Rabbit Ears Audio releases Hind Helicopter sound library

Rabbit Ears Audio has released REA010 Hind Helicopter, a sound fx library featuring the Mi-24 Hind Soviet gunship.

REA10 Hind Helicopter
The Mi-24 Hind’s large size and five blades give it a unique sound

This collection features a series of pass-bys and maneuvers from a number of perspectives, as well as onboard recordings from the crew compartment of the aircraft.

This library also offers meticulous recordings of all the switches and the electrical system of the aircraft. The internal workings of the machine are full of character and, at times, sound downright possessed.

The sample library is avaialble to purchase in Hi-Res format (24-bit/96kHz, 77 files, 4.5 GB download/6.69 GB unrar’d) for $129 USD.

More information: Rabbit Ears Audio / Hind Helicopter


Short links for October 23rd, 2007

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Looza in the mix - Non Stop Beat

O’Malley Sound plugins now available for download

O'Malley Dragonfly v1.0

O’Malley Sound‘s plugins are no longer available from his website, since the whole website is offline.

You can now download the following plugins from rekkerd.org:

  • Aphid DX v1.0, FM synth
  • Cobra 1 v1.0, helicopter synth
  • Dragonfly v1.0, subtractive synth
  • Moth v1.0, SF2 sample player
  • Yellow Jacket v1.0, analog subtractive synth

For more information and links to download these plugins, check the O’Malley Sound VSTi page.


O’Malley Sound VSTi

O’Malley Sound released 5 freeware VSTi plugins a few years ago. The O’Malley website is no longer available, so the plugins –2 subtractive, 1 FM, 1 SF2 player, and 1 helicopter synth– are now hosted on this page.

Aphid DX v1.0 (FM Synth)

O'Malley Aphid DX v1.0
  • 4 Operators
  • 2 LFOs
  • 1 VCF (with 10 settings)
  • 3 Envelopes (env3 always modulates main amp)
  • 4 FM types

Aphid DX v1.0 Download size: 0.7 MB

Cobra 1 v1.0 (helicopter synth)

O'Malley Cobra 1 v1.0
  • 12 different helicopter controls
  • 1 Oscilliscope

Cobra 1 v1.0 Download size: 0.8 MB

Dragonfly v1.0 (subtractive synth)

O'Malley Dragonfly v1.0
  • 3 VCO’s
  • 1 LFO’s
  • 1 VCF (with 10 settings)
  • 2 Envelopes (ENV2 is always main amp)
  • 1 CV Sequencer with host and internal BPM

Dragonfly v1.0 Download size: 0.8 MB

Moth v1.0 (SF2 sample player)

O'Malley Moth v1.0
  • 2 Envelopes
  • 1 LFO
  • 1 VCF

Moth v1.0 Download size: 0.6 MB

Yellow Jacket v1.0 (analog subtractive synth)

O'Malley Yellow Jacket v1.0
  • 3 VCO’s
  • 2 LFO’s
  • 1 VCF (with 10 settings)
  • 2 Envelopes (amp and filter)
  • 3 Built in effects (distortion, doubleing, and ring modulator)
  • 1 Keyboard

Yellow Jacket v1.0 Download size: 0.7 MB

All the VSTi plugins were created with SynthEdit.