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Homegrown Sounds releases Starburst for Padshop Pro

Homegrown Sounds Starburst for Padshop Pro

Homegrown Sounds has announced Starburst for Padshop Pro, a collection of over 1,400 presets for the Padshop Pro synthesizer plugin by Steinberg.

Starburst is brought into the world of Steinberg’s Padshop Pro a fantastic Granular Synthesizer.

This is a large collection of 1400+ Presets. At it’s heart are 110 WAVs from Starburst a hand crafted collection of Pads designed on a Virus TI. There are 13 Different Categories in the Padshop Edition which form different styles each of which has it’s own characteristics.

All patches use Aftertouch and the Mod Wheel for live manipulation of the sound.

The soundset costs $35 USD. It is currently on sale for $25 USD.

More information: Homegrown Sounds / Starburst for Padshop Pro

SampleSumo releases SaltyGrain granular plugin

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SampleSumo has introduced SaltyGrain, a real-time granular audio effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

It can create a large variety of different sound types, and is ideal for creating strange or spooky effects in movie productions, vocal effects, weird background sounds, lush pad sounds, rhythmic distortions, live sound modifications, etc…

Incoming sound is fed into a delay line from which small pieces of various durations and at different moments in the past are selected. Each of these pieces is then amplified, transposed and enveloped to form a “grain”. Each grain is also randomly panned and the whole mix is sent out to a stereo output stream.

SampleSumo SaltyGrain
SampleSumo SaltyGrain real-time granular effect plugin.

SaltyGrain features

  • Delay line freezing for live sampling and sound modifications.
  • Feedback of granulated output back into the delay line for dense and shifting structures.
  • Up to max. 40 simultaneous grains.
  • Plugin parameters controllable via MIDI.
  • Play melodies with captured sound fragments.
  • Density control by number of grains and grain duration.
  • Additional grain stealing option.
  • Grain envelope control.
  • Typical granular slow motion effect by freezing and gradually moving through the delay line (forwards and backwards).

SaltyGrain for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) costs 69 EUR excl. VAT where applicable.

A 20% introductory discount is available until January 20th, 2013. Use the coupon code SALTY_XMAS_UAYU4HVV at checkout.

More information: SampleSumo / SaltyGrain

accSone updates crusherX-Studio! & crusherX-Mac! to v4.21, crusherX-Mac! and crusherX-Live! to v6.11

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accuSone crusherX-Studio

accSone has released updates for crusherX-Studio!, crusherX-Mac! and crusherX-Live! realtime granular synthesizer software.

The new versions dramatically increase the sound quality of the pitch shift algorithm by introducing state of the art sample interpolation. You can switch live back to the old harsh crusher-X sound by just pressing a button.

Changes in crusherX software

  • Add advanced anti aliasing algorithm to improve sound quality on pitch shifting.
  • Add advanced interpolation algorithm on DCOs.
  • Add Aliasing button in vapor panel to switch back to vintage aliasing algorithm (like in older crusher versions).
  • Remove vapor buffer save dialog bug: Now .WAV extension is added if WAV format is chosen.
  • crusherX-Mac!: AU version: Remove some wrong factory presets settings.
  • crusherX-Studio!: Remove the bug that parameter/MIDI control are only working on an open editor.
  • crusherX-Live!: Improve MIDI control performance.

The three crusherX products are currently available to purchase for 79 EUR each.

More information: accSone

u-he releases Uhbik-G and Uhbik-P Rack Extensions

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u-he has announced two new Uhbik Rack Extensions for Propellerhead Reason.

Uhbik-G is a granular pitch-shifter / phase vocoder (via fast Fourier analysis) which delivers a wide range of dramatic contemporary effects.

u-he Uhbik-G

Effectively cuts audio material into snippets (‘grains’), then plays them back at a variable rate – even backwards. In the original tape devices, the radius of a rotating cylindrical tape-head determined grain size and the length of tape in contact with the cylinder determined the overlap between grains. But Uhbik-G is not bound by the physical limitations of rotating cylinders – you can make it huge or impossibly small!

Uhbik-P is a phaser effect, with up to 42 allpass filters in series delivering the deepest, richest phasing available.

u-he Uhbik-P

Bass frequencies can bypass the effect (‘bass sanctuary’) to ensure LF-stability. Feedback accentuates the comb filter effect, but unlike Uhbik-F the distance between peaks is kept fairly constant. As the signal is phase-shifted each time it is fed back, frequencies are created that were not present in the original signal – the main reason why Uhbik-P is also great for wild metallic effects!

Uhbik-G and Uhbik-P are available at the introductory price of $19 USD / 15 EUR each until January 31st, 2013 (regular $39 USD / 32 EUR).

More information: u-he / Rack Extensions

New Sonic Arts launches Christmas Sale for Granite

New Sonic Arts Granite Christmas Sale

New Sonic Arts has launched a Christmas Sale for its Granite granular synthesizer for Windows and Mac.

Granite’s unique sound engine melds a state-of-the-art granular processor, an innovative modulation system and a range of grain-level FX, resulting in a degree of musicality not achieved before with granular synthesis.

