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Nine Volt Audio releases Solo Guitaret for Kontakt

Nine Volt Audio Guitaret

Nine Volt Audio has announced Solo Guitaret, a free instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Introduced in 1963 and discontinued only two years later, the Guitaret was an invention of Ernst Zacharias, the mind behind other Hohner instruments like the Clavinet, Cembalet and Pianet.

Marketed as an easy-to-play instrument to mimic guitar or banjo, the actual sound sits somewhere between an electric kalimba and electric piano.

The Guitaret is held like a guitar, with the player holding the “neck” or handle to engage the sustain/dampening mechanism. The other hand is used to pluck the 36 metal keys, which barely protrude out of the instrument’s body. The vibration of the plucked keys is then captured by a series of internal pick-ups.

In recent years, the Guitaret has been used on a number of new recordings, perhaps most notably on the soundtrack for The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis.

For Solo Guitaret, the instrument has been sampled at five different velocity layers, with three groups of round robin. A custom interface allows for control over a variety of sound sculpting tools, as well as access to load and save custom presets within a single patch.

Solo Guitaret features

  • Over 120 MB (uncompressed) of 44.1/24bit samples. Download is approximately 76 MB.
  • User interface provides a pull down menu of custom patches. The ability to save user presets directly into the main patch is also provided for.
  • User interface controls include: convolution reverb (with 34 custom IR .wavs), saturation, amp modeling, tremolo, pan, chorus, ADSR and three band EQ.
  • Solo Guitaret is compatible with full retail versions of Kontakt and higher.

The sample library is a free download (valid email address required).

More information: Nine Volt Audio / Solo Guitaret


Tronsonics releases Stoner Planet T sample library

Tronsonics has released Stoner Planet T, a sample library which contains a single set of samples from the Hohner Pianet T electric piano.

Recorded to worn tape on vintage equipment to emulate the distinctive Mellotron character, the piano has been overdriven through a 1960s valve pre-amp.

This pack contains over 40 imaginary 70s inspired preset instruments for Kontakt 4.2.3 or later, with the emphasis on modulation (from phasers, autowah and delay to ramped lfos triggered with the modulation wheel).

The Stoner Planet sample library is available to purchase for £9.99 GBP (£8.99 GBP for registered members and £4.99 GBP for students).

More information: Tronsonics / Stoner Planet T


Cinematique Instruments releases Sapphire 60 for Kontakt

Cinematique Instruments has announced the release of Sapphire 60, an organ sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Cinematique Instruments Sapphire 60

The source of the SAPPHIRE 60 organ is the Hohner Symphonic 30N combo – a small organ, which was famous for its mean and unique sound mostly used in sixties beat music. But even a decade later famous bands such as Led Zeppelin used the organ during its 1972/73 UK tour. It is a four octave mobile organ with 8 registers: two of the 16″, four of the 8″ and two of the 4″ octaves – each of them switchable. Besides that you have switches for vibrato and brilliance. Instead of transistors it uses glass tubes.

A review from the sixties says: ” The build quality is top notch […] it can shock the living piss out of you if you’re used to working with solid state circuitry.

Our SAPPHIRE 60 is – typically for Cinematique Instruments – very versatile and suited for loads of music genres such as british rock, reggae, ska, pop and even scoremusic.

We recorded all of the eight registers in steps of 3 semitones. In contrast to the original organ concept which allows only to switch the register on or off each register can now be mixed in separately via faders. Besides that we provide two different kinds of vibrato, a rotary speaker fx, a distortion and a cabinet simulation. You get a button to control the amount of delay and reverb. Furthermore you get buttons to save (and reload) the whole setting of the organ. To get quick access to the abilities of the SAPPHIRE 60 we provide some presets which cover a wide range of sounds – sounds for nearly every taste.

Sapphire 60 is available to purchase for 19 EUR.

More information: Cinematique Instruments / Sapphire 60


Detunized releases fTable Live Pack for Ableton

Detunized fTable

Detunized has released fTable, a sample library for Ableton Live featuring synthesized random and additive sampler waveforms.

The new fTable Live Pack includes a huge collection of synthesized waveforms created on a Hohner HS1E sampler. All sets of waveforms use the additive and hand drawing capabilities of this unit. The samples are recorded through the samplers proprietary 16 Bit DAC that is a little harsh but also gives unique colorization to the sounds.

fTable takes you back to the late 80´s when this sampler appeared on the market and instantly challenged the big players like EMU and AKAI.

fTable features

  • Includes 40 instruments.
  • 655 samples, 24 Bit/44,1 kHz.
  • Ableton Live Pack for Live 7 or higher.

fTable for Live is available to purchase as an instant download for 4.80 EUR.

