Bollywood Sounds releases Harmonium sample pack

Bollywood Sounds Harmonium

Bollywood Sounds has announced Harmonium, a sample library featuring a collection of 70+ harmonium loops.

Harmonium is a highly used music instrument in bollywood & bhangra styles from India, In fact it features on most regional music as a standard instrument. Being a reed instrument, it is also popular with indian vocalist’s as a guiding tool for singing melodies to keep in tune.

Bollywoodsounds is proud to bring you a huge variety of sounds consisting of over 70 loops in various styles and keys. We have also labelled the folders with the “Raaga” tag, to help understand the scales that were used.

The library is useful for traditional, ethnic as well as more modern chillout, house, dance, hiphop genres.

The sample library is available to purchase for $29 USD.

More information: Bollywood Sounds / Harmonium


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