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GTG Synths releases GTG MX2008

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GTG Synths MX2008

GTG Synths has released GTG MX2008, a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.

GTG MX2008 features

  • 3x Osc synth with 3 LFO’s:
    • LFO 1 can be set to either internal or host tempo sync using the INT/TMP button. The host tempo division factor is set using the button next to it. When the INT mode is used the lfo speed is set using the RATE display.
    • LFO 2 is a free-running modulator, and LFO 3 cyclus is synced to key-on.
    • LFO 3 : The R1/R2 switch changes the range of the pitch modulation of osc 2, so it can be used
      for either hard-sync modulation ( press the SYNC button in the OSC section ) or small-range vibrato.
      The dash/step – button next to the R1/R2 switch alternates between smooth and stepped modulation.
  • Stepped modulation, Pitch Envelope.
  • Chorus and Delay and a Fat filter with High Pass Control.

Interface note : Some displays/buttons work like push-buttons, some by click-and-drag.

Visit GTG Synths for more information.


GTG Synths releases GTG FM 4 and updates GTG K 1 and GTG DPC 3

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GTG Synths has released GTG FM 4, a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.

Mik writes:

A new FM synth with a different structure. 3 operators with 2 mixable paths each. Lots of cool sounds can be made with this one. And yet very easy to use.

GTG Synths GTG FM 4
GTG Synths GTG FM 4

2 Osc Polysynth GTG K 1 is now available in a rack version (no keyboard) and has been updated with:

  • new GUI
  • new presets
  • less CPU usage.

Drumsampler GTG DPC 3 also comes in a version without animated pads, and the new version corrects the Cymbal 1 (Ride cymbal) midi note, which has been moved from D3 to D#3, according to the General Midi Standard.

Visit GTG Synths for more information, sound demos and links to download these great freeware plug-ins.


Top Freeware Picks – January 2008

Bootsy TesslaSE v1.0

The new year started off well with tons of new and updated freeware VST effect and instrument plugins.

Here are my top picks of January in random order.

  1. TesslaSE by Bootsy.
    This effect plug-in does some tube+digital magic in the area of signal saturation and coloration.
  2. S3 by Krakli.
    Can we ever have enough string machine emulators? I think not!
  3. Prophanity by Roberson Audio.
    This one does a great job emulating the classic Prophet 5 synth. Must check if you like VA type synths.
  4. GTG 44 S by GTG Synths.
    Mik’s plug-ins are always top notch and this six voice VA type synth is no exception. Great for those oldskool analog type sounds, fat leads etc.

The plug-ins listed above are all freely available in VST format for Windows PC.


GTG Synths releases GTG 44 S

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GTG Synths GTG 44 S

GTG Synths has released GTG 44 S, a freeware six voice analog synthesizer plug-in for Windows PC.

This synth was originally made for personal use only. It holds the functions I like and use mostly.

It may not meet everyone’s requirements though. But it’s a free synth and I hope you find it useful :-)

GTG 44 S special features

  • Filter – The red/green filter switch alternates between two filter types. In the red position cut off and resonance gets steeper and the overall sound becomes warmer/fatter. The switch is useful for either adding fullness to the sound (red) or removing unpleasant artifacts (green), like rumble or distortion, depending on the other filter settings. It also changes the character of the sound when using BP, HP and BR filter settings (note that in some cases you will not hear much difference when switching back and forth this switch, since it depends on the other filter settings.
  • LFO – The LFO’s are different in the way that speed control on LFO 2 when set to maximum key follow and rate can make a sound similar to ring modulation (for bell-like sounds). LFO 1 has a delay function and also modulates filter resonance. The synth has a pitch envelope for Osc 2 so you can make snappy attacks or sync modulated sweeps. There’s a sub-oscillator for deep bass sounds.
  • Vibrato – Vibrato (wheel) adds vibrato to oscillator 2 only. When Sync is on the vibrato therefore will be heard as “frequency modulation” of the sync’ed output instead of the usual pitch vibrato sound (Nice for sweeping pad sounds etc.)

The GTG 44 S synthesizer is available as a freeware VST plug-in for Windows.

More information: GTG Synths / GTG 44 S


GTG Synths releases GTG DPC 3

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GTG Synths GTG DPC 3

GTG Synths has released GTG DPC 3, a freeware drum sampler VST instrument for Windows PC.

GTG DPC 3 features

  • 10 user sample slots (PCM Wave-format).
  • Individual Volume, Tune, Decay, Pan and Reverb settings.
  • One set of samples automatically loads with the plugin.
  • Drum map: The drums are layed out according to the General Midi Standard.

You can use the mouse to trigger samples (drum pads will light up). When playing the samples by MIDI, the keyboard will light up the corresponding name tag above each drum pad.

Visit GTG Synths for more information and a link to download GTG DPC 3.


GTG Synths releases GTG DS 7 and GTG MicroOrgan MK III

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GTG Synths has released GTG DS 7 and GTG MicroOrgan MK III, two freeware VSTi plugins.

GTG DS 7 is a drumsynth, alternative to FreeDrum. This one has a much improved sound, more punch and depht. Multiple outputs and test button for each sound.


  • PLAY buttons to audition drum sounds. (In some hosts activating PLAY buttons whilst recording will record event data, not note data)
  • Multiple outputs: If your host supports multiple outputs, the OUT buttons (click and drag) should be used to assign a mixer output track for one or more drum sound (six outputs total)
  • Auto mute: Closed hi-hat mutes open hi-hat if the open hi-hat key is released before hitting the closed hi-hat key (this is not the case with overlapping notes)
  • MIDI Implementation chart included

In hosts like FL Studio, you will have to assign the drum synth to mixer output track 1 from the instrument channel settings. This will enable a routing to the succeeding mixer tracks 1-6 instead of the default setting that routes to the Master track.

GTG MicroOrgan MK III

GTG MicroOrgan MK III is an updated version of MK II version, with:

  • Added percussion decay
  • Added A/B switch
  • Improved key click with key-off function
  • Vibrato in 3 drawbar regions

You can download both freeware plugins from GTG Synths.


GTG kwop7 VSTi updated

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GTG kwop7 VSTi

Mik Sybrandt has updated GTG kwop7, a freeware analog synth VSTi with a look that reminds of old hardware synths.

Kwop7 has a very warm and fat sound and was created by user request.


  • Fixed PW LFO/Env switch (20/08/2006)

Visit GTG Synths to download kwop7.