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ILIO releases EDM Fire for Omnisphere

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ILIO has announced the release of EDM Fire, a collection of 100 new patches for Spectrasonics Omnisphere that have been engineered for creating the latest styles of EDM (Electronic Dance Music).

ILIO EDM Fire for Omnisphere

Loaded up with staple sounds such as wobble basses, pulsing basses, pads, atmospheres, leads, risers, percussive loops, and BPM-driven modulated synths, EDM Fire patches are certain to bring a modern vibe to music productions.

While EDM Fire focuses primarily on Electronic Dance Music styles, they are a great fit for pop, hip-hop, and even film, promo, and television music production. Each patch has been meticulously crafted, pulling from both Omnisphere’s powerful synthesis engine as well as its vast arsenal of included sonic samplings.

EDM Fire focuses on the use of the modulation wheel for fast, sound-altering control. Many patches are also optimized for use with Omnisphere’s The Orb, providing even more real-time control on stage and in the studio.

EDM Fire features

  • 21 Bass sounds.
  • 11 Lead synths.
  • 10 Pads and synth strings.
  • 7 Percussive rhythm loops.
  • 4 Risers.
  • 9 Ambient, ethereal, textures and tones.
  • 37 Tempo-Driven plucks, stabs, pulsing synths, and moving tones.
  • Includes bonus patches from John (Skippy) Lehmkuhl’s up and coming Omnisphere™ Power Pack.
  • Registered customers are entitled to free updates and bonus patches when they become available.

EDM Fire for Omnisphere (requires version 1.5 or higher) is available to purchase for $14.99 USD.

More information: ILIO / EDM Fire


Nomad Factory intros Magma effects plug-in suite

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Nomad Factory has announced Magma, a comprehensive new effects plug-in suite designed for premium quality processing, flexibility, and unprecedented ease-of-use.

Nomad Factory Magma

MAGMA is an advanced plug-in suite that features 50 unique “single-rack” audio processors, each with a friendly and familiar interface, which can be “mounted” into a user-customizable rack interface. Categories include Dynamics, Equalizers, Modulation, Reverbs, among others, with more currently in development.

MAGMA is a VST, AU, and RTAS plug-in host that allows the user to combine an infinite number of audio effects, all in four easy-to-use racks. (AAX plug-in format will be available in a subsequent update.) Its architecture allows the user to interchange racks freely with a flexible routing matrix for building custom effects chains. Individual plug-ins may also be loaded directly into a DAW. For added flexibility, the Chainer Module allows the creation of FX chains within chains.

Future updates of MAGMA will support 3rd party VST, and AU plug-ins, allowing users to utilize the MAGMA framework for plug-ins from other manufacturers.

MAGMA will be available in Q2, 2012 with an MSRP of $199 USD from dealers throughout North America, on their websites, and through the ILIO website at

More information: Nomad Factory


Nomad Factory announces Blue Tubes Bundle promotion

Nomad Factory has announced that it is now offering its Blue Tubes audio processing bundle at a limited-time discounted price of $299 USD (normally $399) through September 16, 2011. The promotion is being managed by their North American distributor, ILIO.

Nomad Factory Blue Tubes Bundle

The Blue Tubes Bundle V3 is a collection of 19 processing plug-ins that recreate the warm sound qualities of classic analog hardware. The plug-ins were designed according to the strict design principles of the hardware they reproduce, while maintaining a transparency that lets the original signal shine through with just the desired amount of brilliance and character.

All 19 plug-ins in the bundle provide a simple and functional “vintage-style” interface, as well as very low CPU consumption for lightning-fast processing. In keeping with the previous versions of their top-quality audio processing plug-ins, the Blue Tubes Bundle V3 has been totally redesigned by Nomad Factory to offer even more features for enhancing users’ digital sound recordings.

