QESounds releases PianoFx

QESounds has announced the release of PianoFx, a sample library for Kontakt 2 and higher, recorded on a 1910’s vintage Lester Cabinet Grand piano. QES PianoFx is a collection of sounds recorded on a bare … read more

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Cinematique Instruments releases Celtic Nylon Harp

Cinematique Instruments has released Celtic Nylon Harp, a sample library for Kontakt. The Celtic Nylon Harp is a small-sized harp with a height of nearly 39 inch (98 cm) and is usually designed for traditional … read more

Short links for September 18th, 2008

Some interesting things I found recently: # IK Multimedia Rebuts Mag on Free Software; Why They Missed the Point Freeware vs Commercial software? I know what I prefer… Whatever gets the job done! Peter Kirn … read more

Pendle releases Grand Thrift Auto(harp)

Pendle has released Grand Thrift Auto(harp), a cunning hybrid instrument made by mating a plucked grand piano with a lowly autoharp. Pendle Grand Thrift Auto(harp) for Kontakt Pendle writes: This strangely beautiful offspring weighs in … read more

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Short links for August 13th, 2008

Some interesting things I found on August 13th, 2008: # Circuitastrophe Symposium – Cincinnati Sept 4-8th 08. Circuit Bending, Robotics, 8-bit Music, Hacking & Electronic Design From the anti-theory website: From September 4 through 9, … read more

Precisionsound releases Meghan Celtic Harp

Precisionsound has released Meghan Celtic Harp, a sample library in HALion, Kontakt & SoundFont formats. The MEGHAN Celtic Harp is the biggest and most resonant Celtic Harp in the “family” with 36 strings and a … read more

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Westgate Studios releases Rare Winds and Harps

Westgate Studios releases Rare Winds and Harps, two titles in the Modular Series 24 bit sample libraries for Kontakt 2 and Gigastudio. Rare Winds includes the following instruments: Sopranino Recorder Soprano Recorder Alto Recorder Tenor … read more

beamz Music Performance System

Always wanted to play laser harp like Jean Michel Jarre? You can build your own like Stephen Hobley did, but what if these DIY projects are a little too complicated for you? The beamz Music … read more

CineSamples releases CineHarp Glissandi

CineSamples has released CineHarp Glissandi, one of the most comprehensive harp glissandi sample libraries available today. CineHarp Glissandi offers composers over 900 unique glissandi choices programmed in easilly accessible patches, in Gigastudio 3.0, Kontakt 2, … read more

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Harptallica, Metallica on Harps

Do Metallica and Harps go together? Sure, hence Harptallica, The All Harp Tribute to Metallica. Harptallica – Harp ‘Em All (see this for reference) From the website: Harptallica began in early 2006 when Ashley Toman, … read more

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SONiVOX MI releases new Downloadable Virtual Instruments (DVIs)

SONiVOX MI has released new Downloadable Virtual Instruments (DVIs). The DVI series products feature a large selection of affordably priced instruments and collections of instruments. SONiVOX DVI’s use TASCAM’s GVI sample playback technology. Current DVI … read more