satYatunes releases Blue Theme for Synapse Audio’s Dune 2

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satYatunes has released a free Blue Theme skin for the Dune 2 synthesizer instrument by Synapse Audio.

satYatunes Blue Theme skin for Dune 2

Made this beautiful Blue skin for Synapse Audio Dune 2 plug-in.

  • To install, download the file and unzip it to your Dune 2 skins folder
  • To use, click on Skin in Main section and Select “satYatunes” from the list

Special thanks to Teksonic and Kriminal at Synapse-Audio Beta forum for their valuable feedback and suggestions.

The skin pack is a free download at satYatunes.

More information: satYatunes / Blue Theme


Eclectus releases Spaced Out free skin for u-he MFM 2

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Eclectus has released Spaced Out, a free skin for the More Feedback Machine 2 delay effect plug-in by u-he.

Eclectus Spaced Out for MFM2

For a long time I forgot that I had MFM 2 in my plugin arsenal. That had nothing to do with how it sounds or what it can do, but with the way it looks. I perceive it’s default skins as chaotic, and that hindered my workflow.

Inspired by the work others have done to similar u-he designs, I set out to improve on the layout and looks of MFM2. And while I don’t think I’m completely done with it yet, I also don’t want to keep the results that I got until now for myself. If you would like to use this skin as a starting point for your own work, feel free to do so. As long as you credit me I’d be happy and proud.

The skin is available for download from the u-he forum at KVR Audio.

More information: Spaced Out for MFM 2


DRZHNN updates free Zebra Redux skin pack for u-he Zebra

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DRZHNN has updated Zebra Redux, a free skin pack for u-he’s Zebra, Zebrify and ZRev plug-ins.

Zebra Redux (Ravenholm skin)
Ravenholm, one of the new color schemes of the Zebra Redux skin.

Zebra Redux is a skin pack for Zebra, Zebrify and ZRev made primarily with sound designer workflow in mind. Initially I built it to reflect my own needs but I’m sure some of you guys will enjoy it too. So here it is.

Changes in Zebra Redux

  • UI: added 3 new color schemes: Cyan Borschtsch, Rainforest and Ravenholm.
  • UI: added color scheme support for Zebrify and ZRev.
  • UI: added support for user color schemes.
  • VCF: changed the order of Cutoff, Mod1 and Mod2 knobs.
  • Env1: fixed disappearing v-slope slider.

The latest version of the Zebra Redux skin pack is available from the u-he forum at KVR Audio.

More information: DRZHNN / Zebra Redux


DRZHNN releases Zebra Redux skin pack for u-he Zebra

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DRZHNN has released Zebra Redux, a skin pack for the Zebra synthesizer instrument from u-he.

DRZHNN Zebra Redux

I’ve been working on this project for about two month now, so I’m very excited to finally share it with you guys.

Zebra Redux is a skin pack for Zebra, Zebrify and ZRev made primarily with sound designer workflow in mind. Initially I built it to reflect my own needs but I’m sure some of you guys will enjoy it too. So here it is.

Zebra Redux features

  • Default window size is bigger now (914×914 px).
  • Removed lower pane. All its features now reappear in form of modules.
  • Renamed Perform, Synthesis and Patches tabs to XY, SYNTH and LIB respectively.
  • XY pads and FX Grid are now part of a central pane and accessible from both SYNTH and LIB tabs.
  • Moved assignable XY controls from lower pane to XY tab. Now all XY pad related parameters are in one place.
  • Added new OSCs tab with 4 full-size OSC editors in one place for fast and easy editing, copying and pasting.
  • Added new MSEGs tab with 4 full-size MSEG editors in one place.
  • Moved global patch settings from lower pane to generators pane for easy access.
  • Changed label color of all definable controls (…) to red.
  • All menus that have only two items will now iterate through those items (when clicking) without opening the popup menu. Menu is still accessible via right click.
  • OSC module now has waveform editor, waveform selector, preset manager and a subpanel with key and velocity scale editors.
  • Noise, XMF and Comb modules now feature local XY pads for controlling two predefined (by me) parameters.
  • FMO module now has subpanel with key and velocity scale editors. FM waveform is represented by an authentic waveform icon.
  • Changed some important menus and switches to graphical icons. Some of them somehow reflect the reality, others are abstract and probably will change in the future.
  • Arp, ArpMod, Modulation Matrix and MSEGs are now modules in modulators pane. ArpMods and MSEGs modules are hidden if not in use.
  • Added new EXTRA tab (empty for now).
  • Zebrify: Envelope Follower and Pitch Detector modules are now part of modulators pane and have big sliders combined with indicators for easy tuning.
  • ZRev: changed T and AP knobs to sliders.

The pack is a free download from KVR Audio and DRZHNN.

More information: DRZHNN / Zebra Redux


Tone2 releases NeoFM soundset for Nemesis

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Tone2 has announced the release of NeoFM, a soundset for the Nemesis synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

Tone2 NeoFM for Nemesis
The NeoFM sound pack comes with 3 new skins, including the blue one.

The NeoFM expansion has a clear focus on the best that FM synthesis has to offer. Tapping into the depths of Nemesis’ powerful neoFM synthesis, it offers unique sounds that are impossible to get with other synthesizers.

Featuring 200 exclusive neoFM presets, it is the ideal library to expand your Nemesis with. Imagine the sweetest FM keys and semireal sounds, evocative pads, cut-through synths and organic atmospheric sounds, all the way up to the dirtiest basses & warped arpeggios.

The NeoFM expansion also contains an inspiring collection of 152 new waveforms that you can use to create your own sounds, or edit existing presets with. 3 fresh new skins are included to change the way your Nemesis synth looks.

This expansion is packed with rich sounds ready to be used in any production and covers the complete range of styles, whether you’re interested in that classic FM sound or looking for nasty FM vibes, NeoFM is there to provide!

The soundset is available for purchase for 49 EUR.

More information: Tone2 / NeoFM


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