accSone updates crusherX-Mac! & crusherX-Studio! to v5.6

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AccSone crusherX-Mac!

accSone has released version 5.6 of the crusherX-Mac! and crusherX-Studio! granular synthesis software.

The new Shadow Program functionality allows a fast reset towards a predefined sound e.g. during live performance. Several optimizations and tweaks of the grain processing feature smoother morphing (e.g. X-Crush, Panning, Filter, L/R Mode).

Changes in v5.6

  • Add reset to the default/last imported/last loaded program functionality.
  • Add more than one controller to a single parameter. That allows e.g. the “reset” of a parameter with a different controller.
  • Add import button in assignment list that allows now merging from different assignment lists.
  • Enhance grain view to display the generator routing.
  • Enhance head room for X-Crush processing.
  • Enhance grain generator panning behavior.
  • Changed behavior on loading a crusher sheet so that file name is taken over as the preset name.
  • Fix several AIFF file loading problems.
  • Fix preset change bug for VST plugins under Ableton Live.
  • Fix controller assignment bug under Ableton Live.

crusherX-Mac! (VST/AU) and crusherX-Studio! (VST) are available for purchase for 179 EUR each. The update is free for all registered crusherX-Mac! 5.x and crusherX-Studio! 5.x users.

More information: accSone


Siren Audio releases Generative & Feedback version 2

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Siren Audio has announced version 2 of its Generative and Feedback software applications for generating evolving soundscapes with granular synthesis and creating dense textures and loops.

Released in June 2011, The original Lorelei suite comprised of three applications that aimed to reduce the amount of times it took to generate new musical ideas and audio material.

After receiving awards from Computer Music Magazine, and a favourable review from Sound on Sound, the developer worked in stages to create the new versions of the original Generative and Feedback applications.

The new applications retain the same core ideas of generating drone and loop based audio material via delays and granular synthesis, but give much more control to the user over how the sound is created.

Siren Audio Generative 2

The Generative application has received the biggest overhaul, with a number of new features that make it a significant tool for generating evolving soundscapes and drones. Perhaps the biggest change is the ability to save and restore sessions, allowing the user to create complex sounds and restore them. The four granular players can now have independent pitch and filter settings, and a new ‘states’ dialog allows the user to save up to sixteen states within a preset that can be switched between.

Changes in Generative 2

  • Restore sessions. Recall analysed audio with all settings to completely restore a previous session.
  • ‘States’ section to alter parameters via MIDI notes and the computer keyboard.
  • MIDI trigger section with amplitude envelope to set pitches and change state presets.
  • Ability to change each devices pitch using a sliding scale or keyboard values.
  • Graphical filter for each device, and a choice of state variable filter or graphic filter for the main output filter.
  • Improved user variation implementation for more precise variation control.
  • Aux send to effects for each device.
  • Effects channel with delay ramp, distortion, and delay effects.
  • ‘Random segments on copy’ function to bypass the previous version’s analysis stage.
  • ‘Random Segments’ window to quickly create new segments, with space and length settings.
  • User options for CPU reduction: hide graphical playheads / set number of voices used by each device.
  • Direct control of granular parameters by suspending the applications internal synthesis engine.
  • ‘User Playback Area’ for each device in order to give finer control of user playback position via MIDI.
  • Global Pitch tuning and variation settings.
  • Random pitch method by user defined scale or pitch range.
  • Option to alter pitches via MIDI by scale / range / keyboard interval.
  • Ability to view, add, edit, and delete segments.
  • Option to show segments of specific devices and/or user playback areas.
  • Better sounding state variable filters (by Tim Place of 74 Objects).
  • Reverb (by Tim Place of 74 Objects).
  • Ability to scale the application, for laptops with small screens.
Siren Audio Feedback 2

Feedback has had many refinements internally to save CPU usage, and features new audio file playback modes which allow users more creative freedom when manipulating audio files. The delay times can now be controlled via MIDI, as well as the input and output effects, which further enhances Feedback’s capabilities in as a live performance tool. Also included with this update are improved filters and a new reverb effect.

Changes in Feedback 2

  • Expanded Random Settings dialog, with random delay times based on millisecond or measure ranges.
  • Improved Granular synthesis play mode.
  • Polyphonic Sampler file playback mode with up to 10 voices.
  • Output Effects Section.
  • New ‘Play Free’ playback modes for interesting pitched playback of an audio file.
  • Darker/Refined User Interface.
  • Reverb (by Timothy Place of C74 Objects).
  • Improved state variable filters (by Timothy Place of C74 Objects).
  • New Instability and Strength controls to control delay time variation parameters.
  • Various user interface and internal changes to save CPU usage.
  • More parameters controllable via MIDI.
  • Ability to change the order of Output Effects / Reverb.
  • Visual Feedback of BPM for live performance.
  • More options for recording input source.
  • Ability to scale the application, for laptops with small screens.
  • Ability to Update / Delete Preset slots.

