Gregjazz releases HeavenBound (beta) VSTi

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Gregjazz (Greg Schlaepfer) has released a beta of HeavenBound, a freeware synth capable of producing lush pad textures. It is based on some simple physical modeling techniques.

Gregjazz HeavenBound (beta)
Gregjazz HeavenBound (beta) – GUI after clicking HeavenBound logo twice


  • Attack/Release controls
  • Intensity and fullness of sound
  • 8 Meta patches which can be stored
  • Morph rate (in sec)
  • Effects: Vibrato and Filter

Note: There are still some issues with this beta; CPU is high and saving patches externally doesn’t really work.

You can download the beta of HeavenBound here or listen to a demo mp3 to hear what it sounds like.

Because HeavenBound is quite heavy on the CPU there’s also a light version available here.


Gregjazz releases Steel string acoustic guitar samples


Gregjazz (Greg Schlaepfer) has sampled a steel string acoustic guitar with a Zoom H4 (44.1 kHz, 24-bit).

All the samples have long sustain and have been tuned. You can listen to a demo here.

The samples can be downloaded in SoundFont and Wusik format:

Visit Gregjazz for more information about Greg’s work.


Gregjazz releases Throat Singing VSTi

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Gregjazz has released a free Throat Singing VSTi.

Throat Singing is a type of overtone singing in which a singer manipulates the harmonic resonances created as air travels from the lungs, past the vocal folds, and out the lips.


  • Tone selection (various Kargyraa and Khoomei)
  • Pitch control
  • Stereo control
  • Harmonic Intensity control
  • Mute button for Khoomei sound (overtone harmonics remain)

This VSTi does not have a GUI so it will use you hosts default GUI. Check this mp3 for a sound demo.

There is no information on Gregjazz‘s site yet so download the Throat Singing VSTi here.


Gregjazz releases Hardwood Clave VSTi

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Gregjazz Hardwood Clave VSTi

Gregjazz has released a freeware Hardwood Clave VSTi. Greg thought there were too many unrealistic clave samples out there, so he decided to sample his own.

The GUI presents Clave patterns and has only 2 knobs, one for the Mic position and one for Rhythmic Variation, which adds humanizing delay to the notes.

The Hardwood Clave VSTi is not yet on Greg’s website so you can download it here. You will also need this soundfont.


Gregjazz releases Nostaljia VSTi

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Gregjazz Nostaljia

Greg Schlaepfer (Gregjazz) has released Nostaljia, a freeware VSTi synth with a retro sound.

Nostaljia will reproduce sounds like the on-board synthesizers old soundcards of the 90’s were equipped with. Prepare for some serious Adlib Soundcard tones!

This synth has been reported to be a bit buggy, so be aware. It can crash when changing paraments during songplay. The developer is working on a fix.

Visit Gregjazz for more information and a link to download Nostaljia.


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