Sound Dust releases Hammr+ organ for Kontakt

Sound Dust Hammr+

Sound Dust has announced the release of Hammr+, a virtual tonewheel organ instrument library for Native Instruments, developed in collaboration with Oasis/Sheryl Crow keyboard player Mikey Rowe and recorded by Andy Britton.

You’d be right in thinking that he last thing the world needs is another Hammond clone, and I would be the first to agree, but the Hammr+ is a little different.

Of course she oozes classic character and has all the capabilities you’d expect of a tonewheel organ, but in true Sound Dust style this thing takes a huge leap of the imagination and moves way past the limitations of the original. By taking advantage of sampling technology and bespoke Kontakt architecture and a little bit of imagination Hammr+ can do things that were inconceivable in the original 1959 instrument.

Hammr+ features

  • Every note of every drawbar of an unmentionable tonewheel organ sampled for 7 secs through a 1959 Leslie cabinet for around 1GB of uncompressed samples.
  • Individual control of volume, pan, ADSR, vibrato, saturation (amount, bass and tone) and tremolo (speed, fade and depth ) for every drawbar.
  • Percussion 2nd and 3rds available at the same time, with control of octave and decay time.
  • Note off volume and decay control.
  • Velocity sensitivity control.
  • CC11 hardwired to volume for expression pedal swells.
  • Leslie simulator with speed, treble/bass balance and distance controls.
  • 69 specially recorded reverb impulses from a variety of real spaces and classic gear.
  • Cabinet re-micing through a choice of 11 speaker cabinets.
  • Dirt, morphing EQ and master EQ effects.
  • Dirty contacts control adds small amounts of timing variation to note on /off to mimic the effects of aging key contacts.
  • 70 presets including 30 classic sounds.
  • Chaos and reset controls for painless sound design.
  • Master/slave control system for quick adjustment of group controls.
  • Built in user manual.
  • It sounds great!

Hammr+ is available for purchase for £30 GBP. Requires full version of Kontakt 4.2.4 or above. A 10 EUR discount link for the MVintageRotary Leslie simulator by Melda Production is included.

More information: Sound Dust / Hammr+


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