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EarthMoments releases Islands Project – India Ocean sample pack

EarthMoments India Ocean

Loopmasters has introduced Indian Ocean, a Islands Project series sample library.

An idyllic bundle of sounds from the islands of Reunion, Mauritius and Madagascar; a region of outstanding natural beauty with a mix of diverse cultures. Here the visions of few awe-inspiring ethnic groups with their deep rooted African influence have created these extraordinary instruments that represent a blend of traditions to produce rare and unique sounds.

Typically, the instruments such as the Kayam, Ravan and Gambri have been hand-made and are designed for live performances in various situations such as ceremonies or live shows. The sounds produced are distinctive, from Maloya to Tamil, Creole to French. We offer you this melodic bundle that captures a successful marriage of the striking string and pure percussion.

The sample library costs £34.95 GBP.

More information: EarthMoments / Indian Ocean


Loopmasters releases Indian Sessions Percussion Vol. 3 sample pack

Loopmasters Indian Sessions Percussion Vol 3

Loopmasters has released its Indian Sessions Percussion Vol. 3 sample library.

World class Indian percussionist KV Bala Krishnan returns for another incredible percussion masterclass of Indian rhythms performed with the passion and flair that only a true virtuoso can bring. For producers worldwide looking for authentic royalty free Indian samples to integrate into their productions, this sample collection will prove invaluable.

This is truly an authentic collection of samples recorded and produced in India exclusively for Loopmasters, which have been mastered centrally at Loopmasters studio to ensure maximum compatibility with all music applications and is presented in multiple formats for easy manipulation by you the producer.

Within this superbly recorded collection expect to find 1.78GB of 24Bit Indian samples including, over 800 Loops including grooves at 80/84/90/95/114BPM all oozing authenticity and royalty free to add to your productions.

The sample library costs £29.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Indian Sessions Percussion Vol. 3


Crypto Cipher intros Tarangs for Kontakt

Crypto Cipher has released Tarangs, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt featuring a collection of deep sampled rare Indian tuned instruments.

The samples are recorded from the most rarely heard instrument today: JALTARANG and TABLATARANG. The library consists sets of Jal Tarang, Tabla Tarang, Spoon Tarang and derived sound designed instruments. Jal Tarang (means waves in water) is an Indian melodic percussion instrument, it consists of sets of ceramic bowls tuned with the aid of water, and the bowls are played by striking edge with wooden sticks, one in each hand.

Crypto Cipher Tarangs
Crypto Cipher’s rare Indian tuned instruments for Kontakt: Tarangs.

Tarangs features

  • Basic Instruments includes Jal Tarang , Tabla Tarang , Spoon Tarang.
  • Samples size 538 mb (NCW Format).
  • 20 plus Instruments patches designed from basic instruments.
  • Custom Script for creative workflow.
  • Jal Tarang (10 Velocity Layers – 10 Round Robins).
  • Tabla Tarang ( 8 Velocity Layers – 8 Round robins).
  • Custom Pads from Jal Tarang and Tabla Tarang samples.
  • Custom Arp presets for instruments.
  • Multis Included.
  • PDF Documentation available for download.
  • Sample Resolution : 44.1khz/24 bit
  • Format: Kontakt (Requires full version 4.2.3 or higher. Free Kontakt player will only work for 30 minutes.

The Tarangs library is available to purchase for $49 USD.

More information: Crypto Cipher / Tarangs


Future Loops releases Mumbai Nightz

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Future Loops Mumbai Nightz

Future Loops has released Mumbai Nightz, a collection of eastern/indian themed R&B construction kits in WAV & REX format.

Aimed both at Hip Hop & RNB styles, Mumbai Nightz features live recorded indian instruments and includes standalone multi-tracks for drum loop mixing, loop elements (bass, piano, strings, synth, guitar, fx…) and drum hits that allow users to create beat patterns from scratch.

Tempos in Mumbai Nightz range from 70 to 95 BPM and total size is over 2.5 GB

The sample library is available to purchase for 19.95 EUR.

More information: Future Loops / Mumbai Nightz


Presicionsound releases Indian ShrutiBox

Precisionsound Indian ShrutiBox

Presicionsound has announced the Indian ShrutiBox, a sample library featuring the sounds of a Shruti box instrument.

