GBR Loops launches with 4 sample packs

GBR Loops has launched its website with the release of its Lead Hip Hop, Percussion of India, Power Dubstep, and Pure House sample packs.

GBR Loops packs

Lead Hip Hop ($29 USD) – Lead Hip Hop is a construction kit of Hip Hop music. Along with hip hop beat synth lead is commonly used In this project. like modern fast lead fat lead new urban lead and many of top synth lead. “lead hip hop” package of many music compositions.

Percussion of India ($65 USD) – Percussion of India is a package india’s selected percussion like (dholak, tabla, chanda, khanjari, ghungru, duff, mandal, cabasa, daphli). All loops in many pattrens with fully variation.

Power Dubstep ($39 USD) – Our power Dubstep bundle of powerful Construction Kit of dubsteps. It is made by powerful punchy kick snare with powerful hihat & cymbles. It has a good mix with screeme wobble bass Along fat bass. It represents of powerful dub.

Pure House ($35 USD) – Pure house loop is a bundle containing various types Pattens. It Is well mixed by Congo Bongo Tamb together with other acoustic percussion. Some patterns inside Tribal House also. It is a new style of House Loops. In addition to European and Asia and World’s general pattern It includes.

More information: GBR Loops


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