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Cluster Sound Electro House GBox, sound library for Ableton Live

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Cluster Sound Electro House GBox

Cluster Sound has released Electro House GBox, a sample-based drum instrument created by combining various Ableton plugins/effects, turning Live into a powerful and extremely flexible groovebox.

The package consists of 150 instruments, 30 Live Clips, 30 MIDI loops and 306 WAV samples organized in 8 drum channels. Thanks to the included worldclass samples and the meticulously programmed FX racks you will be able to create fat electro house grooves in few clicks.

The “Sample Selector” section is the core of Cluster Sound Gbox series and allows you to replace in real-time the single samples while the MIDI file is playing your instrument. Each drum part has its own “Source Editor” which controls Filter, Tune, Pitch envelope, ADSR and Reverse Sample and its own “Effect Rack” which increase drastically the sound customization. Electro House Gbox is the perfect tool for advanced Electro House Music productions with Ableton Live.

Electro House GBox is available to purchase for 14.95 EUR.

More information: Cluster Sound / Electro House GBox


Cluster Sound releases Minimal Darq, Minimal Torsion & Micromal GBox

Cluster Sound has announced the release of Minimal Darq, Minimal Torsion & Micromal GBox, three new sample libraries.

During their absence Cluster Sound guys have worked hard on three new download libraries (Minimal Darq, Minimal Torsion and Micromal Gbox) designed for Minimal and Tech-based music productions.

Cluster Sound Minimal Darq, Minimal Torsion & Micromal GBox

New Cluster Sound titles

  • Minimal Darq is a sound pack specifically designed for Minimal productions. The library consists of 600 Mb of worldclass construction loops, synth sequences, dark spacepads, glitch & grain loops, spectral voices, unusual percusive patterns and much more. The single loops are built around intelligent structures so that you can change the genre of your track simply by combining the loops from the different categories. The sound results can range from dark minimal to punchy electro or micro-tech, always characterized by an introspective, stylish and incisive mood.
  • Minimal Torsion a sound collection designed for Minimal music and based on various distorsion and saturation techniques. The library consists of 560 Mb of worldclass quality construction loops, broken synth sequences, different kind of micro distorted percussive loops, grained low-freq loops, digital and analog noises, Moog Sonic 6 loops and much more. All the included material is obtained by analog and DSP sources, distorsions and filters but they never sound rough or rude. All the loops can be easily arranged to create very minimal or complex tracks and will guarantees a massive impact to your productions.
  • Micromal GBox is a sample-based drum instrument created by combining various Ableton plugins/effects and which turns Live into a powerful and extremely flexible groovebox. The LivePack consists of 150 instrument presets, 30 Live Clips, 30 MIDI loops and 315 worldclass WAV samples organized in 8 drum categories: Kick, Snare, Low Beat, Synth, Glitch, Percussion, Hi Freqency, and Hhat.

Minimal Darq and Minimal Torsion are available for 19.95 EUR each, while Micromal GBox is priced at 14.95 EUR.

More information: Cluster Sound / Minimal Darq / Minimal Torsion / Micromal GBox


Psychic Modulation updates Cerebrum-3 to v3.5

Psychic Modulation Cerebrum-3

Psychic Modulation has released version 3.5 of Cerebrum-3, a hybrid groovebox-style drum machine comprised of 5 drum synth modules, over 150 built-in drum sounds and an onboard bassline synth.

Each drum section has it’s own dual A/B sequencer for beat-matching, as well as an Auto-Mix function.

Designed with live operation in mind, Cerebrum can be used for making complex beats on the fly that can be randomized, mixed, matched and manipulated in a number of ways.

Cerebrum-3 v3.5 features

  • 4 drum synth modules.
  • 5 drum sample synth modules.
  • 1 bass synth module.
  • Kick, snare, hihat and percussion1 are drumsynth modules that each include imbedded samples for layering.
  • The 2nd percussion drum is a dedicated imbedded sample synth with it’s own Wavlayer for layering with user samples.
  • 2 16-step pattern sequencers for each module.
  • Automatic beat matching functions for each sequencer.
  • 2 accent switches for each sequencer(for gain, reverse, glide, glitch etc.).
  • 2 velocity grids for each sequencer(for pitch, level, filter, glitch rate etc.).
  • 4 types of random probability for each sequencer.
  • Each sequencer has independant control of speed, direction, length, etc..
  • Host sync.
  • MIDI options for triggering each sequencer.
  • Each drum sequencer can be assigned to be triggered by a seperate key.
  • Bass sequencer can be assigned to different octave ranges.
  • Polyphonic option for all synths as well bass sequencer.
  • Volume/Panning vectors.
  • Onboard drum mixer.
  • Mute/solo switches for each module.
  • patch randomization for each module.
  • Multiple audio outputs (channels 1-6).
  • 32 presets.