Originating in South India (Kerala, Tamil Nadu), but widespread also in the North, the Shruti box is a small wooden (usually teak) instrument which provides a rich drone background to support singing and other solo instruments, especially winds, like the Bansuri or the Shenai, or to practice sessions and concerts of Indian classical music.

Indian ShrutiBox features

  • 61 stereo wav files (24bit) mapped for Kontakt, HALion & EXS24 (all versions).
  • SoundFont version (16bit) included for users of other sample players like Reason NN-XT, Dimension, Sfz player etc.
  • Includes 2 long chord drones, 5 and 10 minutes long that could be placed as audiotracks in your DAW of choice.
  • All notes of the Shruti box has been sampled for many minutes and cut in 4 variations.
    • ShrutiBox 1 has the natural attack and looped
    • Shrutibox 2 is a cut out of the long note/drone looped
    • Shrutibox 3 another portion of the note/drone looped
    • Shrutibox 4 the note/drone fading out, not looped
    • Shrutibox Pumpnoise – A selection of pumpnoises
  • The Kontakt and HALion format have some extra programs including 2 Menu programs with all versions of the drones and noises together but with smaller tone range and a Mix program with 3 drones in unison mix.
  • All formats are included when you buy Indian ShrutiBox.

The Indian ShrutiBox library is available to purchase for $19 USD.

More information: Precisionsound / Indian ShrutiBox


Bollywood Sounds launches with 6 sample libraries

Gaurav Dayall has launched Bollywood Sounds, offering a collection of royalty free Bhangra-Bollywood-Indian sounds and loops.

Bollywoodsounds has been setup by a production team led by Gaurav Dayall, a celebrated composer from the Indian Music Industry. In the music business for 14 years and has created BIG Platinum Hits for the Indian Music Industry.

Gaurav and his team have had massive success with their loop packs: “Classic Bollywood”, “Kings of Bhangra Vol1 & 2. These have been the largest selling world loop libraries and have been distributed worldwide by major distributors.

Bollywood Sounds

Bollywood Sounds sample libraries

  • Bhangra Nights – This Pack features the Hottest Bhangra Beats and Live Sounds for Chart Topping Productions. 5 Construction Kits in various tempo & styles give you lots of variety.
  • Bhangra Toolbox – This pack features phrases and loops of Bhangra/Punjabi Musical Instruments and Percussion in various keys & tempo. Perfect for creating your own Bhangra Hitz.
  • India Tradition – Featuring traditional Indian Musical phrases – instrument & percussion loops contruction kit style. Various Indian instruments, percussion are used here in various tempo and styles. True Indian Spices & Flavour to sizzle up your tracks.
  • IKKA Rap – Featuring Rap Acapellas by “IKKA” Desi RAP STAR from India, his songs “922 Anthem” & “Pink Vodka” have been chart toppers. Now you can get brand new RAP made exclusively for Bollywoodsounds.
  • India Voice – 2 unique voices (Male Solo Acapellas) 18 sets of multiple solo vocal phrases & loops, Alaaps and passages from folk style and sufi style songs, great for your World / Chillout/ Lounge as well as Ethnic styles of Tracks.
  • Gidda Voices – This pack features exciting, uplifting as well as haunting female group vocals from the best singers of Northern India. This pack is perfect for your Chillout/Lounge/Dance as well as Bhangra/Hiphop & Dance productions.

The sample libraries are available to purchase as a download, starting at $15 USD.

More information: Bollywood Sounds


8DIO releases Bulbul Tarang for Kontakt

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8DIO has released the Bulbul Tarang sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

8DIO Production Bulbul Tarang

The Bulbul Tarang (aka Indian Banjo) is a 15 string instrument common in India and Pakistan. The instrument employs three sets of strings – a double set of melodic strings and two sets of drone strings. The melodic strings contains a bass- and treble string. We deep-sampled both of strings individually and combined with multiple velocity layers on each string and round robin on the sustains. The drone strings are divided into group of 10 and group of 3. We deep sampled these guys too at multiple velocity layers and 10 round robin pr. layer.

The Bulbul also contains a variety of other deep-sampled articulations, including drone strings in both minor and major scales, muted notes on melodic strings, tremolo, trills and a wide assortment of FX. Additionally we also added a large phrase collection to the library focused on strums. The strums comes both as multi-samples and as phrase-samples, so you can create the ideal soundscape depending on your needs.

Bulbul Tarang is available to purchase for the introductory price of $99 USD (regular $139 USD).

More information: 8DIO Productions / Bulbul Tarang