Generative and Feedback for Windows and Mac are available for purchase for £30 GBP and £25 GBP, respectively. A bundle of both is £50 GBP. Users who bought the software after February the 14th 2014 will receive a free upgrade, and users of the first version of the Lorelei suite will receive a 50% discount on the new applications.

More information: Siren Audio


Loomer updates Shift plugin to v2.3.1

Loomer has released version 2.3.1 of its Shift pitch shifter and delay plug-in for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Loomer Shift

Shift is a diatonic granular pitch shifting delay. Shift combines an intuitive and beautiful user interface, with a great sounding granular synthesis engine. Shift’s flexibility allows a palette of timbres ranging from basic echo effects, through intelligent harmonies, to exotic evolving ambient soundscapes.

Changes in Shift v2.3.1

  • (new) AAX 64-bit Native plug-ins for Windows and Mac OS X.
  • (new) New modern flat-style UI.
  • (new) UI can now be dynamically rescaled.
  • (feature) Keyboard entry of rotary parameter values. Rotary controls can now be typed directly into by clicking on the text value below the control.
  • (improvement) Improved performance on real-time and very low-latency systems.
  • (improvement: Windows) The 32-bit and 64-bit VST plug-ins are now installed as separate components. You can choose which one (s) to install, as well as selecting different install folders for each architecture.
  • (feature: Linux) Added “Show Directory” to the preset browser, which will will reveal the selected preset directory in your window manager.
  • (improvement: Mac OS X) Installer and all installed components are now signed in compliance with Mac OS X’s Gatekeeper system.
  • (improvement) Significantly improved UI response speed; reduced CPU usage when parameters are automated whilst the UI is open.
  • (improvement: Linux) Presets and configuration files are now located to comply with the XDG Base Directory Specification. Older installations will still use any existing preset library location to maintain backwards compatibility.
  • (fix: Mac OS X Audio Unit) Fixed minor memory leak in parameter names.
  • (improvement) Fixed CPU spikes which could occur when changing quickly cycling through presets.
  • (fix) Fixed typo in display when detuning by a diatonic fourth or fifth.
  • (fix) Fixed parameter jumps that could occur in certain hosts when modulating parameters using the XY pad.
  • (improvement) Added notches to mid-point of bi-directional modulation rotaries to make it easier to set the values to 0.

Shift is available for purchase for £45 GBP ex. VAT.

More information: Loomer / Shift


New Sonic Arts launches New Sonic Suite plugins bundle

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New Sonic Suite plugins bundle

New Sonic Arts has announced the release of the New Sonic Suite, a bundle of 3 plugins.

New Sonic Suite is the one-stop-solution for all your sampling needs. Featuring Granite, Nuance & Vice, Suite combines pristine sound quality with unprecedented ease-of-use, all for an irresistible price.

Pick it up now and experience next-generation sampling, while saving over 35% compared to the combined package value.

Special upgrade deals are also available to existing users who already own one or more plugins, please log-in to the User Area for pricing details.

The bundle is available for purchase for 149 EUR / $169 USD.

More information: New Sonic Arts / New Sonic Suite


Glitchmachines updates Polygon plugin to v1.2

Glitchmachines has released version 1.2 of Polygon, a sampler instrument plug-in designed to facilitate the creation of stunning composite sound effects.

Glitchmachines Polygon

Co-developed by Ivo Ivanov and Thomas Hennebert, Polygon was conceived from the ground up with unconventional attributes and a fast, forward-thinking workflow.

Layering samples is only the beginning. Polygon’s unique granular mode will bend your samples into fresh material while its clean and logical interface, extensive modulation options and distinctive sonic fingerprint make it an invaluable tool for creative sound design.

Changes in Polygon v1.2

  • New: improved, color coded, User Interface.
  • New: improved random iso suite with groups and group selectors.
  • New: pitch now updated in realtime instead of on new note.
  • New: option to keep the same samples when switching presets.
  • New: enhanced waveform display.
  • New: cleaner font.
  • Fixed: duplicate entry in the main menu.
  • Fixed: Modulation Matrix MIDI learn bug.
  • Fixed: Ringmod FM depth modulation bug.
  • Fixed: Pitch knobs incorrect behavior.
  • Fixed: better automation behavior.
  • Fixed: no longer crashes when receiving 0 BPM message in some hosts.

Polygon for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available for purchase for $49 USD.

More information: Glitchmachines / Polygon


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