Loopmasters releases Double Tiger – Horns of Dub

Loopmasters has launched Horns of Dub, a sample library by Double Tiger featuring a collection of classic Roots horns performed and recorded live through an all analogue signal path for maximum authenticity and then drenched in lovely Dub FX.

Double Tiger Horns of Dub

Horns of Dub is a high-grade blend of Trombone, Trumpet & Tenor Saxophone that together form the classic 1970s Reggae horn section featuring top New York session guys paying tribute to the harmonic, melodic and rhythmic styling’s of legendary Reggae horn players such as Dean Fraser, Felix (Deadly Headly) Bennett, Rico Rodriquez, Cedric Brooks and Dirty Harry.

All horn lines have been performed live and produced by Double Tiger to emulate the rawness, brute force and real authentic “dread” quality that we have heard on so many amazing recordings from Jamaica in the 70’s. There are 22 different themes with multiple melodies, harmonies, chord stab variations to choose from and also included both dry unaffected version and dubbed (effected) versions are available.

The sample library costs £19.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Horns of Dub


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