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discoDSP launches Halloween Sale—40% off plugins and bundles

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discoDSP Halloween Sale

discoDSP has announced its Halloween Sale, offering a discount on its plugins and bundles for a limited time.

Special Halloween Sale
40% off MSRP until November 1st.

Halloween Sale features

  • Synthesizer Bundle, includes Discovery Pro, Leading 128 Presets Bank Add-on, Vertigo, and Phantom. Now 119 EUR (regular 199 EUR).
  • Discovery Pro virtual analog/wave synthesizer now 89 EUR (regular 149 EUR).
  • Corona virtual analog/wave synthesizer now 57 EUR (regular 95 EUR).
  • Discovery virtual analog synthesizer 45 EUR (regular 75 EUR).
  • Vertigo additive synthesizer now 27 EUR (regular 45 EUR).
  • Phantom 4 OP PM/FM synthesizer now 27 EUR (regular 45 EUR).
  • Highlife sampler for Mac now 11 EUR (regular 19 EUR).

More information: discoDSP / Halloween Sale

Les Productions Zvon releases Memory Collection Pack 03 sample pack

Les Productions Zvon Memory Collection 03

Les Productions Zvon has introduced Memory Collection Pack 03, a sample library featuring a collection of samples taken from public domain movies.

1,243 samples for a size of 855 MB. The samples in this collection are taken from seven Public Domain horror movies. Please note that the samples are not mapped in any way or in any specific sampler format. The MC 03 only contains wav files. The download is divided in 2 rar files (223 and 213 MB).

These samples can be a lot of fun and very useful not only for Halloween but also all year round due to the wide variety of the sounds included.

Memory Collection Pack 03 is available for a minimum donation of $10 USD. A collection of all three Memory Collection Packs is available at a minimum donation of $30 USD. Free demo packs can be downloaded from the product page.

More information: Les Productions Zvon / Memory Collection

Patchpool launches Halloween Discount SoundPacks—50% off sample libraries


Patchpool has announced its Halloween Discount SoundPacks, a limited time offer on selected sample libraries.

7 SoundPacks related to Horror and SciFi are discounted at 50% until October 31st.

Halloween Sale

  • Horror Scapes – 26 exceptional Soundscapes and Horror effects ranging from haunted voices to dark and otherworldly textures, industrial horror sounds and spooky creatures. Now 17.50 EUR.
  • Incantation Witches – A haunting collection of 12 electronically processed female voices. Moaning and screaming witches performing strange incantation rituals and surreal voice textures ideal for Horror and Fantasy movies. Now 8.50 EUR.
  • Alien Voices – A special collection of 23 alien voices. Aliens, Devils, Witches, Monsters and other processed male and female voices for use in Sci-Fi and Horror movies, Game Design, Videos and Animations. Now 12.50 EUR.
  • Future Worlds – 32 exceptional Sci-Fi textures exploring future worlds and unknown locations in the Universe. From abstract rhythmical textures to evil machines to robotic sounds and starting Spaceships to creepy and scientific alien ambiences this SoundPack will provide you with a great variety of sounds for Sci-Fi and Horror movies and Computer Game design. Now 15 EUR.
  • Alien Sci-Fi Textures – 17 electronic state of the art Sci-Fi textures in pristine quality. Usable for Science Fiction movies, Science Clips, Video Games and Computer tones. Now 4 EUR.
  • From Light to Darkness – A big collection of electronic samples compiled in four thematic folders comprising a wide spectrum from ethereal and beautiful textures to more ominous and electronic sounds to dark and haunting soundscapes. Selected wavs from various of my samplesets with some files exclusively produced for this SoundPack. Now 17.50 EUR.
  • Unknown Dimensions – 20 outstanding Soundscapes for Film productions, Ambient Music and Game Design. Reaching from galactic and mysterious atmospheres to more bizarre and ominous textures. Now 17.50 EUR.

More information: Patchpool / Halloween Sale

Prime Loops launches Iron Fist Giveaway

Prime Loops Iron Fist Giveaway

Prime Loops has announced a Iron First Giveaway, offering a chance to win one of 10 Halloween Packs.

Each Halloween Pack includes:

  • 1 x High Quality T-Shirt by Iron Fist
  • 1 x Dubstep Reaper (New Release!) Sound Library by Prime Loops
  • 1 x Darkstep Sound Library by Prime Loops

All you have to do to enter the draw is purchase any product on over the next 2 weeks. Easy!

All winners will be notified via email – so good luck everybody!