Cerebrum-3 is available as a VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC for $19.95 USD. A free single output version is available for download from the product page.

More information: Psychic Modulation / Cerebrum-3


Native Instruments now shipping Maschine

Native Instruments MASCHINE

Native Instruments has announced that Maschine, the Groove Production Studio, is now available worldwide.

It’s here – the first groove production studio that perfectly integrates with your computer. MASCHINE lets you create, arrange and perform pattern-based tracks using the stunning hardware controller and advanced software, including a massive library of 14,000 cutting-edge drum and instrument sounds. Available now in stores worldwide and the NI Online Shop.

Check Native Instruments for more information.


audioMIDI.comblog takes Native Instruments MASCHINE for a spin

Mitchell Sigman @ shot a video of the MASCHINE, the hardware & software groovebox with seamless studio integration by Native Instruments.

I know I can’t justify getting one because I really don’t need it, but I’d still really like one!

Check CDM for some additional comments (make sure to read Mitchell’s comment) and let Peter Kirn know what he should take a look at for his upcoming Maschine video.


Native Instruments announces MASCHINE

Native Instruments MASCHINE

Native Instruments has announced MASCHINE, a hardware & software groovebox with seamless studio integration.

MASCHINE combines the flexibility of computer-based music production with the ease of a groove box into one powerful creative tool. Utilizing onboard samples or your own audio files, MASCHINE’s symbiosis of hardware and software not only ensures a fast and fun workflow, but lets you easily turn your ideas into professional productions.

Maschine top features

  • Combines intuitive sequencer, sampler and over 20 high-quality effects with real-time control and flexible routing into an inspiring Groove Production Studio
  • Dedicated controller with 16 high-quality pads, 41 buttons, and 11 rotary encoders for playing, recording, sequencing, automation and arrangement
  • Fastest workflow with pattern-based arrangement and perfect hardware, software and host environment integration
  • Features step sequencing, real-time recording, note repeat, slicing, and auto-mapping for intuitive jamming
  • Over 5 GB of inspiring, studio-quality sounds with over 15,000 samples and hundreds of patterns perfectly suited for electronic, urban and “indietronic” genres
  • Extensive MIDI-mapping capabilities to control other hardware and software
  • Easy-to-use browser with tagging of kits, instruments, samples, and effects
  • Intuitive automation recording and step automation editing
  • Sampling from external and internal sources with threshold detection
  • Works as a plug-in for any software sequencer supporting VST®, AU™, or RTAS®

MASCHINE will be available March 1st 2009 in stores worldwide and the NI Online Shop for $669 USD / 599 EUR.

More information: Native Instruments


Sugar Bytes announces Consequence

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Sugar Bytes Consequence

Sugar Bytes has announced Consequence, a chord groovebox, with a surprising depth of possibilities while being easy to use, due to an intuitive workflow.

Chords are alternated, split up to custom arpeggios and turned into leg-driving basslines, amazing melodies or dreamy sound textures. The internal audio recorder keeps your ideas when they come or records loops or even full tracks. The allround soundlibrary contains all possible kinds of instruments, from thick basslines to gentle violines. Combine these with individual triggering options for unheard sequences full of joy and groove! Combine sound-presets and sequencer-presets, an unlimited source of inspiration. CONSEQUENCE is a composition tool which can create chordlines or whole songs on the fly, but also chords which are played via MIDI can be supersized using the innovative sequencing engine.

Consequence will be released November 2008.

Visit Sugar Bytes for more information.


Psychic Modulation releases Cerebrum v4.0

Psychic Modulation Cerebrum v4.0

Psychic Modulation has released version 4.0 of Cerebrum, a sophisticated groovebox-style drum machine with onboard sequencers that flawlessly follow your host, allowing for serious beat creation.

Cerebrum v4.0 features

  • 8 drum synth modules.
  • 2 sampler modules.
  • 1 bass synth module.
  • 16 step sequencer for each module.
  • Bass sequencer has 32 steps.
  • Ability to store and switch three sequence patterns with each module.
  • velocity grid for each drum/sampler sequencer.
  • Note grid for bass sequencer.
  • Random sequence probability.
  • Random velocity probability.
  • Each sequencer has independant control of speed, length, etc..
  • Host sync.
  • Bass sequencer can alter note range via midi keyboard.
  • Onboard drum mixer.
  • Mute/solo switches for each module.
  • Multiple audio outputs (channels 1-6).

Cerebrum 4.0 costs $34.95 USD. A demo version with occasional sound dropout replaced with soft tone is available for download.

Visit Psychic Modulation for more information.