Blue Tubes Bundle features

  • 6 Dynamics Processors (Limiter – Expander – Compressor – Noise Gate – DeEsser – BrickWall).
  • 6 Equalizer Processors (2-band – Baxandall – Graphic – Vintage – 5-band – Filters).
  • 6 Effects Processors (Chorus – Phaser – Vintage Echo – Delay – OverDriver – Imager).
  • 1 Channel Strip Processor (Tube Emulator – Gate/Expander – Compressor – Equalizer – Filters).
  • Full Automation for all parameters on PC and Mac OS X.
  • Easy-to-use vintage interface.

The Blue Tubes Bundle $299 USD promotional price is being offered through dealers throughout North America, on their websites, and through the ILIO website at All Blue Tubes plug-ins are available as downloads only.

More information: Nomad Factory / ILIO


Time+Space releases Ilio classic sample libraries

Time+Space has announced it is bringing the classics back into the present, with the release of four Ilio sample libraries.

These days we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to sample libraries with many new releases springing up across the internet every day.

Yet, there are many libraries from the past that remain timeless, still sounding as great and inspirational today as they did several years ago. Having been established for almost twenty years, Time+Space fondly remember many of these ‘classics’, and have taken it upon themselves to bring them back to the present.

To kick things off Time+Space have taken four of Ilio’s sample collections from the early ‘noughties’ and converted them from their original Akai format to WAV files, making them more accessible for today’s music producers.

Ilio sample libraries at Time+Space

Ilio sample libraries

  • Memphis Horns – Hundreds of trumpet, trombone, bari and tenor phrases in multiple keys and tempos played by the hugely successful Wayne Jackson and Andrew Love.
  • Phat Fingers – Delivers hundreds of funkified guitar and bass patterns, slides, and fills arranged into 30 song construction kits.
  • Hot Steel Blues – Reveals a soulful Blues attitude with low-down and greasy riffs courtesy of both electric and acoustic guitars.
  • Keys to the City – Created and produced by Michael Bearden, this library delivers tons of synth and keyboard grooves organized into multi-tracked compositions.

The above Ilio sample libraries are now available to download exclusively from Time+Space.

More information: Time+Space


ILIO now shipping Synthogy Ivory II – Upright Pianos

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Synthogy Ivory II - Upright Pianos

ILIO has announced it is now shipping Ivory II – Upright Pianos, the third product in Synthogy’s newest generation of virtual piano technology.

The first two, Ivory II–Grand Pianos and Ivory II-Italian Grand, were released in 2010. This classic collection of four Vertical Pianos now enjoys the full benefits of the powerful new Ivory II piano DSP engine, with Harmonic Resonance Modeling for true Sympathetic String Vibration.

Each of the four Upright Pianos now has more velocity layers, pedal noise enhancements, half-pedaling, and further refinements. Beyond the sample improvements, there are additional features such as custom upright soundboard DSP, and a selectable “creaks and clunks” layer, to provide an even more authentic upright playing experience.

Ivory II – Upright Pianos is distributed in North America by ILIO. MSRP $299 USD.

More information: Synthogy / ILIO


Synthogy Ivory II – Italian Grand, virtual piano instrument now shipping

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Synthogy Ivory II - Italian Grand

Synthogy has announced that it will begin shipping Ivory II – Italian Grand through its distributor ILIO and retail stores on November 1, 2010.

Ivory II Italian Grand is the second product in Synthogy’s newest generation of virtual piano technology. The first, Ivory II–Grand Pianos, was released in September. Featuring the expanded sound set of the original 10 foot Concert Grand Piano, and fully integrated with the powerful new Ivory II piano DSP engine with Harmonic Resonance Modeling for true Sympathetic String Vibration, Ivory II–Italian Grand represents the leading edge of virtual piano technology.

The piano itself is one of the world’s most sought after Concert instruments. Handcrafted in Italy, it is also one of the world’s most expensive and exclusive Concert Grands, renowned for its expressive dynamics and full-bodied character. Its tone is remarkably versatile, equally at home in large-scale classical works, intimate jazz playing, as well as a full range of rock and pop styles. The beauty of this instrument is captured in great detail, with up to 18 velocity levels, additional soft pedal and release samples and pedal noise enhancements. Synthogy’s decades of expertise in piano development, along with proprietary “timbre interpolation” technology combine to deliver the unrivaled playability and expressiveness that Ivory is famous for.

