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TC-Helicon VoiceLive H1, E1 and X1 vocal pedals now shipping

TC-Helicon has announced it is now shipping the VoiceLive H1, E1, and X1 vocal pedals.

TC-Helicon VoiceLive H1, E1 & X1

TC-Helicon offers its renowned vocal harmony to an even wider audience with VoiceTone H1 – a two-part vocal harmony processor combining NaturalPlay guitar control and key/scale operation to allow vocalists of any musical background to get lush sounding background vocals. VoiceTone H1 is the ultimate in simplicity and the NaturalPlay harmony algorithms come directly from TC-Helicon’s flagship vocal processor VoiceLive 2, so there is no compromise on sonic quality.

“There is something addictive and fun about using such a small pedal to instantly produce pro sounding background vocals,” shares TC-Helicon Product Manager Tom Lang.

Controlling VoiceTone H1 is truly simple. Singers select from eight voicing combinations, then set harmony mix and choose between guitar control using the guitar pass-thru input or selecting a key and scale.

VoiceTone E1 gives any vocalist simple access to delays and echos used in hit music production. Slapback, Echo, Tap Echo and FX styles can easily be selected and then tuned with the Feedback and Analog controls. Singers can tap song tempo and turn the effect on and off with the footswitch.

VoiceTone X1 borrows technology from TC-Helicon’s infamous Transducer block to emulate the sounds of telephones, distortions and amps to make vocals stand out in a mix, and each style can be tuned with dedicated Drive and Filter controls.

The VoiceLive pedals are available to purchase for $149 USD / €149 EUR (H1, E1) and $129 USD / €129 EUR (X1).

More information: TC-Helicon


TC-Helicon introduces H1, E1 and X1 VoiceTone Single pedals

TC-Helicon VoiceTone H1

TC-Helicon has announced three new VoiceTone Single vocal effects pedals: H1, E1 and X1.

Natural harmony sound, ease of use and now, ultimate affordability are yours in VoiceTone H1. Pros and hobbyists alike can achieve fuller-sounding vocal performances with this sturdy vocal harmony pedal.

VoiceTone E1 offers singers the signature echo and slapback effects that evoke classic songs while putting effects control at their feet. Now, high quality, immersive echo effects for the stage are no longer just for guitarists.

VoiceTone X1 brings a modern “down and dirty” quality to live vocals with tinny megaphones and sharp vocal distortion effects under singers’ control.

Pricing and availability:

  • VoiceTone H1: US $149 estimated price / €149 SSP, shipping June 2011.
  • VoiceTone E1: US$149 estimated price / €149 SSP, shipping Summer 2011.
  • VoiceTone X1: US$129 estimated price / €129 SSP, shipping Summer 2011.

More information: TC-Helicon / VoiceTone H1 / VoiceTone E1 / VoiceTone X1


Antares releases Auto-Tune EFX Vocal Toolkit

Antares Auto-Tune EFX Vocal Toolkit

Anteres has released the Auto-Tune EFX Vocal Toolkit, a collection of vocal effect plug-ins.

The Auto-Tune EFX Toolkit provides three essential vocal processing plug-ins designed to make it incredibly easy to create polished, great-sounding vocal tracks. At a price that represents dramatic savings over the prices of the three plug-ins purchased separately.

Combining Auto-Tune pitch correction, real-time harmony generation, and Antares’ unique microphone modeling technology, the Auto-Tune EFX Vocal Toolkit plug-ins let you achieve professional results with a minimum of hassle.

Auto-Tune EFX Vocal Toolkit features

  • Auto-Tune EFX – Real-time Auto-Tune Effect and Pitch Correction
    Powered by the same core technology as Antares’ world standard Auto-Tune Evo, Auto-Tune EFX is the quickest, easiest-to-use tool for real-time pitch correction and creating the Auto-Tune Vocal Effect (the T-Pain/Cher-style effect). Simply set the voice type and the key of your song and Auto-Tune EFX automatically does the rest.
  • Harmony EFX – Vocal Modeling Harmony Generator
    An incredibly easy-to-use tool for tool for creating realistic (if you want it to be) vocal harmony, Harmony EFX is a streamlined version of Antares’ industry leading Harmony Engine Evo Vocal Modeling Harmony Generator. With four formant-corrected harmony voices, humanization functions for realistic performances, and a variety of powerful harmony generation modes, Harmony EFX puts professional quality vocal harmony arrangements within reach of any musician or engineer.
  • Mic Mod EFX – Classic Microphone Modeler
    A modern reincarnation of Antares’ renowned Microphone Modeler plug-in, Mic Mod EFX lets any reasonable quality microphone sound like any of a variety of historical classic and rare exotic microphones. Using our patented Spectral Shaping Tool™ technology, we’ve created precise digital models that reproduce the subtle sonic characteristics that make each microphone unique. Simply tell Mic Mod EFX what microphone you are actually using and what microphone you’d like it to sound like. It’s as simple as that.

