GVST Suite updated with 64-bit support

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Graham Yeadon has announced the release of updated version of the GVST Suite, a collection of free effect and instrument plug-ins for Windows.

GVST GSinth2
The GVST GSinth2 monophonic 3 oscillator synthesizer instrument.

The GVST plug-ins have recently been updated. 64-bit versions of all of the plug-ins are now available from the download pages. Whereas there used to be a choice of user interfaces, all plug-ins now have a single, new user interface, based on the popular Grymmjack designs.

Let me know if you have any problems with the latest versions of the plug-ins.

The GVST effects and instruments are now available to download as freeware 32-bit & 64-bit VST plugins for Windows.

More information: GVST plugins


Soundgasm Design launches with 3 new sound banks

Soundgasm Design

Rick Christy has announced the launch of Soundgasm Design, a new company which aims to create quality, affordable products that can help make composing music on a computer a more enjoyable, inspirational, and rewarding experience.

Rick Christy also known as grymmjack, the man behind DesignerMonkey which has been offering free and commercial graphic design services to plug-in developers for the passed few years, has founded Soundgasm Design, currently selling sound banks and presets for VST instruments. SGD will later extend it’s product line to include Live Packs for Ableton Live, ReFills for Propellerhead Reason/Record, product agnostic waveform sample packs, and Native Instruments Reaktor ensembles, as well as commercial skin, graphic, and identity design services for the computer music scene.

Rick is joined by his extremely multi-talented friend Leslie Sanford, owner and founder of Sanford virtual instruments and effects including the hybrid synthesizer Cobalt, ComputerMusic magazine PhaserCM, and an array of other high quality affordable Sanford brand audio effects. Leslie has created an incredibly diverse bank for G-Force ImpOSCar called Cicada and will be creating future soundbanks and Reaktor ensembles available exclusively through Soundgasm Design.

Soundgasm Design products

New Soundgasm Design products

  • Leslie Sanford’s Cicada for G-Force ImpOSCar, a sound bank release containing 3 banks with 36 patches each for a total of 108 patches. All of the basics are covered from useable basses to lush pads. But it doesn’t stop there. The Cicada banks dive deep into impOSCar’s possibilities taking you on a sonic journey we think you’ll find unique and rewarding.
  • Azure for Leslie Sanford’s Cobalt synthesizer which features 32 patches, 8 from each of the most usable categories, and covers a little of everything. The main focus of this bank is to push Cobalt a little farther than it has been pushed before.
  • FunkUnit for Sonic Projects OPX-Pro, a 32 sound bank which attempts to capture the essence of the 1980’s and enhance that essence into a modern usable set of sounds with a contemporary funk influence. Inspired by the films and pop culture of that decade, FunkUnit attempts to provide a little bit of that 80’s funk magic for your compositions.

Cicada is available to purchase for $15 USD, Azure and FunkUnit are $5 USD each.

More information: Soundgasm Design


Soundgasm Sound Design releases Sector 7

Soundgasm Sound Design Sector 7

Soundgasm Sound Design has released Sector 7, a collection of patches for reFX Vanguard.

Covering a wide gamut of styles and genres including ambient, psy-trance, techno, acid, and house SECTOR7 delivers unique food for your favorite reFX beastie.

Sector 7 features

  • 128 patches: 39 bass, 32 lead, 25 pad, 9 arp, 12 keys, and 11 sound fx.
  • Most patches respond to after touch (Vanguard automatically maps the modulation wheel to filter cutoff).
  • All bass patches are made with stereo effects (easy to switch to mono).
  • All patches were tested with themed style playing of phrases of music.

Sector 7 is available as a download, priced at $10 USD. A free demo bank containing 16 patches can be downloaded from the Soundgasm website.

More information: Soundgasm Sound Design


Fuzzpilz updates Oatmeal to v37-6c

Fuzzpilz Oatmeal VSTi

Fuzzpilz has released version 37-6c of Oatmeal, a freeware virtual analog synth plug-in for Windows PC.

Changes in v37-6c

  • presets saved with 2 filter types in parallel mode did not load correctly (the second filter would always show Clone).

Visit Fuzzpilz for more information and a link to download Oatmeal.

Note: make sure you grab the updated Designer Monkey skins for Oatmeal here (for screenshots of these skins, check this post).


Leslie Sanford releases Cobalt

Leslie Sanford Cobalt

Remember LiteWave? Well, now it’s called Cobalt.

Les writes:

In addition to the updated graphics and name change, Cobalt now has 16 voice polyphony. Existing customers will, of course, receive the new version free of charge.

Atom Splitter Audio has already released Cobalt Vol. 1, a free sound bank for Cobalt by Grymmjack and Atomsplitter. It includes 12 catagorys of sounds ranging from phat basses, synthesied drums to dramatic strings and pads.

Visit Leslie Sanford for more information, audio demos and a link to download a demo of Cobalt.


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