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Hollow Sun Oscillosine and Organa, Sonic Laboratory Instruments for Kontakt

Hollow Sun Oscillosine

Hollow Sun has released Oscillosine and Organa, two Sonic Laboratory Instruments for Kontakt.

Almost as though it was found in the back of a damp garage after decades of neglect, Hollow Sun has created Oscillosine. Reminiscent of an oddball inventor’s strange homebrew creation, Oscillosine is designed to conjour the sights, sounds and smells of a 1940s experimenter’s laboratory… glowing valves, otherworldly audio and maybe a hint of pipe tobacco.

The samples for Oscillosine are taken from a vintage tube Hewlett Packard sine wave test oscillator estimated to date back to the 50s or 60s, maybe earlier.

Oscillosine features

  • 44.1kHz/24-bit.
  • Valve generated waveforms.
  • Unique user interface featuring…
    • Envelope sweep of pitch
    • Multi-wave LFO with mixable control waveforms
    • Ring Mod and FM for dissonant textures
    • Polyphonic and monophonic play modes
    • 3-Band EQ
    • Phase shifter, chorus, rotary cabinet and echo
    • Convolved reverb featuring vintage spring reverbs

Organa is based on samples from an electric reed organ from the late 50′s.

Hollow Sun Organa

The samples for Organa are taken from a very early Hohner ‘Organa 30′ from the 50s or early 60s belonging to Hollow Sun Deutsche freund, Matthias Shuster.

Little is known about this other than it was an electric reed organ with a fan that blew air through reeds that were opened and closed with the keys. In many ways, it’s an electric harmonium where a motor rather than manually pumped pedals pushes the air around.

Organa features

  • 48kHz/24-bit.
  • From a very rare, early Hohner Organa 30.
  • Unique user interface featuring…
    • Drawbar mixing of reeds
    • Fan noise control
    • Tone control
    • Envelope shaper
    • Chorus, rotary cabinet and echo
    • Convolved reverb featuring vintage spring reverbs

Oscillosine and Organa for Kontakt are available to purchase for $8 USD and $4 USD respectively.

More information: Hollow Sun / Sonic Laboratory Instruments


Hollow Sun announces Sonic Laboratory Instruments for Kontakt

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Hollow Sun Sonic Laboratory Instruments

Hollow Sun has introduced the Sonic Laboratory Instruments series for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Hollow Sun’s ‘Sonic Laboratory Instruments’ series brings a range of unique sound generating equipment, discrete Kontakt 4 ‘modules’ that evoke the sounds of a past future, sounds of mystery created in dark and musty laboratories by eccentric boffins in an exciting era of technological optimism, when primitive electronics were thrilling, new and indistinguishable from wizardy and music made with electricity was at the forefront of new musical thinking.

Sonic Laboratory Instruments

  • Oscillosine is the first in the series of Sonic Laboratory Instruments offering sine waves taken from a vintage valve Hewlett Packard test oscillator. Multi-wave LFO and switchable HF frequency and amplitude modulation can be applied to create a massive range of tones and textures.
  • Organa takes samples from a very early Hohner ‘Organa 30′ electric reed organ from the 50s or early 60s belonging to Hollow Sun Deutsche freund, Mathias Shuster.

The Sonic Laboratory Instruments for Kontakt 4.2.2 or higher are scheduled for release mid-March.

More information: Hollow Sun / Sonic Laboratory Instruments


Hollow Sun announces $1 giveaway for Polivoks sample library for Kontakt

Hollow Sun Polivoks

Hollow Sun has announced “A wee $1 Hogmanay giveaway”, offering its Polivoks sample library for Kontakt for just $1 through January.

It’s 1982 in the Soviet Union. Obedient comrades in the state-run factories are churning out electronic goods for the proletariat at the diktat of the communist regime. These include tape recorders, TVs and radios, etc.. The Formanta factory in Kachkanar in the Ural mountains, however, is making electronic musical instruments – organs, amplifiers, speakers, etc. – and a decision is taken there to make a synthesiser, a proper synthesiser… the kind of thing we capitalist westerners have been enjoying for the best part of 12 years or more.

So an engineer called Vladimir Kuzmin is assigned the job (with his wife) of designing such a synth. Vladimir has had some experience in this area improving the FAEMI-M, an electronic organ with basic synth facilities so it makes sense for him to lead the project.

The result is the ‘Polivoks’.

Hollow Sun Polivoks features

  • Real analogue sounds.
  • Unique sounds from this rare Russian synth.
  • Basses, pads and leadlines.
  • Kontakt 3.5.
  • Custom scripted panel featuring…
    • Dynamic lowpass filter with simple envelope
    • ADR amp envelope
    • Phase shifter, chorus, delay and reverb multi-FX
    • Variable velocity curves, pitch bend, etc..

More information: Hollow Sun / Polivoks


Hollow Sun discontinues Definitive PPG, get sample library at $1 USD

Hollow Sun Definitive PPG

Hollow Sun has announced a $1 Yuletide Giveaway, a limited time offer for its Definitive PPG sample library.

