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Spitfire Audio releases Orchestral Grand Piano + Steven Devine’s Harpsichord announced

Spitfire Audio has released Orchestral Grand Piano, a piano sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

A quick walk-through of Spitfire’s Orchestral Grand Piano

Orchestral Grand Piano is a super realistic “contextual” piano designed specifically to fit proudly within your full orchestral arrangements. Having recorded it in one of the greatest studios in the world we’re confident it will fit in with any palette. But if you’re an existing Spitfire user, this VI will seamlessly integrate.

Pianos tend to be recorded in a very scientific manner which is why, for larger orchestral mockups and realisations they can often be very difficult to blend in and mix. You will have no such problems here. We simply recorded the piano as we have the rest of our modules. In situ, a real-world setting with mics placed as they would be for any orchestral session. The end result a piano sounding as it would, where it would be and recorded as it would be for any of the great film scores to have been recorded in Air-Studios Lyndhurst Hall.

The Orchestral Grand Piano library for Kontakt (full version required) is available to purchase at the introductory price of £39 GBP.

Spitfire has also announced the upcoming Steven Devine’s Harpsichord sample library for Kontakt.

Soon to hit our shelves; Steven Devine graced us with the presence of his beautiful Harpsichord (the soundboard of which makes up this product’s artwork) enthusiasm, passion and detailed practical advise to complete our latest module which will be available for a limited period (until the 18th April 2012) at a once-off introductory price.

More information: Spitfire Audio

Soniccouture releases The Conservatoire Collection for Kontakt

Soniccouture The Convervatoire Collection

Soniccouture, in conjunction with The Birmingham Conservatoire, has announced The Conservatoire Collection, a completely unique collection of 10 different baroque, renaissance and early musical instruments.

The collection centres around two magnificent reproduction harpsichords, and also features guitars, theorbos and a hurdy gurdy.

These beautiful new instruments bring the soundscape of our musical past to life, showing us how incredibly diverse our modern instruments’ predecessors were. We are now able to enter into our musical heritage more faithfully, and the new palette of sounds available offers fresh inspiration for composers today.

The Conservatoire Collection features

  • 23 GB core sample library ( 9 GB on disc with NCW lossless compression).
  • 24 bit 96 khz stereo sampling.
  • 10 Kontakt Player instruments: French Harpsichord, Flemish Harpsichord, Theorbo, English Theorbo, Baroque Guitar, Psaltery, Baroque Timpani, Renaissance Side Drums, Nakers, Hurdy Gurdy.
  • Up to 10 velocity layers, 3 alternate Round Robin layers.
  • Key-off samples and multiple articulations according to instrument.
  • Real time hand postion control for guitar instruments.
  • Custom Convolution Reverb Impulse response library.
  • User selectable scales and tuning control for all pitched instruments.

The Conservatoire Collection is available at an introductory price of €179 EUR / $219 USD until Sept 16, 2011. Use coupon code OVD069KVPK at checkout to take advantage of this offer.

More information: Soniccouture / The Conservatoire Collection

Bolder Sounds releases Virginal sample library

Bolder Sounds Virginal

Bolder Sounds has released Virginal, a sample library created from a replica of a 4 octave Italian Box Virginal.

The Virginal is the predecessor of the Harpsichord with the strings running parallel to the keyboard rather than from front to back like the Harpsichord. England’s Virgin Queen ( Elizabeth I ) was said to be a fine performer on the instrument.

Virginals were made all over Europe between the years 1500 and 1800. The earliest and some of the best Box Virginals were made in Italy with a spruce soundboard.

Virginal is available to purchase in Kontakt 3 and EXS24 formats for the introductory price of $29.95 USD until the end March 2011.

More information: Bolder Sounds

SampleTekk Acoustic Piano Sale, 25% off sample libaries

SampleTekk Acoustic Piano Sale

SampleTekk has announced an Acoustic Piano Sale, a time limited offer on its acoustic piano sample libraries.

