to show you the ins and outs of Google’s powerful newsreader, with an emphasis on Reader’s powerful and time-saving keyboard shortcuts. To round things off, I’ll finish up with some of my favorite Google Reader-related tweaks and downloads to get you up to speed with the best newsreader on the planet.

An interesting read for Google Reader users!


How to Turn Off Google Search History Recording

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Google keeps many records, including your web searches. These records enable you to have personalized search results. The search history is also linked to your other Google services, like Gmail and Calendar.

If you didn’t know this (you’re not alone) and would like to stop Google from recording your searches, you can turn off search history recording in the settings page.

Google Search History
Google Search History

Ex-Google employee Nelson Minar has more information on this issue.

It’s still unclear to me exactly when Google started recording these histories under account names. Six tech savvy friends I asked all found they had some sort of history on Google going back as far as eighteen months. Only half of them remember having turned on some personalization feature that would have resulted in that history being collected. A seventh friend who is scrupulous about cookies and logins had no history. He regrets that his privacy concerns keep him from using Google Reader.

So if you have privacy concerns make sure to check that search history page! (I checked but found no history was recorded for my gmail account…)


Ironic Sans: Celebrity Patents

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Ironic Sans dug up some cool patents by celebrities with Google’s Patent Search feature.

Last month, Google introduced its new Patent Search feature (in beta), allowing users to dig through 7 million US patents from 1790 to mid-1996. On-line patent searching has already been possible through the US Patent and Trademark Office website, but Google makes it fast and easy using their already familiar interface.

So, inspired by Google’s new easy-to-use patent search, I decided to dig up some of the celebrity patents that have been issued over the years. The following 18 patents are all by celebrities not usually known for being inventors.

Jamie Lee Curtis, Actress. Patent #4,753,647 — Infant garment
Jamie Lee Curtis, Actress. Patent #4,753,647 — Infant garment

Great idea and well illustrated by cool drawings like the one above.

Check Ironic Sans for all 18 patents and links to the actual patents to learn more about each one.