Auto-Tune EFX Vocal Toolkit is available for RTAS (Mac OS X and PC), VST (Mac OS X and PC) and Audio Units.

More information: Antares / Auto-Tune EFX Vocal Toolkit


zplane.development Vielklang, Instant Harmony instrument updated to v1.5.5

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zplane.development Vielklang

zplane.development has released version 1.5.5 of Vielklang, an audio harmonization instrument for Windows PC and Mac.

Harmonize your melody with one single click – loading a single-voiced audio file – and create natural-sounding background choirs and brass arrangements!

Changes in Vielklang v1.5.5

  • [enh] verified Pro Tools 9 compatibility (32bit).
  • [fix] fixed GUI bug in Pro Tools 8 on Windows after closing a project with vielklang.
  • [fix] fixed noise output bug in Logic8/9 when using vielklang as multichannel instrument.

Vielklang is available for PC and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) for 199 EUR incl. VAT.

More information: zplane.development / Vielklang


Digitech releases Vocalist Live 5, vocal harmony & effects processor

Digitech / Vocalist Live 5

DigiTech as introduced the Live 5, the newest addition to the Vocalist product line.

The Live 5 is designed to provide guitarists with the most intuitive, user-friendly, vocal effects and harmony processor available. The pedal will give artists the ability to effortlessly create full, natural sounding 5 part vocal harmonies.

The Live 5 combines studio-quality audio performance, state-of-the-art vocal processing, and an easy-to-use control interface to add up to four independent voices of harmony to a lead vocal to create a full five-part harmony. The Live 5 has Gender Control that gives each harmonizing voice a masculine or feminine sound. Users can customize the natural sound of the harmonizing voices from loose to tight by adjusting the Humanize setting.

Vocalist Live 5 features

  • Automatically follows your guitar chords to generate the correct vocal harmonies using musIQ™.
  • Add up to 4 additional voices of harmony.
  • Gender control allows you to give the harmonies a male and/or female voice.
  • Humanize adjusts the natural sound of the harmonies from loose to tight.
  • Adjustable/Natural sounding, real-time pitch correction.
  • Add different kinds of vocal effects from radio, delay, distortion, and more.
  • Staggered button footswitch layout.
  • 5 metal vacuum switches .
  • Sturdy and durable black metal chassis.
  • Bright, easy-to-read LED display.
  • 100 Presets.
  • A/B Patch per preset .
  • A/B Patch footswitch.
  • Built-in Guitar Tuner.

The Vocalist Live 5 is now shipping with an MSRP of $649.95 USD.

More information: Vocalist by Digitech / Live 5


Cochleor releases Harmony Improvisator

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Cochleor Harmony Improvisator

Cochleor has released Harmony Improvisator, an advanced harmonic composition tool previously available from Jonathan Schmid-Burgk.

A completely reinvented Harmony Improvisator plugin was released today. It features Intel Mac support, a built-in synthesizer, a harmonic pattern sequencer and other extraordinary improvements.

Harmony Improvisator is the most advanced harmonic composition tool on the market. It opens up the manyfold worlds of harmonic theory by making centuries-old knowledge uniquely transparent.

Harmony Improvisator features

  • Perfect harmonic improvisation
  • Composing with the rules of classical harmonic theory – no professional knowledge required
  • Complex cadences suitable for all styles of music
  • Unique concept of harmonic pattern sequencing
  • Automatic calculation of exciting harmonic suggestions
  • Critical time advantage for creating harmonic frames of songs, soundtracks, and arrangements.

Harmony Improvisator is available as a VST effect plug-in for PC and Mac (Intel), priced at 99 EUR (incl. 19% tax) / $129 USD.

More information: Cochleor / Harmony Improvisator


VirSyn updates KLON to v1.0.2


VirSyn has released version 1.0.2 of KLON, a vocal designer plug-in for PC and Mac.

The heart of the vocal designer plugin KLON is a harmonic pitch shifter for natural pitch and formant manipulation of vocal sounds in realtime.

Changes in KLON v1.0.2

  • AU/RTAS: MIDI input was broken.
  • VST3: crash on mono channels fixed.
  • PC / VST 2.4: didn’t work properly.

KLON is available for purchase for the introductory offer of 99 EUR until October 31st, 2009 (regular price 169 EUR). It is free with every purchase of Take Five FX (incl. Bark, Matrix, Reflect, TDesign and VTape) before October 31st, 2009.

More information: VirSyn / KLON