SampleTekk Acoustic Pianos

  • 7CG – Seven Seas Grand, Yamaha C7 – Super detailed multisampled Grand Piano No less then 93 unique samples per recorded note.
  • 7CG Jr, Yamaha C7 – A subset from the 7CG – The most detailed sampled Yamaha C7 (c) ever.
  • Black Grand – Steinway D – The magnificent Steinway D, recorded in a concerthall for the true concert grand experience.
  • Harpsichord – The instrument was sampled in thirds, (C, D#, F# and A) in each octave.
  • PMI Bosendorfer 290 – This Bösendorfer library provides the greatest possible control during the softest pianissimo, through crescendos to the reserves of power needed for the loudest fortissimo.
  • PMI Clavichords – This library brings you a small and a larger Clavichord. The clavichords have been sampled with their release sounds, giving them an unbelievable realistic quality.
  • PMI Estonia – Estonia Concert Grand piano is a multi-velocity level chromatically sampled piano of the highest realism!
  • PMI Forte E – A new 24 bit sampled Fortepiano with 3 velocity layers, sustain and modulator patches.
  • PMI Historic Keyboards – A collection of historic instruments: 2 harpsichords, a virginal and a fortepiano for GigaStudio and compatible samplers.
  • PMI Hybrid – Modular: Design Your Own Piano. The Hybrid Pianos are unlike any other piano library available today.
  • PMI Old Lady – The final 24 bit grand piano library! This library brings you an amazing Model 1923 Steinway D grand piano.
  • PMI Steinway D – We recorded the best grand piano we could find. This particular instrument is in premium condition, a Steinway model D3 with serial number 393210 which was built in 1965.
  • PMI The Emperor – The final 24 bit grand piano library!!! EMPEROR: This library brings you an incredible Bösendorfer 290 SE as the most realistic sample library available today.
  • PMI Yamaha C7 – PMI Yamaha C7 concervatory grand. Pop piano! Up to 16 levels of velocity, recorded at 96kHz/24 bits.
  • Rain Piano – A serious Upright piano with character. Sometimes a Grand Piano is simply too much or lacks personality. Rain Piano is professionally setup to add character while staying in tune with your other instruments.
  • SG88 Mk II – Studio Grand 88 – A large sample instrument that provides extra responsive velocity layering smooth transition from softest to loudest timbres.
  • Steiny D – Steinway D – Based on the same samples as the award winning Black Grand. Sampleset contains more then 1000 individual samples.
  • Steiny D Close! – Steinway D – Based on the samples recorded during the Black Grand session.
  • TSO Yamaha C7 – The TSO is the stripped down, slicker, smaller version of TBO. Same timbre, same great sound, but a more economic, no fat version that can be useful when you need to work on a smaller budget. Still, it’s a big one!
  • Vertikal Jazz / Pop – The Vertikal is a upright piano recorded and designed to do the job when you need that little extra “umpf” in your songs.
  • WG Jr – Based on the same samples as the famous White Grand we have managed to make a smaller version that has the sound and playability that makes the White Grand so grand – in short: a little brother with a lot of attitude!!!!
  • White Grand – SampleTekks White Grand – The Ultimate Studio Grand Piano.
  • White Sister – The White Grand by SampleTekk is by many musicians and composers believed to be the finest contemporary studio rock/pop/jazz Grand Piano.

The SampleTekk acoustic piano libraries are available at 25% discount until February 18th, 2011.

More information: SampleTekk

Realsamples Italian Harpsichord III – Edition Beurmann, sample library

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Realsamples Italian Harpsichord III

Realsamples has released Italian Harpsichord III – Edition Beurmann, a sample library featuring a 300 year old harpsichord.

The Italian Harpsichord III library features an instrument built around 1690 by an anonymous maker.

Featuring three sounds – a front and a rear 8′ register as well both together – it allows for the traditional rich and slick Italian harpsichord tone, offering additional flexibility by choosing the adequate 8′ or using the gentle 2 x 8′ combination with its inspiring and complex harmonics.

Italian Harpsichord III features

  • 3 different register combinations sampled: Front 8′, Rear 8′ and 2 x 8′.
  • 8 different samples of each note per register combination.
  • 4 different release sounds of each note per register combination.
  • ready to play HAlion®/Kontakt2®/EXS24® or GigaStudio3® presets.
  • wave format (except GigaStudio® version).
  • no mastering applied.
  • recorded in 192 khz/24 bits resolution and downsampled.
  • DVD set.
  • license-free applicable in your music.

Italian Harpsichord III – Edition Beurmann is available to purchase for $149.95 USD excl. VAT and postage.

More information: Realsamples

Realsamples French Harpsichord – Edition Beurmann, harpsichord sample library

Realsamples French Harpsichord - Edition Buermann

Realsamples has released French Harpsichord – Edition Beurmann, a sample library featuring a double-manual instrument by renowned French builder Nicolas Pigalle.

