Sample Magic releases Ableton Magic Racks: Mix Essentials

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Ableton Magic Racks: Mix Essentials

Sample Magic has launched Ableton Magic Racks: Mix Essentials, a collection of 5 powerful Ableton Racks by Hedflux, designed for intuitive and precision sculpting of a track’s key elements.

Each rack has been expertly built to cater to the demands of modern dance music producers – rigorously tried, tested and tweaked to offer incisive mixing options with the simplest of controls for maximum dancefloor impact.

Built exclusively from Ableton’s native tools and FX, each macro-controllable rack offers deep-level and highly-targeted enhancement of the key mix components in any dance track, from kick drum to hi-hats, synths to bass.

Mix Essentials features

  1. Kick Tweaker – Tighten, deepen and fine-tune any kick drum. No transient is left un-tweaked in this comprehensive kick drum tool.
  2. Snare Shaper – Precise tonal and envelope controls to whip snares, claps, sticks and stacks into shape.
  3. Bass Toner – An essential of so many dance productions. Use Bass Toner to add weight, warmth and width to any weedy bassline or to sculpt and sharpen overbearing subs.
  4. Percussion Processor – Give life, movement and energy to percussion, hi-hats and tops.
  5. Synth Modulator – Creative tools to morph melodics with 8 simple macro controls.

The Rack Pack is available for purchase for £9.90 GBP.

More information: Sample Magic / Mix Essentials


Sounds To Sample Electro Jack, sample pack by Hedflux

Sounds To Sample Electro Jack

Sounds To Sample has released Electro Jack, a new sample pack by Hedflux.

Wonky beats, wobbly basslines, sleazy synths and twisted tops combine in full-force in Electro Jack, a floor-slaying grab-bag of 200+ XXX-rated loops.

58 nose-diving basslines jostle with 50 jackin’ beats and 48 off-kilter sleaze-synths and freaky FX rub shoulders with 52 envelope-pushing kick-free tops in the latest from Beatport chart-topping sound designer Hedflux.

With all sounds sourced in the analogue domain then abused in the digital, this pack offers a mix of full-on electro beats, tongue-in-cheek FX, darker LFO-trash B-Lines and hyper detailed glitch loops.

All loops are offered as 24-bit Wavs, with many melodic loops offered with variants for added flexibility.

Drop’n’play, Drop’n’chop, or Twist’n’Glitch for a vast array of original truly wonky song-starters.

Electro Jack is available to purchase for 15.95 EUR.

More information: Sounds To Sample / Electro Jack


Disco Electro & Deep Afrika: Tribal Tops, sample libraries from Sounds To Sample

Sounds To Sample Disco Electro

Sounds To Sample has released Disco Electro and Deep Afrika: Tribal Tops, two new sample libraries.

Globally renowned US uber-producer Jon Pegnato of LA Riots opens his elusive sample vaults for the first time, exclusively to Sounds to Sample. Taking in the best of electro, nu-disco and tech-house, Disco-Electro is a shimmering collection of 128bpm drums, tops, bass, synth, music, fx and one-shots.

Disco Electro features

  • 450 Wav files, 24-bit 44.1Khz. 285.4Mb content.
  • 117 loops at 128bpm; drum loops, tops, bass, synth, music, fx.
  • 89 fx and one-shot elements and 244 drum hits (kick, snare, hat, perc, clap, cymbal).
  • Key-labeled files, 2 or 4 bar variants.

Disco Electro is available to purchase as a download for £16.99 GBP.

Sounds To Sample Deep Afrika: Tribal Tops

Deep Afrika: Tribal Tops is the follow-up of Tribal Tech-Grooves, featuring 200 all-new kick-free percussive workouts created from the ground up for tribal and tech-house.

Taking a deeper approach than its predecessor, Deep Afrika features authentic tribal ensembles re-sequenced and mixed alongside hats, noises, jungle ambience and electronic percussion into 125 and 128bpm folder groups for lush top-end grooves.

With ethnic percussion sourced from live field recordings made across the African sub-continent, this pack oozes character, alongside dancefloor-ready presence.

Deep Afrika: Tribal Tops features

  • 200 x 24-bit Wav loops, 201.6Mb content, including:
    • Deep Tribal Excursions — Pared-down workouts and voodoo rhythms: just add a kick drum and you’ve got the track backbone sorted.
    • Light Tribal Tops — Higher-end loops: shakers, bells, bongos and shamanic rites. Layer for ever bigger ensembles.
    • Processed Percussion — Dancefloor-optimised beats and grooves: resequenced and layered percussion built with one thing in mind: mainroom devastation. Each loop is designed to hit in all the right places.
  • Samples by Sample Magic sound designer Hedflux (Minimal & Tech-House, Ultimate FX).
  • All loops are tempo labeled.

Deep Afrika: Tribal Tops is available to purchase as a download for £13.95 GBP.

More information: Sounds To Sample