Ivory II Italian Grand also comes to life in a whole new way thanks to the innovative features in the new Ivory II piano engine. Principal among them is Sympathetic String Resonance, a long sought after but elusive characteristic of real pianos that Synthogy approaches in a completely new and unique way. Realizing the true complexities and subtleties of sympathetic string excitation, Synthogy’s Harmonic Resonance Modeling is a brand new technology that does not rely upon triggering additional samples, ordinary sine waves, or recordings in any way. Rather, notes struck that are harmonically related excite the actual complex overtones of the notes that are being held, in the same manner that un-damped strings ring in a real acoustic piano. The result is an unprecedented new level of realism.

The full compliment of Ivory II’s new features is also present, such as Half Pedaling, Lid Position, Pedal Noise, and Tuning Tables to provide even greater detail and control. Additionally, features like Timbre Shifting, Parametric EQ, and new Synth Layer controls offer powerful new sound sculpting capabilities for custom piano programming and sound design.

Ivory II – Italian Grand is available to purchase for a suggested retail price of $179 USD.

More information: Synthogy / Ivory II – Italian Grand


Synthogy Ivory II – Grand Pianos, virtual piano instrument shipping soon

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Synthogy Ivory II - Grand Pianos

Synthogy has announced that it will begin shipping Ivory II – Grand Pianos through its distributor ILIO and retail stores on September 13, 2010.

Ivory II – Grand Pianos will be the first of Synthogy’s new products to feature the all-new Ivory II piano DSP engine. It is the first major upgrade to all of its Ivory pianos since they were first launched. Significant improvements have been made to both the piano DSP engine and to the integrated sample libraries that come with the products. Following the release of Ivory II – Grand Pianos, the Ivory II upgrade to Synthogy’s Italian Grand will be available near the end of September, while the Ivory II upgrade to Upright Pianos is expected later this year.

The Ivory II piano DSP engine includes many new features Synthogy customers have been requesting, including Harmonic Resonance Modeling for Sympathetic String Resonance, Half Pedaling, Pedal Noise, Lid Position, Timbre Shifting, Parametric EQ, Tuning Tables, and New Synth Layers with controls.

Ivory II – Grand Pianos features

  • Over 77 Gigabytes of stunning, Acoustic Grand Piano sampled instruments: Bösendorfer 290 Imperial Grand, German Steinway D 9’ Concert Grand, Yamaha C7 Grand (Each piano can be installed separately).
  • Up to 18 discrete velocity layers with Sample Interpolation Technology for ultra-smooth velocity and note transitions.
  • Harmonic Resonance Modeling for the most realistic Sympathetic String Resonance possible.
  • Half-pedaling.
  • Synthogy’s exclusive, powerful 32 bit Sample Playback and DSP engine, engineered specifically for recreating the acoustic piano.
  • Sustain Resonance DSP for realistic Damper Pedal response.
  • World class digital FX including Real Ambience, Chorus and EQ.
  • Customizable User controls for Timbre, Stereo Width and Perspective, Velocity Response, Mechanical Key Noise, Lid Position, Tuning Tables, and more.
  • Expertly tuned and regulated pianos in world-class studios and concert halls.
  • All 88 keys individually sampled in up to 18 dynamic levels (plus Bösendorfer extended low octave).
  • Incorporates exclusive Sample Interpolation Technology used for ultra-smooth velocity and note transitions.
  • Real Release samples, Soft Pedal samples, and Pedal Noise enhancements.
  • Optional synth pad layer for modern/pop combinations.
  • Dozens of user-adjustable presets.

Upgrade paths are available to users of previous versions of Ivory products.

More information: Synthogy