The instrument – built in Dijon in 1771 – features an “enchanting sound with singing clarity and a substantial bass”, as Professor Beurmann explains. These qualities – along with its huge tone which also manages to bring out its delicate, sophisticated finesse and detail – make it is an excellent representation of the French style. “It is one of only two surviving harpsichords from Dijon, a city once so rich in musical tradition, the other also being by Pigalle.”, he continues.

Based on its two manuals and different registers, the Pigalle harpsichord offers lots of unqiue sounds, sampled with 5 different register combinations, including the upper 8′, lower 8′ (principal 8′), the 4′, both 8′ as well as the “tutti” combination of both 8′ registers and the 4′ recorded together.

French Harpsichord – Edition Beurmann features

  • More than 3400 single samples, recorded in 192 khz/24 bits resolution and downsampled.
  • 5 different register combinations sampled: Lower 8′, Upper 8′, 4′, Tutti and 2 x 8′.
  • 8 different samples of each note per register combination (4′ register: 4 different samples per note).
  • 4 different release sounds of each note per register combination.
  • Ready to play HAlion®/Kontakt2®/EXS24® or GigaStudio3® presets.
  • Wave format (except GigaStudio® version).
  • No mastering applied.
  • DVD or CD set.
  • License-free applicable in your music.

French Harpsichord – Edition Beurmann is available to purchase for $159.95 USD excl. VAT and postage.

More information: Realsamples

Short links for July 20th, 2010

Some interesting things I found recently:

Squishy Circuits

# Squishy Circuits

Squishy Circuits were developed at the University of St. Thomas by undergraduate Samuel Johnson and Dr. AnnMarie Thomas.

The purpose of their development is to facilitate electronics education to younger students. Research is being done to determine the most effective implementation of this learning tool in a middle school science curriculum. Our hope is that through the use of this tool, students will better understand electronics concepts, become more interested in engineering, and ultimately participate in playful learning techniques. This page is dedicated to sharing out research and guiding the further use and creation of squishy circuits.

via Make Blog

# Free Sample Shootout #4: Mellotrons And Harpsichords

Another free sample shootout on the bedroom producer's blog:

This week’s edition of Free Sample Shootout will be a rather short one, but also a very sweet one, because it includes links to free samples of two very rare instruments.

[CML001] Hope's not lost by Various Artists

# [CML001] Hope’s not lost by Various Artists

Camomille Music has released Hope’s not lost, an album featuring Emanuele Errante, Makunouchi Bento, Casper, Evo Luthi, Shiftless, Kyle Dawkins, Ilkae, Muhr, Transient, Ian Hawgood, Nunu, Woodworkings, and Hior Chronik & Logreybeam.

Yes, after closing down last year, we're back. We decided it was time to have fun again. Since we closed, the netlabel scene has changed a lot. The internet has changed a lot. Most of our favorite netlabels don't exist anymore. Everything has changed, for the better we think.

The thought of reopening occured to me in January 2010, after the haiti earthquake. As i stood helpless in front of my television screen, the way i envisioned to help was to make a compilation to raise awareness and funds for haiti. While that didnt turn out the way i wanted it to, i strongly and whole-heartedly advise you to go over to any of these fine establishements : Oxfam, Earthship, Google crisis response. If you think i'm missing some, please email me and i'll add them.

“Hope’s not lost” is available as a free download in various formats (mp3, flac, ogg, etc.)

Soniccouture releases RMI Rocksichord

Soniccouture RMI Rocksichord

Soniccouture has announced the release of RMI Rocksichord, a free sampled Rocksichord electric harpsichord instrument for Kontakt.

A certain Mikael Jorgensen from Wilco mentioned to us that he had started sampling his ancient RMI Rocksichord keyboard, but hadn’t the time to finish the looping and programing. We asked him how he would feel if we finished the job and offered it as a free download from the Soniccouture site.

Happily, he agreed, and you can now download the result.

RMI Rocksichord features

  • Kontakt Format
  • 350 MB Library
  • 24 Bit 44.1Khz Sampling
  • KSP Stops Mixing Script
  • All 12 Original Stops + Accents

RMI Rocksichord for Kontakt (full version required, not compatible with Kontakt Player) is available as a free download. Registration (free) is required.

More information: Soniccouture / RMI Rocksichord