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Hy2rogen releases MIDI Additives Vol.1

Hy2rogen MIDI Additives Vol 1

Sounds To Sample has announced MIDI Additives Vol.1, a collection of 100 MIDI files by Hy2rogen

After the success of the first ‘MIDI Tracks’ pack, Hy2rogen returns with 100 signature programmed additive sounds specially designed for that extra touch.

From dirty dutch leads to progressive house chords, Hy2rogen delivers top notch sounds designed to fill that gap in your production just by adding one of his additives for a fuller sound.

Packing 100 additives + 100 MIDI files, the pack offers 2-8 bar loops, key and tempo labeled, drag & drop instant inspiration.

The library is available to purchase for 10.99 EUR.

More information: Hy2rogen MIDI Additives Vol.1


Sounds To Sample intros Sylenth1 Soundset 3 by Hy2rogen

Hy2rogen Sylenth1 Soundset 3

Sounds To Sample has released Sylenth1 Soundset Vol 3, a collection of presets for the Sylenth1 software synthesizer by LennarDigital.

Containing 100 pure electro, progressive & dubstep presets, Hy2rogen has yet again taken out the best of this synth and programmed it’s parameters to get the best of it.

Featuring a mix of electro & dubstep basslines, progressive leads, chords & plucks, special FX, drum presets & bonus sounds, – volume 3 – has almost all sounds ARPEG programmed with a built in melody for instant inspiration.

Packing 32 basslines from harsh electro to wobble and growling dubstep, 32 progressive lead sounds, 16 progressive plucks, 11 effects, 6 drum sounds & loops, 3 bonus sounds, the soundset has all the necessary tools for your next mainroom monster.

The presets are compatible with all versions of Sylenth1 and many of the sounds have tweakable parameters for maximum flexibility in the mix.

The soundset is available is to purchase for 23.99 EUR.

More information: Hy2rogen Sylenth1 Soundset 3


Hy2rogen releases MIDI Tracks

Hy2rogen MIDI Tracks

Hy2rogen has released MIDI Tracks, a collection of 262 MIDI files consisting of big room Swedish themes, melodic chords, house pianos, super phat stacked leads, deep & electro basslines and ground shaking pads.

Fire up your favorite synth and just drag & drop a MIDI file for instant euphoria.

Each MIDI file comes with a mp3 audio preview so you won’t have to check every midi file every time you want to find inspiration and spice up your tracks.

All the programmed MIDI files are compatible with all the popular DAWs and are provided in 3 folders: Basslines, Leads, Pads.

The MIDI Tracks pack is available from Sounds To Sample for 11.99 EUR.

More information: Sounds To Sample / MIDI Tracks


Pressure Samples releases New School of Progressive House

Pressure Samples New School of Progressive House

Sounds To Sample has announced New School of Progressive House, a sample library by Pressure Samples.

In this second installment from the “New School” series, Hy2rogen hits the progressive side of things with 10 original construction kits build for the main arena.

Inspired by the current sound of dance music, Hy2rogen packs up big melodic chords, killer leads, phat drum kits, funky additives, chopped up vocal glitches and of course big-ass basslines to fill up the mix.

New School of Progressive House features

  • Totaling 555MB, each progressive kit contains the full mix, plus each element broken down into kick, fx, hat, bass, additive, percussion, lead, bassline, vocal glitch constituent loops.
  • MIDI files are offered in each pack for the lead/bass/additive component(s).
  • Tempo-synced at house standard 125-128, all the kits are key-labeled and include the original composition for your 100% copyright free usage.

The sample library is available to purchase for 19.99 EUR.

More information: Sounds To Sample / New School of Progressive House


Hy2rogen releases Full Phat Drums 5

Hy2rogen Full Phat Drums 5

Sounds To Sample has introduced Full Phat Drums 5, a new sample pack by Hy2rogen.

From sub deep kicks to stereo stacked claps, from crispy open/closed hats to wonky nu-perc slams and from electro buzzy bass line shots to bigroom progressive synth shots, Hy2rogen has fired up his analog gear and in conjunction with his favorite software, compiled another must have library.

Full Phat Drums 5 features

  • 600 Wav files (24-bit).
  • Includes key labeled subby kicks, super stereo stacked claps & snares, crispy open/closed hats, nu percs, buzzy key labeled electro & progressive bass shots, and bigroom progressive synth shots.

The sample pack is available from Sounds To Sample, priced 15.90 EUR.

More information: Hy2rogen Full Phat Drums 5


Pressure Samples releases New School of Electro House

Pressure Samples New School of Electro House

Pressure Samples has released New School of Electro House, a collection 840MB+ of pure electro madness featuring wobbling bass lines, super stereo leads and phat ass drums to fill up your mix.

Ranging from 126 to 128bpm, the pack offers 10 mind blowing construction kits containing the full mix, plus each element broken down into Kick, Clap & Snare, Hat(s), Loop(s), Percussion, Bassline A, B, C, etc., FX and Lead(s).

Featuring a blend of electro, fidget and dubstep all sounds are offered as 24bit WAV files and are surely a must have in your own personal library.

The sample library is avaialble from Sounds To Sample for 14.90 EUR.

More information: Sounds To Sample / New School of Electro House


Pressure Samples releases Essential FX Vol.1

Pressure Samples Essential FX Vol. 1

Pressure Samples has released Essential FX Vol.1, a sample library featuring sound fx.

First instalment from Hy2rogen’s new label – Pressure Samples, offers 700MB+ of speaker-ripping sonic spice for your mainroom tracks: 61 downlifters, 33 impacts, 60 misc fx, 99 short revs, 70 uplifters, 30 vocal revs, all programmed at 128 bpm for perfect fitting in your mix.

This pack has some of the most essential effects to have in your sample library, perfect for multiple genres like electro, progressive, techno and tech- house.

Hy2rogen has really taken his time with this one and created a must have sample pack.

Composed using a hybrid of vintage analogue and cutting-edge digital synthesis, many of the sounds are left untreated to allow for maximum flexibility in your own tracks.

Essential FX Vol.1 is available from Sounds To Sample for 24.95 EUR.

More information: Sounds To Sample / Pressure Samples Essential FX Vol.1