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de la Mancha Group Buy 2012 – up to 70% off dlM plug-ins

de la Mancha has announced the Group Buy 2012, an chance to purchase de la Mancha plug-ins at up to 70% discount.

de la Mancha Group Buy 2012
Get any de la Mancha plugin at up to 70% off

The de la Mancha Group Buy 2012 is an opportunity to get up to a huge 70% discount on any plugins, depending on how many people sign up to the deal (see below for table of discounts available). The discount can be applied to any plugin or combination of plugins, so you can buy exactly the ones you want.

The Group Buy sign-up period ends on Monday 14th May 2012 (mid-day UK time). The maximum discount will be applied with 100 or more participants.

More information: de la Mancha


Prodyon introduces Votox Kontakt sample library + Group Buy

Prodyon Votox

Prodyon has introduced Votox, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

VOTOX consists of over 250 categorized otherworldly sounds and weights over 2GB. It comes as a multiformat download including KONTAKT 4 (NKI) Instruments, SF2 Source Soundfonts + Bonus Files as well as optional SFZ Instruments. The total download size is around 4 gigabyte.

VOTOX is ideal for those looking for interesting synthetic textures, ambient sounds and hard-to-define instruments for movie scoring.

The relaunch of Prodyon is celebrated with a group buy. At its maximum level participants can get Votox, Enchoir, Polypitch, and music tracks at $35 USD. The group buy is available until April 15th, 2012.

More information: Prodyon / Votox


DontCrack launches Sonnox Group-Buy – Up to 50% Discount

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DontCrack has introduced a Sonnox Group-Buy, a limited time promotion offering up to 50% off.

Sonnox Group-Buy

Following Sonnox 64bit support announcement, DontCrack today proudly announces that they have partnered with Sonnox to bring a hot Group-Buy promotion with a goal at over 50% discount !

This attractive Group-Buy promotion will run from December 13 to 25, 2011 and 6 days will be made available for subscribers to purchase the product they committed to buy (sales are from December 26 to 31, 2011).

DontCrack engaged quite ambitious negotiations as they’ll need over 400 subscribers that commit to buy ANY Sonnox product(s) or bundle to reach +50% discount. But looking at their previous GB promotions, we are quite confident that users will reach the goal for over 50% discount ! All subscribers to the Group-Buy should therefore let all of their friends know about this exciting GB offer making sure the 50% discount WILL be reached…

Watching DontCrack’s Discount Meter Gauge moving up is quite exciting indeed !

More information: DontCrack / Group-Buy


DNR Collaborative MixControl Pro Group Buy

DNR Collaborative MixControl Pro

DNR Collaborative Designs is running a group buy for its MixControl Pro channel strip effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

Please note that from now until December 24th, a group-buy is being held for MixControl Pro which enables users to get the software at a heavily discounted price.

Joining the group buy will allow you instant access to MixControl Pro at the lowest possible price, as well as additional free bonus products if the amount of participants reaches certain levels. If the minimum amount of users is not reached, the difference will be paid at the end of the group buy period.

The Group Buy has various levels of discounts and free products, with the last level offering MixControl Pro + 2 free products for $49 USD.

More information: DNR Collaborative


Kirk Hunter Black Friday Group Buy – up to 75% off sample libraries

Kirk Hunter Studios

Kirk Hunter Studios has launched a Black Friday Group Buy, offering up to 75% off its sample libraries.

Get Kirk Hunter Sample Libraries at up to 75% OFF list price (see the chart below)!!! If you’re a current Kirk Hunter Studios customer, you’ll get an additional 10% off the final Group Buy price (Our standard upgrade pricing is not available with this deep discounts)!

Imagine getting Pop / Rock Strings, including the KONTAKT Player, for as little as $74.70 USD — or even less if you’re a current Kirk Hunter Studios customer!

