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GTG Sputnik 2000 VSTi

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GTG Sputnik 2000 VSTi

No idea when this came out (VST .dll in zip is 10-jan-2006) but this pretty GTG synth is definately worth mentioning.

GTG Sputnik 2000 is a retro effects synth based on three Phase Modulation oscillators and 1 analog oscillator. It has LFO, chorus and reverb.
Sputnik 2000 comes with 97 presets in the categories bass, percussion, pads and fx.

Visit GTG Synths for more information and a link to download GTG Sputnik 2000.


GTG Synth releases DrumSampler I and II

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GTG DrumSampler I VSTi

GTG Synths has released two new drums VST instruments: DrumSampler I and DrumSampler II.

Features DrumSampler I

  • Multiple outputs
  • Visual feedback on each drum
  • Comes with one set of samples to start with
GTG DrumSampler II VSTi

Features DrumSampler II

  • Individual volume, pan and reverb settings
  • Adjustable reverb unit
  • Visual feedback ( light effect ) on each drum
  • Automatable parameters
  • 64 presets

Visit GTG Synths for more information and a link to download DrumSampler I and DrumSampler II.


GTG Synths releases MicroOrgan MKII

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GTG Synths MicroOrgan MKII

A new version of the MicroOrgan has been released by GTG Synths: MicroOrgan MKII, a freeware VSTi.


  • 8 drawbars
  • 2 percussion switches with level adjust
  • New adjustable key click

There is not much information available about this synth so check the GTG synths website for a link to download MicroOrgan MKII and give it a try.


GTG Synths releases GTG JP7A

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GTG-JP7A from GTG Synths

GTG Synths has released the GTG JP7A. Mik Sybrandt has once again created a great free VSTi plug-in for the Windows platform.


  • 6 voice analog synth
  • 24 dB filter with LP, HP and BP settings
  • osc sync and pitch envelope
  • mono mode with 4 key priority choices
  • pitch bender with 3 ranges
  • MIDI automation

Download GTG JP7A and other free VST plug-ins at the GTG website.

More information: GTG Synths