The compact user interface takes full advantage of hardware graphics acceleration for a uniquely absorbing audio-visual experience, and the slick and intuitive workflow makes working with Granite’s powerful engine a joy.

Granite for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/standalone) is available for the special price of $49 USD / 39 EUR / £29 GBP for a limited time.

More information: New Sonic Arts

Patchpool releases Framedrum for Alchemy

Patchpool has announced the release of Framedrum, a sound library for Camel Audio Alchemy, containing multisampled framedrum instruments with up to 4 velocity layers and 8 variations per sample (Round Robin).

Patchpool Framedrum

Played with hands and fingers in the centre and on the rim of the drum, rubbing the skin, playing the drum with mallets and sticks and treating it with various objects and materials like rubber balls, tibetian soundbowl, chopsticks, rice and peanuts (in their shell).

This library also contains many patches made from processed Framedrum sounds, treated with granulators, stretching devices, saturators, distortion units, spectral tools, pitch shifters, convolution reverbs and more exotic FX Plug-Ins resulting in a large variety of beautiful and dramatic soundscapes and textures, dark and massive drones, percussive synths, mysterious noises, rich pads, edgy synth sounds and massive impacts.

As nothing beats a real drumming performance there is also a collection of loops in various time signatures, all synced to host tempo by using Alchemy’s granular mode and temposynced MSEGs and LFOs.

Framedrum features

  • 63 patches / 1 variation with 8 Snapshots each in the Remix Pad.
  • 1.61 GB of original samples, 35 MB of resynthed files are included.
  • 35 sfz-files are included so that you can use the samples and sfzs in other samplers as well.
  • All Framedrum samples were recorded with 3 Neumann microphones in L-C-R in 48 Khz/24 Bit – U87 center mic – a stereo set of KM 184 for L-R.
  • Extensive use of Alchemy’s complex modulation possibilities and Filters, often intermodulating LFOs/MSEGs/Sequencers with each other and assigning numerous parameters to a single Controller.

Framedrum for Alchemy is available to purchase for 33 EUR. Requires the full version of Alchemy, it does not work with the Alchemy player version.

More information: Patchpool / Framedrum

New Sonic Arts updates Granite granular texuture generator to v1.35

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New Sonic Arts Granite

New Sonic Arts has updated the Granite granular texture generator instrument for Windows and Mac to version 1.35.

Granite’s unique sound engine melds a state-of-the-art granular processor, an innovative modulation system and a range of grain-level FX, resulting in a degree of musicality not achieved before with granular synthesis.

Changes in Granite v1.35

  • Manage your patches and samples with the Integrated File Browser and get your sounds into Granite quicker than ever.
  • Navigate and customise Favourite Folders, and preview audio files with In-Place Audition.
  • Sample Loop Recording is now available in addition to Sample Start and the other internal recorders, allowing even more twisted and evolving patches.
  • Automate any parameter, including Sample Start and End.
  • Assign any parameter for MIDI control with the redesigned Assignment Manager, and store and recall controller setups with the Template feature.
  • Save With Samples for easy sharing and maximum peace of mind.

Granite for Windows (VST/standalone) and Mac (AU/standalone) is available to purchase for 65 EUR.

More information: New Sonic Arts

ToneCarver Boids granular & delay effect plugin

ToneCarver Boids

ToneCarver has entered the Boids hybrid granular and delay effect plug-in into KVR’s Developer Challenge 2012.

It features a 2D “Boid” swarm as a set of modulators for the grain and delay parameters. This plugin grew out of an interest to accomplish two different goals:

  • Finding a way to manage grain swarms visually.
  • Creating delay-based ambiance that has subtle, not quite random, variations.

The Boid Swarm represents a set of flocking boids (a boid is a “Bird Android” – see Craig Reynolds work: There are a few simple rules that each boid uses to determine where it will fly to on the next swarm advance. These include rules for how fast to fly, how near to fly to other boids, how strongly to move to the center of the flock, how strongly to follow a leader boid, and how strongly to match the position and direction of nearby boids.

The swarm space that the boids fly in is treated as a 2D coordinate system where the X (horizontal) and Y (vertical) position of each boid can be used to modulate controls. A swarm may contain up to 200 boids.

The plugin supports multiple grain streams and multiple delay taps (up to 200 each). Each grain stream and delay tap is associated with one of the boids in the swarm. The X position, Y position, Radius position and ID number of that boid associated with the grain stream or tap can be assigned to modulate the controls that define how that specific grain or tap will be produced.

For example, the X position of a boid can be assigned to control the pan value for the delay taps. For each delay tap, the X position of the boid associated with that delay tap will determine its pan position in the output stereo field. Different taps will have different pan values depending on the location of the boid associated with the tap. In this configuration delay tap signals will move through stereo positions as the boids move through the swarm space.

Each of the parameters for the grain streams and delay taps can be modulated using the position of the boid associated with the grain/tap (and/or traditional LFO modulators).

Boids demonstration by harryupbabble.

The plugin is a free download at KVR (Windows VST).

More information: ToneCarver / Boids