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HISS and a ROAR releases AMB002 Beaches sample library

Hiss and a Roar has released Beaches, a new ambience sound library.

HISS and a ROAR AMB002 Beaches

If you’ve ever had to sync waves to picture then you will appreciate the need for a collection of cleanly recorded waves of various scales; from gentle idyllic waterlaps to more turbulent surf. Each location in this new library was recorded to six tracks, capturing a narrow & coherent stereo image with a Sanken CSS5 microphone, a dynamic & exciting pointillistic image using a pair of Sennheiser MKH70s, and a more diffuse, brighter image using a pair of omni-directional DPA 6040 microphones.

Each ambience in the library contains a minimum of three minutes duration for each of the three sets of stereo mics, in all fourteen beach locations, along with a photo to clearly identify the setting, and GPS coordinates incase you’d like to visit on Google Earth. This library aims to provide sound editors with the ability to easily choose which location and recording/s best match the perspective and point of view of your footage. Alternatively if you need a micro-nap, hit play & transport yourself to a pristine Pacific beach, far far away…

AMB002 Beaches is available to purchase for $49 USD.

More information: HISS and a ROAR / Beaches


Hiss and a Roar releases Contact Mic sample library

Hiss and a Roar Contact Mic

Hiss and a Roar has released SD008 Contact Mic, a sound fx sample library.

Recording with contact microphones is fascinating territory to explore due to the unpredictable results; it encourages experimentation! Inspired by the incredible work of Alan Splet and Anne Krober on Dune (as described in this article) I bought a custom built Trance Audio Inducer contact mic and preamp back in 2001, and have been experimenting with it ever since. A couple of years later I added a pair of Barcus Berry Planar Wave contact mics and while these mics featured in Tortured Piano this library is something else again: it is literally the result of hundreds of hours of experimenting…

One aspect of contact mic recording that is fascinating for sound design is the lack of acoustic – there is no reverb due to the sounds being recording via direct vibration, not through the air. This feature alone makes for very malleable sounds, excellent as components and layers in complex, composite sounds or for when you need an abstract organic sound but where the actual source must remain concealed…

Contact Mic includes 1,556 sounds in 24-bit/192kHz & 96kHZ, and is available to purchase for $99 USD.

More information: Hiss and a Roar / Contact Mic


HISS and a ROAR releases SD007 Water Foley sound fx library

HISS and a ROAR has announced the release of Water Foley, a new sound fx sample library.

Hiss and a Roar Water Foley

Creating convincing water foley and movement can be difficult on even the best foley stages, but that’s where this new library comes in.

This library was recorded in two exterior swimming pools, one interior pool, a sandy beach at low tide, a river, a stream, a rock pool at low tide and a swamp. Apart from human movement, footsteps and splashing I also used kelp and seaweed to emulate the more complex sound of tentacles, which along with some of the mud suction sounds are very useful components for creature design.

In all cases I have minimised background ambiences as much as humanly possible; through microphone choice and placement along with time of day & tide movement. The two exterior pools were recorded multichannel, using two MKH70s and a stereo Sanken CSS5.

SD007 Water Foley includes 1,664 sounds (24bit/96kHz, 3.1GB content) and is available to purchase for $49 USD.

More information: HISS and a ROAR / Water Foley


HISS and a ROAR launches Tortured Piano Remix Competition + releases free sample pack

Hiss and a Roar Tortured Piano Remix Competition

Tim Prebble of HISS and a ROAR has announced the Tortured Piano Remix Competition, a contest where you get the chance to win a free copy of the Tortured Piano sample library.

After playing with the sounds in the Tortured Piano library over the last few weeks, I’ve become fascinated as to the ways these sounds can be processed, altered & recontextualised… But I am even more so interested in what other people might do with the sounds….

So I’ve just released the FREE version of the Tortured Piano library (45 x 16BIT 44.1KHZ Stereo .WAV sounds 58MB) and am hereby launching the first HISSandaROAR remix competition!

The only source material must be from the TORTURED PIANO FREE library. You can obviously manipulate and process them in any way you like, but no other sound sources are allowed (eg other samples, instruments, recordings etc)

The remix competition deadline is Monday 8th August. Three winners will each receive a free copy of the full 192kHz 7GB Tortured Piano library.

More information: HISS and a ROAR / Tortured Piano Remix Competition


HISS and a ROAR releases Tortured Piano sound library

HISS and a ROAR Tortured Piano

HISS and a ROAR has announced the release of its Tortured Piano sample library.

There is nothing sadder than the death of a musical instrument, but this broken old piano was deceased long before I got it. So my mission was to immortalise its final sounds as it was struck, scraped, twanged, hit and slowly deconstructed to a pile of kindling and broken wires. And then a wake was held….

The resulting library is an incredibly diverse collection of disturbing and unsettling sounds, perfect for evocative sound design but also useful for many practical applications: some of the wood creaks, shrieks, hits & splits are particularly resonant, while many of the metal-on-wood scrapes are prime source material for woosh creation.

Tortured Piano features

  • 24bit 192kHz stereo.
  • 1,143 sounds.
  • 3.7GB download, 7.3GB unrar’d.

Tortured Piano is available to purchase for the introductory price of $79 USD until May 20, 2011 (regular price $99 USD).

More information: HISS and a ROAR / Tortured Piano


HISS and a ROAR releases Blow Holes ambience library

HISSandaROAR Blow Holes

HISS and a ROAR has announced the release of Blow Holes, its first ambience library.

When the power of an incoming tide becomes constricted some awe inspiring sounds result!

Recorded in four different locations in New Zealand and Samoa, the library includes some of the most turbulent sea inlets and blow holes in the Pacific.

Blow Holes is a 1.52GB download (2.17GB uncompressed, 24bit 96kHz), priced at $49 USD.

More information: HISS and a ROAR


HISS and a ROAR releases SD005 PRESSURE, Sound FX Library

HISSandaROAR SD005 Pressure

HISS and a ROAR has announced the release of SD005 PRESSURE, a sound fx library featuring a collection of recordings of air and steam powered devices.

We all know sound occurs through the vibration of air molecules, but what happens when you deliberately manipulate the pressure? We’ve employed a vast range of devices for exactly that purpose: a five ton steam engine, an air compressor with many different attachments, truck air brakes, a domestic pressure cooker, spray cans, fire extinguishers, balloons, shaken up soda cans, paint ball guns & the most essential device of all; the human breath!

Every one of these devices provides a unique source of design material, whether its many varied forms of aggressive attack, or the sustained shriek & decay as the pressure drops… Use these as elements in their own right or convolve them with your favourite source material or impulse responses – the noise component means they cut through even the densest mixes. We also took the opportunity to record some very interesting ambiences – air hissing through a variety of pipes…

SD005 PRESSURE is available to purchase in various formats starting at $9 USD. A free collection of 67 sounds (16 bit/44.1kHz) is available to download from the product page.

More information: HISS and a ROAR / SD005 PRESSURE