More information: Prime Loops / Iron First Giveaway

Sounds To Sample intros Voices in the Dark & Dustin Zahn’s Late Night Techno Vol 1

Sounds To Sample has announced the release of its Voices in the Dark and Dustin Zahn’s Late Night Techno Vol 1 sample libraries.

Sounds To Sample Voice in the Dark

Voices in the Dark features a collection of 588 spoken word samples.

Hundreds of dry and FX’d male and female vocals are available to bring endless untold horrors to all of humanity packing dance floors this Halloween season!

Voices in the Dark is a true spoken word soundtrack to a poison city of madness!

Sounds To Sample Dustin Zahn Late Night Techno Vol 1

The Late Night Techno Vol 1 sample pack is a collection of loops, one shots, and synth stabs by Dustin Zahn.

A contemporary masterpiece of rumbly slink and Deutschland swagger, Dustin Zahn’s Late Night Techno is crafted with the perfect minimalistic precision that’s found in each of his tracks dominating dance floors around the world.

With releases through Drumcode, Rekids, CLR and his own Enemy Records, Dustin Zahn’s sound is clearly globally renowned and his first sample pack, Late Night Techno Vol. 1, could be just the inspiration the next micro-house mega-star needs to further the after-hours sound.

Voices In The Dark costs 11.65 EUR, Late Night Techno Vol 1 is 20.28 EUR.

More information: Sounds To Sample

Moog Music announces Limited Edition Glow in the Dark Theremins

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Moog Music has announced that a batch of limited edition Glow In The Dark Etherwave Theremins is now available to purchase.

Moog Glow in the Dark Etherwave Theremin
Only 200 “Glow in the Dark” theremins are available, so grab one before they’re gone.

It’s almost Halloween again, time to drink witches brew with creatures of the night and let the unearthly sounds of the Theremin float through the ether.

In celebration of the holiday we’ve created a limited edition glow in the dark version of our Etherwave Theremin. Play at night and let the unearthly glow guide your hand. Only 200 exist so act quickly.

The Glow In The Dark Etherwave Theremins are available through selected US dealers and international distributors.

More information: Moog Music

Loopboutique launches Halloween Sale – 25% off sample packs

Loopboutique has announced a Halloween Sale, offering a 25% discount on its sample libraries for a limited time.

Loopboutique Halloween Sale

Simply use discount code: Halloween11 and get 25% OFF for your order!

The HALLOWEEN SALE is available only until November 20th. Go to and use your discount code now!

More information: Loopboutique

Moog Music releases free Halloween sound set for Animoog

Moog Music has announced that it has paired up with sound design and synthesist wizards Drew Neumann and Kevin Lamb to concoct a brew of unsettling and bone-chilling sounds that are now available as a free download for Animoog, the incredibly popular, professional polyphonic synthesizer designed for Apple’s iPad.

Moog instruments have been iconic in popular music for more than 40 years, but they’ve also been responsible for creating the sounds of fear, suspense and terror in popular cinema. From Hollywood blockbusters to horror films, and even The Simpsons’ Halloween specials, Moog synthesizers have added a spooky element to thousands of soundtracks.

Animoog Halloween presets

In the “spirit” of Moog’s scary side, and due to the phenomenal success of Animoog as one of the top-10 paid iPad apps on the iTunes store, Moog Music is offering a Halloween sound set to users for free on it’s website ( through Friday, November 4.

“It’s always thrilling to hear the new sounds that artists and sound designers create when we have developed a new instrument,” said Cyril Lance, chief engineer at Moog Music. “In this case, Animoog inspired Drew and Kevin to create an entire library of spooky sounds for Halloween which we are extremely excited to share with you.”

The add-on to Animoog includes presets that span the range from sci-fi to horror, and, in some cases, look like their names. Users can watch for the Zombie Hand, run from the Cyclops, escape the Evil Portal, and avoid the Scythe of the Grim Reaper!

The heart of Animoog is Moog’s Anisotropic Synthesis Engine (ASE), a technology that has been in development at Moog for nearly six years. Animoog captures the vast sonic vocabulary of Moog synthesizers and applies it to the modern touch surface paradigm, enabling any user to quickly sculpt incredibly fluid and dynamic sounds that live, breathe, and evolve as they play them. Whether users are new to synthesizers or are professional musicians, Animoog’s unique user interface gives them the ultimate tool for total creative expression.

Animoog is currently available on the iTunes app store for the iPad and iPad 2 for a limited time price of only $.99 USD (returning to the regular price of $29.99 USD November 18).

More information: Moog / Animoog / Halloween sound set