Now that Waldorf have released the magnificent PPG Wave 3.00, it has been decided to discontinue the Hollow Sun ‘Definitive PPG’ library as it makes no sense to be in competition with ‘the real thing’, so to speak.

But before that happens, here’s an opportunity to grab it for a measly $1! That’s about 64p in real money or roughly €0.75!!

And in fairness, HS’s PPG lib is quite old now as well but it IS a ‘real’ PPG Wave 2.2 with all its quirks and sonic foibles and covers most of the characteristic sounds from this classic digital/analogue synth hybrid from sweeping wavetables to glassy and mellow pads, from delicate chimes to razor sharp textures that can slice through butter plus chunky and solid basses, digital vocal pads, analogue leadlines and much more in 50 Kontakt 3.5 programs containing around almost 300MB of multi-sampled data, much of it stereo directly from the PPG’s outputs.

This offer is valid until January 5, 2011, at which point the Definitive PPG library will be discontinued.

More information: Hollow Sun


Jiggery-Pokery releases Blue Meanie & Retrospect ReFills

Jiggery-Pokery Blue Meanie
Jiggery-Pokery Retrospective

Jiggery-Pokery has announced the release of Blue Meanie and Retrospect, two new ReFills for Reason 5.

Blue Meanie: Virtually an ARP 2600 – Nearly 500 massive Thor patches for Reason 5, inspired by the classic synth.

Designed to bring the semi-modular nature of the ARP 2600 into Reason, Blue Meanie uses multiple Thor units to emulate all the “modules” of original: three analogue VCOs, VCF, Noise, Sample & Hold, Voltage Processor, and audio-in processing, plus the addition of a Sub Osc for some low-end, woofer-wobbling grunt.

Retrospective: 40 years of synthesizer history – An epic Refill of vintage synths and electronic keyboards.

JPs’ biggest project to date, the conversion of Hollow Suns’ huge archive of samples into Reason. With over 600 patches for NNXT and Combinator from instruments including the Oberheim M1000 and M12, Yamaha CP70 piano and FS1R digital synth, digital glory from the PPG Wave 2, Moog Taurus, Korg M01, Eminent 310U and the Roland VP-330.

Blue Meanie is available to purchase for £19.95 GBP, Retrospect is £39.95 GBP.

Jiggery-Pokery has also announced that the Hammond Novachord and Nebulae Pads are now available directly from Jiggery-Pokery for £19.95 each.

More information: Jiggery-Pokery


Hollow Sun releases HSDV, electronic drum library for Kontakt

Hollow Sun HSDV

Hollow Sun has released HSDV, a unique new concept in electronic drum sample libraries.

Instead of static snapshot samples that are fixed and untweakable apart from, perhaps, tuning them, HSDV is a complete multi-channel, true drum synthesiser that gives you complete control over the sounds to shape and sculpt them as you want or need to create a massive diversity of vintage and modern and glitchy drum and percussion sounds and sound effects.

It is loosely modelled on the original Simmons SDSV where noise and tone (pitched oscillator) are balanced together and then shaped by a simple envelope but unlike the original, HSDV offers various noise types (white, pink and red), multi-mode (LP/BP/HP) resonant 2- and 4-pole filters for the noise, a choice of waveforms (sine, triangle 1, triangle 2 and square) for the tone oscillator. There are also a variety of different ‘Click’ sounds to mix into the attack of the sound for more ‘punch’.

HSDV features

  • 44k.1Hz / 24-bit.
  • Real-time control of every parameter (with MIDI ‘Learn’).
  • Choice of noise types and oscillator waves.
  • Multi-mode (LP/BP/HP) resonant 2- and 4-pole filters.
  • Factory presets and user presets for each ‘module’.
  • Massive range of electronic drum and percussion sounds.
  • A proper drum synthesiser, not static drum samples.

HSDV for Kontakt is available to purchase for $40 USD.

More information: Hollow Sun / HSDV


Hollow Sun releases Radiophonica, sample library by Ian Boddy

Hollow Sun Radiophonica

Hollow Sun has released a new version of Radiophonica, a sample library by Ian Boddy.

Radiophonica is the first title in Ian Boddy’s ‘Waveforms’ series of sample libraries. All the sounds were produced and recorded directly from analogue hardware synthesisers such as the venerable EMS VCS3 and MiniMoog and also the Roland 100M, Doepfer, Analogue Solutions and Analogue Systems modular synths.

The Hollow Sun Edition of ‘Radiophonica’ comes with a scripted panel that gives quick and easy control over these wonderfully atmospheric and evocative sounds.

Radiophonica Hollow Sun Edition features

  • Created by renowned UK synthesist, Ian Boddy.
  • 670MB of hand crafted samples at 44/24 taken from: Roland System 100-M modular, Analogue Systems modular, Doepfer A-100 modular, Analogue Solutions modular, EMS VCS3, Minimoog, Metasonix TM-2 tube BP filter.
  • Custom scripted panels with filters, ADSR and multi-FX.

Radiophonica Hollow Sun Edition for Kontakt is available to purchase for $40 USD.

More information: Hollow Sun / Radiophonica