Hervé Noury releases Dazibao for Mac – Create sounds with colors

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Hervé Noury has announced the release of Dazibao, a software synthesizer for Mac OS X.

It is easy to use Dazibao : first create some “sound colors” thanks to an analogy between colors and sound. The hue modifies the waveform, the saturation and brightness control the filters and the level of the noise generator. Even more, this color includes detune, vibrato and space effects. You just need then to associate these colors in a patch to create rich or complex evolutions of the sound.

The Dazibao app allows sound design using colors and graphs.

Dazibao features

  • 79 waveforms, including organ effects, bells effects, analog like waveforms, keys, FM waveforms, woodwind effects and more…
  • Low Pass Filter, High Pass Filter and Noise generator : the triangle of saturation and brightness of the editor will help you to control the two filters and the noise level with one click!! It works perfectly, and it is easy to control.
  • Detune and vibrato for each one of the two oscillators : control the depth and the speed of the vibrato with only one click!
  • Pan, “space effect” (short delay) and soft clipping for each voice.
  • DazibaoAU, Audio Unit plugin for use with the application, or with your favorite host sequencer:
    • Possibility to create personal sound banks (with the application) that you’ll recall in your host using MIDI Program Change messages.
    • Possibility to create your “preferred” sound bank that the audio unit will recall automatically when you’ll launch it.
    • Add expression to your patches using velocity or modulation.
    • The “pads” will respond to the MIDI General Purpose Controller 1 and 2 (MIDI Continuous controllers 16 and 17).
    • The sequencer is automatically synchronized to the host tempo value.

The Dazibao app (sound editor) for Mac is available to purchase for $28.99 USD. The free AU plugin is available to download at Noury Apple Software.

More information: Dazibao


Hervé Noury releases Six Toungs Hyper FM, free synthesizer plug-in

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Six Toungs Hyper FM

Hervé Noury has announced the release of Hyper FM, a free virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows.

The Six Toungs Hyper FM is a classical FM synthesizer.

The originality of this instrument is the capabilities of the oscillators : several note filtering for the gates, sequencers.

These possibilities provide some very rich possibilities to explore new patches and new combinations of sounds.

Hyper FM is available to download as a freeware VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC.

More information: Hervé Noury


Hervé Noury releases Six Toungs Motif

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Hervé Noury Six Toungs Motif

Hervé Noury has released Six Toungs Motif, a free instrument plug-in for Windows.

Play a chord of 6 notes on your MIDI keyboard and several motifs will sound together in a wonderful polyphony.

These musical motifs can be these of analogue like sequencers, but can be created also by natural sounds and others wave recordings, or played live with a keyboard or a joystick disposed on the screen.

Six Toungs Motif features

  • 3 Poly Synths, 1 additive synth and 1 modeling synth modules.
  • 4 analogue like 16-step sequencers.
  • Joystick Arpeggio Sequencer for improvised harp like arpeggios sequences.
  • Sequencers can be assigned to any synthesizer.
  • Moog like filter, fuzz distortion, ADS envelope with MIDI velocity.
  • Mix panel for mixing the synths, includes chorus and delay effects.

Six Toungs Motif is available as a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.

More information: Hervé Noury


Hervé Noury releases Six Toungs Tone Palette and Monophone

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Hervé Noury Six Toungs Tone Palette

Hervé Noury has released Six Toungs Tone Palette and Monophone, two freeware VST plug-ins for Windows PC.

Six Toungs Tone Palette is a VST effect that allow you to create several modulations of an audio source’s timbre, and select them during the performance via a selector, like a painter selects his colours on his palette.

Monophone is not a synthesizer : it is a Pierre Henry like experimental music studio presented as a VST instrument. Several wave players replace old tape recorders. These sources can modulate one each other via envelope followers, pitch detectors and a vocoder also.

You can download these and more freeware plug-ins from Hervé Noury’s Musical Shop (scroll down and click on “Instrument VST” image to access the free downloads).

Visit Hervé Noury for more information.