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Free Key-Clicks sample library for Kontakt by Icebreaker Audio

Icebreaker Audio has released its Key-Clicks sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

The sound of playing an electronic keyboard that is turned off. A useful tool for adding a layer of tactile realism to software synthesizers, as a sound effect utility, or as unusual percussion.

Icebreaker Audio Key-Clicks
Icebreaker Audio’s Key-Clicks with custom Kontakt interface.

Key-Clicks features

  • A choice of 4 keyboard styles.
  • Add dynamic boost with the “Loudness” control.
  • Highpass Filter.
  • Option to randomize the played sample.

The sample library is available to download at no cost.

More information: Icebreaker Audio / Key-Clicks


Icebreaker Audio releases PortaSynth and Calc-U-Synth

Icebreaker Audio PortaSynth

Icebreaker Audio has announced the release of PortaSynth and Calc-U-Synth, two new sample libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt 5.

PortaSynth is a sample based emulation of a custom circuit bent Yamaha PortaSound PSS-130, which also comes with PortaDrums – a fully featured drum machine.

PortaSynth features

  • All instrument sounds sampled chromatically at 24bit, 48kHz quality.
  • Bent sound counterparts for each of the sampled sounds.
  • Advanced speaker options with 16 speaker impulse responses.
  • Built-in distortion, filter and spring reverb effects.
  • Key-Click and Background Noise controls.
  • Also includes the PortaDrums drum machine
    • Extended sound options per drum.
    • An on board sequencer.
    • EQ, Compressor, and Amp master effects.
    • Reverb and Delay Send effects.

The Calc-U-Synth is an emulation of the programmable synth engine of the classic Casio VL-Tone synthesizer.

Icebreaker Audio Calc-U-Synth
Calc-U-Synth features the sounds of the VL-Tone monophonic synthesizer/calculator.

Calc-U-Synth features

  • All waveforms sampled chromatically at 24bit, 48kHz quality.
  • Full emulation of the Casio VL-Tone’s programmable synth engine.
  • Advanced speaker options with 16 speaker impulse responses.
  • Built-in distortion, filter and echo effects.
  • Key-Click noise control.

The PortaSynth is available to purchase for £7.50 GBP; Calc-U-Synth is £4.50 GBP. Both libraries are also available as part of the new ToyBreaker Bundle (incl. HandySynth), priced at £12.50 GBP.

More information: Icebreaker Audio


Icebreaker Audio releases HandySynth for Kontakt

Icebreaker Audio has released the HandySynth sample library for Kontakt.

HandySynth is a sample based re-creation of a custom circuit-bent Yamaha HandySound HS-200 for Native Instruments Kontakt 5.

Icebreaker Audio HandySynth

HandySynth features

  • All instrument sounds chromatically sampled at 24-bit 48kHz.
  • 8 circuit-bent sound variations.
  • Convolution based emulation of the original speaker at various microphone positions.
  • Authentic emulation of the HandySound volume envelopes and tuning via custom scripts.
  • Additional Effects: Distortion, Filter and Spring Reverb.
  • Download also includes a copy of C-Bent Kit for Battery.

HandySynth is available to purchase for £5 GBP.

More information: Icebreaker Audio / HandySynth


Icebreaker Audio releases GRID for Reaktor + free Kontakt packs

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Icebreaker Audio has released GRID, a sound sequencer for Native Instruments Reaktor 5.6.

Based on an 8×8 matrix sequencer and a unique sound concept, GRID makes a great addition to your musical toolkit.

Icebreaker Audio GRID
Icebreaker Audio GRID for Reaktor

GRID features

  • 8 voice sound sequencer controlled from an animated 8×8 grid.
  • 42 presets with 4 patterns per preset (a total of 168 patterns).
  • Per voice pattern length.
  • Analog and digital sound generation modes.
  • 2 modulation step sequencers and an LFO.
  • Filter and delay effects built in.
  • “Glitch” controls to add chaos and noise.
  • Automatic tempo-synchronization when used in a host.
  • Preconfigured TouchOSC templates for iPad and iPhone.

Grid for Reaktor is available to purchase for £20 GBP.

Icebreaker Audio has also released two free Kontakt sample libraries: Hum Organ, created from the background hum and noise of a number of vintage instruments, and CZ Noize, a noisy pad generated from the sounds of a broken Casio CZ-101.

More information: Icebreaker Audio / Grid