Humanworkshop releases Foley Bass free Kontakt synthesizer

Humanworkshop Foley Bass

Humanworkshop has announced Foley Bass, a free virtual synthesizer instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt.

I do one to one tutoring with artists and sound designers via my website. And after the great contribution by Nolan, aka Frequent, a student asked me about using foley in kontakt to create heavy bass sounds. So that’s exactly what we did. With the foley sounds in the pack from Nolan we created a set of patches and I later added a background and selected some parameters for the UI. Coincidentally Nolan has been doing lessons with me also, small world.

Besides the recordings of Nolan I used KSP scripting and built in FX. By adding FX chains in kontakt we can add harmonics. By using the scripting language to detune and set it in a nice legato mode we can end up with lovely sustained bass notes.

Foley Bass is a free download. The original recordings by Frequent are also available to download here.

More information: Humanworkshop / Foley Bass


Durk Kooistra releases Bass Hive, free presets for Massive

Durk Kooistra Bass Hive

Durk Kooistra of Audiomotif and Humanworkshop has released Bass Hive, a free collection of 10 presets for Native Instruments Massive.

I love NI’s Massive synth. It’s great sounding, intuitive and has some unique functionality.

The patches are a teaser of what is still to come. I am working on some tutorials and perhaps a preset bank for Massive. For now enjoy these freebies and subscribe to stay up to date about my future massive projects.

Bass Hive is available as a free download from

More information: Durk Kooistra


Humanworkshop releases 3 free Kontakt instruments

Humanworkshop AnaSynth, ArabFlutist and PadMeister

Humanworkshop has released 3 free sampled instruments for Kontakt.

Kontakt was envisioned as a ‘new-breed’ software sampler, the original version pushing for a stable interface to work with pitched musical sound. Some say that Kontakt’s main focus was interface design, enabling musicians to quickly and painlessly create their own instruments based on sampling sound sources.

In version 3 options are almost limitless. We have tweaked single shot samples into complete chromatic pad instruments and bad ass sounding synth leads.

I thought it would be nice to share some instruments I made during testing of ksp scripting. (check the fancy backgrounds!)

Humanworkshop Kontakt instruments

  • AnaSynth, a beast that might be reminiscent of (chris) Clark type-o stuff. With step sequenced parameters for extra control.
  • ArabFlutist, basically a flute that is tuned in Harmonic Minor. It does not matter what key you hit, it will always play in the key of the scale.
  • PadMeister, a true pad meister. Moody, maybe even creepy!

The Kontakt instruments are available as a free download from the Humanworkshop website.

More information: Humanworkshop