Peter Dines launches Threefer Deal – Get Loupe, Mirage and ParamDrum at discount

Peter Dines has announced the Threefer Deal, offering a bundle of his Reaktor ensembles at a discount. The Halloween sale was such a success I’ve decided to extend a discount on a semipermanent basis: The … read more

Camel Audio releases Alchemy Mobile for iPhone/iPad

Camel Audio has released Alchemy Mobile, a powerful synthesizer for iPhone/iPad. Mobile includes everything from evolving soundscapes and fat bases to lush pads and pulsing arpeggios, and is available for free from the iTunes App … read more

Loomer releases Cumulus granular sampler (available with Computer Music 170)

Computer Magazine is featuring Cumulus by Loomer on the DVD of its latest edition. Cumulus is a granular sampler which radically transforms sample content by breaking it into tiny slithers of audio called grains and … read more

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apeSoft intros iDensity granular synthesis for iPad

apeSoft has introduced iDensity, an iPad app that brings all the powerful Density/Pulsaret (Mac/Win standalone) Granular Synthesis tools to the world’s most popular tablet. iDensity is a new real-time software designed for asynchronous sound file … read more

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AfroDJMac Weekly Ableton Rack #25: Glitched Piano

AfroDJMac has released Glitched Piano, a new download in the weekly series of free Ableton Live Racks. If you are in the Brooklyn, NY area on Tuesday night 9/20, come down to the Trash Bar. … read more

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Plektron releases Twelve modular multi-effect

Plektron has released Twelve, a MIDI-controlled multi-effects plug-in for Windows. Twelve is a modular multi-effect controlled via midi or pianoroll. Using it’s easy: simply assign an effect to the pad you want and activate it … read more

Twisted Tools releases Rolodecks multi-effect for Reaktor

Twisted Tools has announced the release of Rolodecks, an effect ensemble for Native Instruments Reaktor. Rolodecks is a realtime dynamic, semi-modular multi-effect, made up of six effects. The Rolodecks effects are the Slicer, Flange, Filter, … read more

Kenaxis Creative updates Kenaxis to v3.3

Kenaxis Creative has updated the Mac version of Kenaxis, a real-time audio performance application. KENAXIS the new crossroads of: composition and free improvisation, inspiration and innovation, live performance and your sound library, chaos and control … read more

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Rackflip releases Grainframe ReFills by New Atlantis Audio

Rackflip has announced the release of the Grainframe series of Reason ReFills by New Atlantis Audio. Designed using special granular processing applied to found sounds, field recordings and acoustic instruments, Grainframe is a diverse collection … read more

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Texture Granular Synth 3.0 released

Texture Granular Synth 3.0 is a free instrument plugins featuring Asyncronous Granular Synthesis based upon the algorithm developed by Giorgio Nottoli. It generates a grains’ flow in which the way each grain follows the other … read more

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AfroDJMac releases free FirecRACKer Synth for Ableton

AfroDJMac has released FirecRACKer Synth, a free Ableton Live rack created with recordings of fireworks. Fireworks light up the sky with beautiful colors and patterns for the eyes. But can they do the same for … read more

Loomer updates Shift effect plugin to v2.2.0

Loomer has released version 2.2.0 of Shift, a pitch shift delay effect for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Shift is a diatonic granular pitch shifting delay. Shift combines an intuitive and beautiful user interface, with a … read more

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Partikkel Audio releases Hadron Particle Synthesizer + Time Dilation Effects pack

Partikkel Audio has released the Hadron Particle Synthesizer, a free granular synthesis tool. Partikkel Audio Hadron Particle Synthesizer It can be used as a synthesizer or an audio effect. It can also seamlessly morph between … read more

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SoundHack Pvoc Kit effect plugins bundle released

Tom Erbe of SoundHack has released the Pvoc Kit, a new bundle of four plugins based on the Phase Vocoder in SoundHack and redesigned for real-time use. A Four-Plugin Bundle exploring the classic Phase Vocoder … read more

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Puremagnetik releases Grainscapes sound library

Puremagnetik has released Grainscapes, a collection of haunting, granular synthesized cinematic textures and ambiences for scoring or sound design applications. Throughout many weeks of programming, Puremagnetik sound designers employed a powerful Symbolic Sound Kyma System … read more

Wizdom Music releases SampleWiz sampler app for iOS

Jordan Rudess’ Wizdom Music has released SampleWiz, a sampler music app for iOS. Jordan says: In creating this instrument I wanted to create something that would appeal to the sonic explorer in all of us. … read more

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Short links for June 17th, 2011

Some interesting things I found recently: # Muze by Joshua Maruska and Adam Kumpf Muze is an Arduino instrumentalist who creates melodies that evolve over time. Muze has a palette of notes that it can … read more

Sineqube updates Petri generative sample player for Mac to v1.1

Sineqube has released version 1.1 of Petri, a generative sample player & drum machine for Mac. Petri is a sample player that generates its own sequences and selects up to eight random samples from a … read more

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mo-seph updates Simple Max for Live Granulator

mo-seph has released an update to Simple Max for Live Granulator, a free granulator instrument for Max for Live. It’s very much inspired by Robert Henke’s excellent granulator external. In particular, the extra audio unit … read more

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Sineqube releases Petri generative sample player for Mac

Sineqube has released Petri, a sample player that generates its own sequences and selects up to eight random samples from a folder of your choosing. It was designed to create glitchy, IDM-inspired drum patterns very … read more

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