More information: Detunized / fTable


Smash Up The Studio MIDI Keys: Keyboard Riffs of the 60′s & 70′s Vol 2

Equinox Sounds has released MIDI Keys: Keyboard Riffs of the 60′s & 70′s Vol 2, a piano MIDI chord progressions library by Smash Up The Studio.

Smash Up The Studio MIDI Keys Keyboard Riffs of the 60s and 70s Vol 2

You’ll find three awesome MIDI Construction Kits and stacks of loops, performed with breathtaking authenticity and in the styles of some of the huge artists of the era.

Following its best-selling predecessor, this pack also concentrates on those truly memorable chord progressions that never seem to go out of date. Timeless riffs that slot seamlessly into many of todays popular styles.

There are loops designed for acoustic piano, also loops for some of the classic electric pianos of the time such as the Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer piano and also the Hohner D6 Clavinet and Hammond organ.

Keyboard Riffs of the 60′s & 70′s Vol 2 features

  • 3 MIDI Construction Kits and 70 loops ranging from 4 to 16 bars in length.
  • Covers various musical styles including Soul, Funk, Jazz, Rock and Pop.
  • Not limited to specific sounds but can use the plug-in of your choice to play back each loop, as well as performing countless other editing permutations.
  • A selection of loops are featured in the Loop demo. All MIDI files are tempo-labelled.
  • All loops are Royalty-free and have been composed and performed by Steve Burton, exclusively for Smash Up The Studio.

MIDI Keys: Keyboard Riffs of the 60′s & 70′s Vol 2 is available to purchase for $29.95 USD.

More information: Equinox Sounds / Keyboard Riffs of the 60′s & 70′s Vol 2


Hollow Sun Oscillosine and Organa, Sonic Laboratory Instruments for Kontakt

Hollow Sun Oscillosine

Hollow Sun has released Oscillosine and Organa, two Sonic Laboratory Instruments for Kontakt.

Almost as though it was found in the back of a damp garage after decades of neglect, Hollow Sun has created Oscillosine. Reminiscent of an oddball inventor’s strange homebrew creation, Oscillosine is designed to conjour the sights, sounds and smells of a 1940s experimenter’s laboratory… glowing valves, otherworldly audio and maybe a hint of pipe tobacco.

The samples for Oscillosine are taken from a vintage tube Hewlett Packard sine wave test oscillator estimated to date back to the 50s or 60s, maybe earlier.

Oscillosine features

  • 44.1kHz/24-bit.
  • Valve generated waveforms.
  • Unique user interface featuring…
    • Envelope sweep of pitch
    • Multi-wave LFO with mixable control waveforms
    • Ring Mod and FM for dissonant textures
    • Polyphonic and monophonic play modes
    • 3-Band EQ
    • Phase shifter, chorus, rotary cabinet and echo
    • Convolved reverb featuring vintage spring reverbs

Organa is based on samples from an electric reed organ from the late 50′s.

Hollow Sun Organa

The samples for Organa are taken from a very early Hohner ‘Organa 30′ from the 50s or early 60s belonging to Hollow Sun Deutsche freund, Matthias Shuster.

Little is known about this other than it was an electric reed organ with a fan that blew air through reeds that were opened and closed with the keys. In many ways, it’s an electric harmonium where a motor rather than manually pumped pedals pushes the air around.

Organa features

  • 48kHz/24-bit.
  • From a very rare, early Hohner Organa 30.
  • Unique user interface featuring…
    • Drawbar mixing of reeds
    • Fan noise control
    • Tone control
    • Envelope shaper
    • Chorus, rotary cabinet and echo
    • Convolved reverb featuring vintage spring reverbs

Oscillosine and Organa for Kontakt are available to purchase for $8 USD and $4 USD respectively.

More information: Hollow Sun / Sonic Laboratory Instruments


Detunized DTS024 – Phase Facets, sound library for Ableton Live

Detunized Phase Facets

Detunized has released DTS024 – Phase Facets, a comprehensive Live Pack featuring the German Hohner HS2/E synthesizer from 1988.

The Hohner HS2/E and it´s Japanese original, the Casio VZ10m, are the last hardware synths working with „interactive Phase Distortion“ synthesis. The iPD was meant as an effort to deliver sounds comparable to those of FM synthesis while its results are easier to predict. IPD is capable of producing wonderful „non-filter“ and „non-substractive“ tones with sharp attacks and digital precision.

The 650 MB Live Pack „Phase Facets“ contains a diversified collection of such iPD sounds that must be categorized far beyond the standard Bass and Lead libraries. With their rich harmonic content and agile brightness the 30 included Live Instruments enrich each Live Library with some 80s retro charme.

DTS024 – Phase Facets Live Pack (30 instruments/650 MB/842 samples) is available to purchase as an instant download for 6.98 EUR. Subscribers can purchase DTS024 + DTS023 – Curetronic Modular Vol. 2 for 4.98 EUR only.

More information: Detunized