Kirk Hunter Group Buy products

  • Pop / Rock Strings including KONTAKT Player ($249 USD list price; approx. 8 GB) – A beautiful collection of 3 string ensembles and solo strings (whole, half, quarter and solo divisions) based on our Concert Strings II library. Pop / Rock strings is perfect for rock/pop/R&B/hip hop and other contemporary genres. Includes KONTAKT Player and also works with the full version of KONTAKT 4 or greater. Features TVEC 3.
  • Concert Strings II ($799 USD list price; approx. 25 GB) – Four string libraries in one (whole, half, quarter and solo divisions). You can call up anything from a huge “Hollywood film sound” to an intimate string quartet to anything in between. Features TVEC 3 which includes SmartLegato2® as one of its features, allowing you to play chords in legato mode even while changing articulations! Requires full version of KONTAKT 4 or greater.
  • Concert Strings II Whole Divisions ($249 USD list price; approx. 5 GB) – Only the whole divisions from Concert Strings II. Requires full version of KONTAKT 4 or greater.
  • Solo Strings II ($249 USD list price; approx. 6 GB) – Solo 1st and 2nd Violin, 1st and 2nd Viola, 1st and 2nd Cello, Bass, Combinations. Coupled with innovative and progressive TVEC 3 programming, you will not find a more flexible and playable solo string library! One very nice feature is the way TVEC 3 handles the slides for Solo Strings 2. When you play a note, followed by another note you want to slide into (up or down), TVEC 3 knows whether to slide a lot or just a nudge. Also, the vibrato of the slide is now variable. The same solo strings featured in Concert Strings II, but available separately for those who ONLY want the solo strings. Requires full version of KONTAKT 4 or greater.
  • Concert Brass II ($399 USD list price; approx. 45 GB) – A gorgeous collection of concert brass featuring whole divisions (8 F HORNS, 8 TRUMPETS, 8 TROMBONES), half divisions (4 F HORNS, 4 TRUMPETS, 4 TROMBONES), quarter divisions (2 F HORNS, 2 TRUMPETS, 2 TROMBONES) and solo divisions (SOLO F HORN, SOLO TRUMPET, SOLO TROMBONE). Features TVEC 3 which includes SmartLegato2®, allowing you to play chords in legato mode even while changing articulations! Concert Brass II lets you can call up anything from a huge “Hollywood” film sound to an intimate brass chorale, solo or anything in between. You’ll be able to get big bombastic fanfares, easy to control crescendos or “spooky” and dark backgrounds. The range of programming variety is limitless. All sections were sampled in a space large enough to get the “sweet spot” for brass, yet not so ambient that you’re stuck with a mushy sound. This allows you to choose your own style of ambience without conflicts. BONUS created for this GB: We’re adding the solo tuba from Diamond to Concert Brass II at no extra charge, in order to create a more “full” brass compliment. Requires full version of KONTAKT 4 or greater.
  • Diamond ($549 USD list price; approx. 65+ GB) – At over 65GB, Diamond is a very large full-orchestral package. It combines Ruby with Emerald, so it is like getting 2 complete orchestras in one package. For the price, we’re confident that you will not find a better orchestral sample library anywhere. Features TVEC 3. Requires full version of KONTAKT 4 or greater.

The Group Buy ends November 28th, 2011.

More information: Kirk Hunter Studios


Patchpool announces Charity Group Buy for SoundPacks and LoopPacks


Patchpool has announced a Charity Group Buy for its sounds and loops until September 30, 2011.

patchpool is contributing 50% (post paypal) of the funds raised through this Group Buy to this charity campaign on KVR, launched by sounddesigner Luftrum. All funds rasied will either be donated to the organisation Save the Chldren or UNICEF, you can cast your vote in this KVR thread here until Monday.

Join the Group Buy for € 21, get 3 SoundPacks straight away and receive more items as the number of participants increases. You can freely choose from the 15 Sound Packs and 2 Loop Packs listed on the Group Buy page.

Once you join the group buy you will receive a confirmation email to the address you provided to paypal. Just respond to that mail and tell me which 3 Packs you would like to have, you will then receive your download links. Once the camoaign is over, choose your additional items.

More information: Patchpool / Charity Group Buy


G-Sonique updates Twisthead VS-206 to v1.1

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G-Sonique Twisthead VS-206

G-Sonique has released version 1.1 of Twisthead VS-206, a vintage vacuum tube preamp effect plug-in for Windows.

Changes in Twisthead VS-206 v1.1

  • Added switch to control low cut filter between 10 and 27hz.
  • Added switch to choose the effect behavior to modern/vintage (vintage is default setting from v1.0; modern setting will produce more cleaner/digital sound but may loose some characteristics of Twisthead’s typical charismatic sound).
  • Added update button to check new version availability online.
  • Fixed problem when DC offset might appear in some situations.
  • Fixed wrong frequency shift in different sample rates.
  • Additional minor fixes for better compatibility with Windows7 OS and different VST hosts.

Twisthead VS-206 is currently available to purchase for 12.30 EUR as part of a Group Buy which is available until 15 August, 2011 (regular price 18.90 EUR).

More information: G-Sonique / Twisthead VS-206


G-Sonique launches Summer Group Buy 2011

G-Sonique Summer Group Buy

G-Sonique has announced a Summer Group Buy, offering discounts off up to 60% for all its products.

The Group Buy has started 15th July with 15% discount and can reach the max. level 60% at the end on 15th August.

The amount of discount depends on total number of subscribed products, with 60% discount when the 800+ products level is reached.

Bundles are not included, and participants can opt to “join late”, which means they will only join when a certain level/max. price is reached.

More information: G-Sonique