Ueberschall launches Shred Guitar Elastik Soundbank

Ueberschall Shred Guitar

Ueberschall has announced the release of Shred Guitar, a new Instrument Series sound library for the Elastik Player.

It contains Shred Guitar Loops from Genres like Rock & Metal. Shred Guitars shines with its expertly played guitar licks. Faster, louder, higher!

The guitar loops in Shred Guitar have a length of 4 to 16 bars. The tempo varies between 100 BPM (Double Time), 120 BPM and 160 BPM. Each loop is available in three versions:

  • Distorted
  • Clean Amp
  • Clean Line Signal.

The clean signal can be edited with additional effects. All guitars licks were played on Gibson, Ibanez or Fender Guitars.

Additionally, the Elastik Player allows a flexible use of the loops. With a view clicks you can easily add the content to your own projects. You can easily use the loops in different genres than rock and metal. It is also possible to only use selected parts of a full loop. The Elastik Player ensures fast integration of any phrase into your productions – be it for music, web applications, video sound or game audio.

The soundbank is available to purchase for 49 EUR. Includes free Elastik Player (VST/AU/RTAS/Standalone).

More information: Ueberschall / Shred Guitar


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